The show must and will go on for Nuesse settlement

SANDUSKY According to Joseph E. Cirigliano, the show must and will go on. Cirigliano,
May 24, 2010



According to Joseph E. Cirigliano, the show must and will go on.

Cirigliano, the former appellate court judge overseeing Kim Nuesse's civil service hearing, implied Tuesday that negotiations for a settlement between the City of Sandusky and fired police Chief Nuesse reached a stalemate.

"Let me put it this way," Cirigliano said. "We're scheduled to go to trial on the 13th, and we will go to trial on the 13th."

Sources close to the Nuesse camp confirmed that negotiations broke down early last week, but wouldn't disclose what type of settlement was being discussed.

Margaret Cannon, the city's attorney in this case, declined to comment, and K. Ronald Bailey, Nuesse's attorney, didn't return phone calls or e-mails.

Nuesse said she is looking forward to her day in court.

"I'll be vindicated," she said. "I'll be vindicated when the truth comes out."

Nuesse, the city's first female police chief, was fired June 17 shortly after the release of the Murman report, a city-commissioned investigation that charged Nuesse with dishonesty and poor leadership skills.

Nuesse appealed the firing June 24 after an independent investigation by the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance determined that Murman's inquest was self-serving, inaccurate and incomplete.

The Civil Service hearing -- a series of 10 hearings -- was supposed to begin Sept. 23, but has been rescheduled twice, most recently to Oct. 13 because of newly-introduced evidence.

Cirigliano said he doesn't expect further delays.

"There's nothing (more to delay this case) as far as I'm concerned," he said.

"I'm certain we'll start on the 13th."