Bust out of the little ropes that hold you down

Tonight as I placed my head on my pillow I closed my eyes and opened up my heart to listen to where the my next column was going to
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Tonight as I placed my head on my pillow I closed my eyes and opened up my heart to listen to where the my next column was going to take me. I had been in the bed for about thirty minutes when the midnight editor told me I had to get up and write. I turned over and told my sweet darling that the midnight editor had given me an assignment and he told me to do what I had to do. He asked, "without breaking the muse can you tell me what the message is?" I told him to imagine Gulliver being tied down by the Lilliputians. Then I closed the door behind me and turned on my computer.

I can just see Gulliver with thousands of little ropes all securing him firmly to the ground. He was much bigger than those tiny people that had strapped him down. We are much bigger than those little voices in our heads too. We have allowed them to hold us captive in our own thoughts. The ropes that are holding us back are our resentments toward them. We are the ones that give them permission to enter our heads. We are the ones that allow their negative attitude to invade our personalities. It is us that can't move forward because we are stuck in the past with ugly words and unkind gestures.

How do we release those bonds of resentment and quiet those voices that keep us tied down to our past. This is more of that clutter that we need to get rid of. We can't just throw it all out the door at once; we have to take babysteps to break one string at a time. The pain of this clutter has taken years to accumulate and slowly it will go away. You will begin to let go of the pain by forgiving the people that have hurt you.

Along with this pain comes anger. Then the mad turns to sad and depression sets in. We lose ourselves because we have a hard time forgiving. I am not saying that you have to forget but if you will start to forgive then you will be breaking free from their grasp to keep you from succeeding.

My life has made me who I am. If I had had any other mother or father I would not be me. It is because of everything that has ever happened to me helps me to understand and to be able to mentor in my own way. I didn't set out to do this; but someone put me on this path and knew that I would need to weather these storms in order to find the peace that allows me to open up my sails and to listen when the midnight editor calls.

With each bit of resentment I release from the pain in my past I am building the foundations of a new life. I am thankful for every bad thing that has ever happened to me because without the bad I would not know how wonderful the good really is.

After all the best revenge for those who have said you could never be anything is to be happy with who you are. They can't take that away from you! Quiet those negative voices by recognizing who they are from your past or present and forgive them. Someone hurt them once upon a time and it is that resentment that keeps on hurting others. Letting go of it stops the hurt forever.

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