Election letters Oct. 16, 2008

The well is dry I am not voting for any levies, especially the Huron School levies. We are told it w
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


The well is dry

I am not voting for any levies, especially the Huron School levies. We are told it won't be an additional tax burden, but wake up people, it will! That money will come in real handy this winter to keep your house warm, eat and put gas in you car. As I recall, when the majority passed the last levy, a lot of you went crying to the auditor because they reevaluated property taxes and you passed a levy, which was very sizable. What did you think would happen?

Think people! We are in a huge economic crisis -- no jobs, people are losing their houses, food is expensive, gas is not cheap, and people are losing their life savings. Everyone needs to cut expenses, and the schools need to do more. Maybe if they cut salaries from $100,000 for administration that would help. That money can be put in the general fund. Call other districts to see how they save money. Pay-to-play is one I've heard. I know Huron hates that idea, but I've had to do things I don't like. It's called doing what you have to. Most of us taxpayers are out of money! This well dried up long ago.

Mara Gogolewski


Can't afford Obama

Barack Hussein Obama wants to raise taxes on greedy corporations because they have "enough" and can afford it. Nike, Ronald McDonald and Coca Cola all have enough and will receive a healthy tax increase should Obama be elected president.

Some might feel good because "evil big oil" and "evil big hamburger" are finally getting their comeuppance thanks to the great Obama but the glee will be short-lived. Those greedy corporations are in the business of making money and they will not be paying those tax increases. They will either cut jobs to cover the cost of the tax or they will raise prices to cover the tax. Worse, they may move to another country where they won't incur the extra tax cost at all. None of these three outcomes is good for or the United States. A second part of the Obama plan is to take away the evil George Bush tax cut. Not getting a tax cut equals a tax increase. Simply put, you will have less money to pay for increased prices on everything you can imagine from shoes and hamburgers to gasoline and cars. Barack Obama is a change we cannot afford.

Chad Kresser


Keep supporting schools

In the midst of a floundering economy, many people find it difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but there is hope in the students within area schools that will be running the country in no time at all. The key to ensuring that hope is continuing to support these children in their endeavors. As a community, Sandusky has done a fantastic job of coming together for the good of the children. Throughout every building, there is a positive push to become better academically, and stronger mentally, both inside and outside school. I have seen positive changes in the high school as a teacher and now as an administrator, and it is because of that continued support from the parents and community. Please remember that vote for issues 21 and 22.

Susan Sackett


Vote pro-life, pro-gun

Just a few thoughts about the upcoming presidential election.

McCain-Palin are pro-life and pro-gun. They have my vote!

Obama-Biden are pro-abortion and anti-gun.

Of you are a Christian and/or a gun owner you vote Obama/Biden -- shame on you.

Protect the unborn, vote McCain-Palin. Protect your second amendment rights. Vote McCain-Palin.

Roger Jarrett