Election letters, Oct. 17, 2008

Casino scare tactics The No on 6 Committee urges us to vote no on Issue 6. How is something that cre
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Casino scare tactics

The No on 6 Committee urges us to vote no on Issue 6. How is something that creates jobs and revenue for Ohio a bad idea? It is not.

Don't believe the scare tactics they use to tell us that Issue 6 would cost Ohio money. Aside from the casino tax, Issue 6 will produce property taxes, payroll and income taxes, and sales taxes, all of which stay in Ohio.

The people who work there will buy houses and cars, pay rent, buy groceries, gasoline, and other goods and services provided by businesses in the communities in which they live. The people who patronize the facility will no doubt pour money into the local economy as well. Think about the impact that Kalahari and Cedar Point have on our local economy.

They also want us to believe that the employees will all be criminals. All employment applications inquire about criminal history. Certainly any unqualified applicants will be screened out during the hiring process, as they always are.

A new revenue-producing industry should be a welcome addition to Ohio's overall financial picture. Don't let them scare you. Vote Yes on Issue 6.

Richard E. Garand


Keep Sandusky support

The Sandusky City Schools have provided quality education at a reasonable cost for more than a century and a half. This tradition has spanned world wars and a Great Depression. Yet, in spite of economic hardships, the citizens of Sandusky have always supported their schools. In return, new generations of "Blue Streaks" have left the hallowed halls, prepared for the challenges of life. For it was within these halls that dreams of youth were made. How many of you remember a favorite teacher, a school program, or an exciting game? Time cannot alter these memories!

The present students of Sandusky need these renewals so that they can maintain their present level of education. We call upon you to support the Sandusky City Schools levies on Nov. 4.

Ben Schneider

Katharine Schneider

John Schumm

retired Sandusky teachers

Fannie, Freddie and Barack

In just four years Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac has given more in political contributions to Sen. Obama than anyone, except for Sen. Dodd, the Senate Banking Committee Chair.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she will have Sen. Dodd investigate the Fannie/Freddie collapse. Is that not unethical?

Former Fannie CEO James Johnson headed up Sen. Obama's campaign on housing issues, was paid $90 million as Fannie's CEO. He overstated Fannie's earnings to justify compensation packages and was sued by federal regulators.

Penny Pritzker is the national finance chair of Obama's campaign. Her estimated worth is $2.8 billion and is listed 135th on Forbes 400 list of "America's wealthiest". She chaired the Superior Bank of Chicago which collapsed due to risky sub prime loans. When the FDIC seized the bank in 2001 the Pritzker family agreed with regulators to pay $460 million toward closure costs.

In 2006, Sen. McCain warned Congress of Fannie/Freddie's condition and the burden it would bear on taxpayers if no actions were taken. Congress, including Sen. Obama, ignored his warning. Sen. Obama even said last year sub prime loans are good for America.

Leonard Berkey


Obama for the veterans

In the Bush presidency, the sacred trust this country has with its veterans has been betrayed. Our veterans should be at the forefront of national health care and deserve a VA department ready for the future's challenges. Under Bush, we've seen the problems our veterans face when the VA isn't given proper resources. Sadly, McCain has supported these failed policies. McCain equals the same. Obama has a plan to modernize the VA. Under Bush's policy, our troops are strained to the breaking point without providing servicemembers support--both when away and when they return. The problems of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury should be recognized as serious wounds from war. As a member of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Obama passed legislation to improve care and slash red tape for our veterans. One of the most important pieces of legislation passed in this decade is the New GI Bill, which improves education benefits for our veterans . Obama was an advocate and co-sponsor of this bill, while McCain opposed it. Obama is committed to our veterans and their families to provide support needed as they return to civilian life. Obama will bring us the change we need .

Steve Kirian

Oak Harbor

Vote with the unborn

These are trying times; high energy cost, increase in food, clothing, and housing prices have us all making difficult choices." Every four years we have an opportunity to vote, to make our voices heard in who will lead our nation."

To me it's not about being a Democrat or Republican, it's about what is right." To this Christian wife and mother of two, the choice is clear.

There is only one candidate who believes in the sanity and preservation of life of the unborn. Some would say that this election should be about the economy, or the war in Iraq. I agree that there are many troubling concerns in our nation, but if we don't care about the most precious resources of our future, then God help us.

If it's common place now to "murder" an innocent, precious gift from God, then who's to say that sometime down the road it becomes acceptable to "murder" a 48-year-old wife and mother of two because it's deemed that she is expendable and no longer a vital part to our society. It all comes down to choices. On November 4th we have a choice to make, I pray we chose wisely.

Linda Morsher