REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Play that marching music

The best damn thumbs UP in the land to the Port Clinton High School marching band, which got to strut its stuff in
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


The best damn thumbs UP in the land to the Port Clinton High School marching band, which got to strut its stuff in front of TBDBITL, otherwise known as The Ohio State University marching band, at a "Skull Session" with the Buckeye marchers. The Redskins joined with the Buckeyes -- who march tonight at Woodmore High School's football game with Lakota on their way north for the annual Buckeye-Wolverine rivalry -- in the university band's warm-up ritual. It's an honor few high school bands get.

Thumbs UP to the Perkins school board for knowing which way the wind blows -- and seeking power from it. The board aggressively pursued grants for a wind turbine pilot program, hopefully propelling the schools into an alternative-energy future.

It's not quite worth a thumbs DOWN to the Erie County Commissioners for spending time chasing state officials around to put up signs pointing the way to NASA Plum Brook Station. Sure, the research facility is going to play a major part in this region's economic development -- at least, if we are serious about bringing in the next generation of technological manufacturing and support jobs -- but the eggheads and steely-eyed missile men who are going to try to find our way to the moon and Mars ought to be able to use Google maps to find Plum Brook's front gate -- or at least get good directions from NASA Glenn.

Thumbs UP and the best of wishes to Tyson Gentry, the Perkins alum whose Buckeye football career was cut short by a spinal injury resulting from a bad practice tackle, for a determined ground game whose goal line is regaining the ability to walk. Between grueling physical therapy sessions, he shows up in uniform on the sidelines to urge his team on, inspiring even as he conducts his own battle.

Thumbs UP to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, who hasn't forgotten where he comes from. He stopped off in Sandusky on his way to a Toledo event to press the flesh at The Better Half Diner in downtown Sandusky. He also sat down with the Register for an hour of chat on this and that, and the videos of his interview have been playing all week on

Thumbs UP Sandusky City Commissioner Dave Waddington, who wears his service to the city on his sleeve -- more particularly, on the sleeves of the coats his latest "Coats for the Community" drive is rounding up warm coats. " It kills me to watch these people who once had great jobs come in with nothing on their backs," he said. "If that doesn't bother you, you don't have a conscience." He does.

Thumbs UP for PFLAG -- Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays -- for marking nine years of dedication to the idea that people of different sexual orientation are still people who are loved by other people -- and that everyone involved deserves respect.

Thumbs DOWN, says reader Ron Olrick, although we're not quite sure for whom. Tuesday the Register ran the text of the ordinance authorizing thousands of dollars to improve city hall and on the same day the commission voted to go ahead with the Marina Development that would tear the building down. Straight jackets for all, says reader Olrick, and a rubber room for their leader!