Norwalk cemetery invaded by body tamperers

NORWALK Grave robbery or vandalism? Norwalk police aren't sure which was the ca
Cory Frolik
May 24, 2010



Grave robbery or vandalism?

Norwalk police aren’t sure which was the case last week. 

When visitors to the cemetery walked the grounds Friday, they noticed the door to the Chamberlain family mausoleum was open.

Looking inside, they saw a long-dead corpse lying on the floor and other signs of mischief, authorities said.

“Somebody entered the mausoleum and broke into three crypts,” said Norwalk detective Sgt. Todd Temple. 

At least one body was removed from its casket. The corpse on the floor must have belonged to one of the seven Chamberlain family members entombed at the mausoleum, police said. The last Chamberlain family member died in the mid-1960s.

Police do not know what tools were used to break into the mausoleum. Even more puzzling to authorities is the motivation behind the crime.

The people responsible could be charged with any number of crimes, including vandalism, vandalism of a grave, theft or breaking and entering, police said.

Police said they were following up on a tip they received Tuesday. Even though they could not recall any recent incidents, police said grave tampering must not be all that rare.

“I’m sure it happens, otherwise we wouldn’t have laws against it,” said Sgt. Jim Fulton.