City to demolish APEX building

Construction crews should soon begin demolishing the blighted building where a police dog died in June during an unauthorized training exercise.
Andy Ouriel
Aug 17, 2012


Construction crews should soon begin demolishing the blighted building where a police dog died in June during an unauthorized training exercise.

The $1.46 million project aims to remove the decrepit Apex Building and clean up the 13 acres of waterfront property on First Street, next to Lyman Harbor.

In December, Sandusky officials obtained a $1.09 million state grant to jump-start the project.

Famous Realty of Cleveland, which owns the land, contributed $323,000, while city taxpayers are fronting the remaining $45,000.

Ideally, city planners envision the area as a job-ready site for some sort of commercial activity.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



 Why are taxpayers paying for removal of  an old building? Isn't that the responsibility of the land owner? The state grant is your tax dollars and the 45k is tax dollars from the city.  Does the city or state retain any ownership from their investment?



Next on the list:

1] Keller Building

2] American Crayon

3] Sandusky Cabinets

That would be a good start. Could think of probably 4 or 5 more.

And then build the new city office complex, muni court and police station where the keller and feddersons are.


Famous Realty of Cleveland, which owns the land, contributed $323,000, while city taxpayers are fronting the remaining $45,000. Please explain to me why the TAXPAYER has to pay ANYTHING? Also who takes title of said property once the building is leveled?




From the article:

"City planners envision the area as a job-ready site for some sort of commercial activity."

"Some sort"?  In this case, "city planner" reads like a oxymoron.


I was in it once, when Dixon used it for storage. Great pigeon rookery.


Razing it should be treated like a funeral for Sandusky's past: A once great and dynamic industrial and manufacturing center.





Seems to me that Famous Realty should foot the bill.

The average taxpayer certainly would have to?

Seize their assets,if they don't want to pay.



I don't know if the Register said this or if it was from a police report. This statement was in the article.

That night, police charged six people — including the victim — with criminal trespassing.

They were on the property without permission.


Um, anyone done an environmental on this site????  Job-ready site???? That's a joke.  The City either thinks we are stupid or they are.


Have them quote the cost to demo  City Hall !


This property would make a great east end park. SAND BEACH SHORELINE ALREADY  THERE.  LARGE TREES FOR SHADED PICNIC GROVE ALREADY THERE.  BUILDING SITE HAS PARKING LOT.  The only park in the east end is on land leased from Cedar Fair until future plans to build there are completed.  Erie Metro might be the conduit to make this happen.

Truth or Dare

This is messed up!!!!!  Which City Commission meetings was this discussed at?

When you research Famous Realty of Cleveland, it categorizes itself under the "Heating and Air Conditioning Combination Units", a Private Corp..  Seems there are a few more irons in the fire as far as  the business  (investment) is concerned?  They couldn't afford to do this themselves, or wouldn't?  Just exactly what kind of revenue does this conglomerate bring in? 

I say the Ohio EPA give the Taxpayers of the City of Sandusky every/any penny paid to them for fines since June 15th. of 2011!    It should cover half the cost we're being forced to pay too a Private Corporation that could certainly afford to pay for the demolition themselves!  We should also have rights to  this property, after all, the majority of the cost is being paid with our own $$$'s in the form of grants, plus the $45K, by no choice of our own, too have to help demolish this hazard of a building that they created!, leaving for us to clean up!   


Truth or dare....isn't the clean up included in the cost of the demolition or am I missing something here?  I thought this LAND would then be "site ready" or did i indeed miss something?  That indicates to me that "clean up" is included. 

The Don

 You can demolish this at $1.46 mil but not that eyesore Keller building for $500,000. Somthing just isn't right!   I guess someone or somthing has to die in that Keller building before something will happen to it....sorry to who this WILL happen to when somthing falls off it and kills you!

The Don

 @richrs.  Keller YES!!   American crayon was just sold and is going to be torn down for scrap in the following months!  The old part at least!


Once again, the taxpayer is being screwed by a big corp.  If I had a condemned property I would be totally responsible for it, taxes, demolition and all.  Sad!



Out of 1.46 million the owners who allowed said property to reach current state only have to pitch in  $323 thousand??   Does the city/federal gov't then either: retain rights to the property to regain money, or put a lean on the property to regain money when current owners sell?

I applaud the fact that this waterfront property will finally be transformed into something useful but it should never be at the cost of the taxpayers when the owners still have money and or a chance to profit from the taxpayers........

TO THE CITY........Very confused on your planning?   A.  You pollute the property 2 lots down between Lyman and Sunrise Marina to complete your taco stand creating a possible brownfield    then B.  Retain grant money and tax payers money to clean up an area two doors down

The city is either idiotic or evil geniuses?

TO THE SANDUSKY REGISTER.......  Are you insinuating that we should have more accidents where police dogs die in vacant buildings to get the city to move forward in demolishing them?  Because as far as we know there is no correlation there at all!

To the idea of another park??? WHAT?????   I'm sorry but we already have too many parks we can't take care of!  Parks don't create revenue, if they did we would be rich as a city!  Adding more green and "Flower Pots" to our city and streets like some organizations seem to think is not the way to spend precious resources "money" to rebuild a decaying old city!


Just wondering if this money is added to that property taxes when sold? I mean how does the state, and the city recover the cost,  We all know ever city is having suh a rough time, $100,000 could even get Sandusky a Mayor.. Just saying they need to recover that money and Taxes would be the safest bet


DFF Forever

An eye sore, yes. A waste of space, yes. An iconic Sandusky landmark, yes. I'm sad to see it go.  




To Andy Ouriel ;

Neither this online edition or the friday edition of the SR addresses the issue of who this property will belong to once the demolition is complete.

If you don't know, perhaps you should do a little investigative reporting.

Also it would be nice to know if there are going to be any restrictions on it's future development.


Famous holds title to their own land before and after demolition.


 @nor'easter, you can't be serious?  The last thing we need is another park or more publicly owned property on the waterfront.  Erie metroparks already owns a huge swath of prime lakefront real estate that is now off the tax rolls and costing the taxpayers money.  Yeah, we need more of that.  People are complaining about spending $45K to have a building demolished, and your plan is to sink another million dollars into making it a public park?  Go enjoy the hardly used metroparks properties that are already along the lake and please stop suggesting that we give more property to the government.


@ Knuckledragger..... AMEN, AMEN, AMEN....we do NOT need another park in this place.  I am all for green space, but we don't need MORE of it than we have now.  We are getting green spaced to death around here.  And the last thing we need is Erie Metro Parks involved with anything.  They haven't got a great track record so far in their endeavors.  No thank you. 

What we need is something that is going to fill the coffers of our tax base, like a hotel that the CITY has, not Cedar Point.  Like a nicely constructed and pretty hotel near Lyman Harbor and CP entrance. 

But the city also needs to start worrying about getting some BUSINESSES in here...FACTORIES to offer the people who live here good paying JOBS. 




The city needs to put in a lien against this property. $1,135,000 is taxpayer money funding this private company which has been for sale for quite some time for $5,495,000. Famous Realty of Cleveland owns this water front property. There are 15 acres on the water front priced at  $366,333.33 per acre. The city needs money. Stop giving taxpayer money to a private owner or company.

The Bizness

 You all are really going to complain about $45,000.00?! If someone buys this and puts a business or hotel there the money will be made back in a couple of years. Calm down please, the anger some of you show over a few thousand dollars is disgusting.




It is 1.46 million minus 323,000!   Don't know where you come up with the couple thousand, unless your not an American Citizen????  The Federal Government is also your pocket!  There is no "Grant tree"......... 




15 acres for sale but the company only pays taxes on one acre. Check out the valuation tab also. Why has the value of this one acre stayed the same since 1994? What about the other 14 acres? The link from the Erie County Auditor triggered the spam filter. Look up parcel  57-01425.000


Phil Packer

 What is tax money for? Just to drop bombs on other countries? I'll be glad to see it go.


There are two properties listed for property taxes. I keep getting blocked by the spam filter. Look up parcels 57-01425.000 and 57-01424.000 


 That is the biggest one acre I have ever seen.......Looks like some more dirt is gonna get stirred up........The City's Good Ole Boys Club should have a fun time explaining this one!    Or maybe like their last blunder they will hurry up and open a concession stand, have a well known person from the community run it, do an article on it, and hope all blows by while tracks are reburied!   Then crucify anyone who speaks out against the dirty deed that was done!


Is the current City running under the moto "Its better to ask forgiveness, than permission"   or is the whole club just that arrogant now??


57-01424.000 FAMOUS REALTY OF CLEVELAND INC FIRST 300 5 acres 57-01425.000 FAMOUS REALTY OF CLEVELAND INC 1643 FIRST 350 10 acres


The Bizness

 Seriously Says,  

  I could care less about a federal or even a state grant, it will be given to someone and I am glad it is being used for cleanup in our area, some times those are even funded through taxes and fees industry pays anyways. 

  If you want that building to sit there and contaminate the land more, then raise hell but this is for the good of the land and of the city.  

  Government can do good.


Wiredmama, We do have a hotel downtown already and it is one of the condos.  You can rent out daily, montly or weekly.


@ Darkhorse...What about a Hilton, A Ramada, or something like that?  No, huh? What would you like to see go up there?  Please don't say condo's


can someone tell me, is it true that six years ago, Costgo offered to buy the old Steuks fruit farm land and the county turned down the sale?


I agree that this building needs to be tore (torn?) down. They are tearing down buildings in much better shape than this one. As I think of this, I also wonder how many people put food on their tables and bought their houses, all paid for by wages earned in this building. $45,000 is not much for the cities share to get rid of this unusable eyesore.

2cents's picture

I here the containers stacking up on the property right now!


 Great news!  Every time 
I pass there it is a reminder of that poor police dog   : ' (

T. A. Schwanger

Items of interest/concern

   The site is being cleaned to commercial standards not residential. "Industrial/Commercial Property" is any real property that does not meet the definition of residential property, conservation property or agricultural property. "Residential Property" is any real property that is used for habitation by individuals or properties where children have the opportunity for exposure to contaminants through ingestion or inhalation at educational facilities, health care facilities, child care facilities or playgrounds.

   The probablity of this property being developed for residential use is high and should be cleaned to residential standards.


   The eastern  portion of the site is listed on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Wetlands Inventory and is protected from disturbance.


   The city's Port Development Plan suggests this site be developed for mixed use including public green space and waterfront access. Many communities nation wide require new residential developments to provide public open space at time of submitting plans for development.


T. A. Schwanger


Here is a chance for developers to really shine and develop away until their hearts content and it is waterfront property something everyone is looking for.  It is a win win solution. The only trouble I see is that it will be cleaned to commercial standards and not residential standards. 


Mr. Schwanger...... 

It is one thing to want access to the waterfront but you cannot expect OWNED property to just turn it over to the city of Sandusky.

You know, its been fun trying to think of what we all would LOVE to see go up there.  But in reality, none of us has the final say.....including the City as this is private property.

The city does not own it, nor do they have any say over it.  Frankly I don't know why they are paying any of the cost of the demolition of it, but they are. 

This is a privately owned piece of property that was for sale.  The owner may already have a buyer for all any of us knows or they may have thought it was a better draw with no building on it than to see it with that eyesore on it. Who knows?  

At any rate, it sure doesn't belong to the city and the buyer has every right to do with it as he sees fit. 

What I wonder is, does he already have a buyer?


I understand the the old American Crayon company is coming down as well. 

Who owns that property and does the City have to pay a portion of that demolition as well?  Will that be done to "industry or residential" standards of demolition ?

What is going up in it's place if anything?   Have plans been made for that site? 


 I love the old thinking, never changing comments from you small minded SinDUDskians:

A beautiful, historic sight, please don't tear it down, just let it sit & erode & fall apart.

Turn the srea into a park. There aren't nearly enough of them around here!

Who cares if the land is PRIVATELY OWNED? Build some much needed condos there?

The SR lies to make police look bad to the public because they are Liberals.

Oh, live & let live. I love driving around town on a Sunday afternoon sightseeing all the nice empty factories-kind of like the town is a big graveyard of empty factories with a town built around it. What a keen idea! "DUD City USA"! 


T. A. Schwanger

WaterStreetCooncat and others:

    SOSP has never opposed condos, retail or hotels on privately owned waterfront property.

   The suggestion we make regarding the Apex property, reserving a protion of the property as green, space comes right out of one of the City's studies. As stated previously, some communities require new residential development to incorporate open space into their development plans.

   We supported the Cheapeale Lofts project, even though in the end the project did not end in majority owner occupied units. If not for Ohio DNR Coastal Management requiring a public walkway around the Chesapeake Lofts, the public would not be able to enjoy the walk or view from that location.


T. A. Schwanger


@waterstreetcooncat......I would love to see this city change.  I would LOVE to see some factories come in, some work made available for those who want to work...if there are any.

I would love to see some new schools built if they need them....Like a new high school for the Margaretta area and Perkins areas. 

I would love to see downtown Sandusky with new shops and a new City hall with better offices for the water department, the judges and the police department. 

No, I don't want to see the City of Sandusky stay the same. It has stayed that way too long.  But  I don't want to see it by one huge park with nothing but condo's and rentals and hotels either.  And that is what it is becoming. 

We need to do more than that.  Green space is one thing,  green in your pockets is what we need to help the people. 



We have so much green space around here my eyes water due to the increased pollen count.  When I was young and you could smell forging steel in the air from 3 small (for a better lack of a word) "mills", I never had any problems.


Bring back jobs, pollution, and some more that order.

And I ain't jokin'.



@ totally amazed.....I couldn't agree more  Before we see another park or any more recreation in this city we need to see something that resembles a "job offering business" that employees people. 

I am not against the "greening" of our city but I am against anything that "greens" our city right out of the existence of creating jobs for families.  The time has come for the city commissioners and the Erie County commissioners to recognize that this city needs to COURT and BEG (if necessary) jobs to come to the city of Sandusky.  If Deidra Cole wants to solicit something....why not solicit jobs and business for Sandusky????? 

We have preserved the shoreline long enough for the future of the city. There is enough access to the bay and lake now.  

The time has come to worry about putting food in people's mouths and bread on the table of the people of this city. I mean no offense to Mr. Schwanger at all, but we need to start realizing that there are people in this town who need real HELP in that area and they are not going to get it by gaining access to walking to the water. 

They need jobs.  They need work that will put food on the table, money in their pockets to spend in the stores and put their kids through college. 

They don't want to worry about whether they can see the lake or walk to it.  They don't want to worry if they can fish off the side of a pier.  They can now. 

They want to pay their bills and go to the movies and have Christmas gifts for their kids.  They want their pride back.  They want jobs.  And the commissioners need to help with that.  And they need to do it SOON. 

The commissioners need to start seeking jobs into this city and sooner than later.  Why are they not doing it? 



Schwanger will chase another development from Sandusky


I hope not, because what we need are jobs here, not green space.  This time we need jobs, not condo's as well. I hope whoever owns this site intends to use it for something besides condos. 


For all of us that have played SIMM City (I played the original version, if that matters), we know that the residents will only be happy when there's a decent mix of residentail areas, commercial, and industry.  If one element slips the residents complain.

Sandusky (area) is a fine example of a town with too much commercial, too much residential and a lack of industry.  The important part of the game is shown when industry slips...people want to leave, empty homes become numerous and commerical dwindles.

At what point in Sandusky's history are we in right now?  For those that think "our tourism" sector is going to keep our area afloat.  That won't happen.  Maybe people with a small familiy will stay for a brief time but they'll leave soon enough.

Maybe encouraging light manufacturing plants with say 75 to 100 employees would be the way to turn our area around. 

There are tons of areas in this town closer to rails and highways that manufacturing could locate to.  I'd leave the waterfront alone.  People clamor to be on the water.  Be a great place for an unscale hotel with a casino across the street.