REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Different kinds of pride

Thumbs UP to Sandusky High School's "sole sisters," frie
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to Sandusky High School's "sole sisters," friends of Paige Anglin, who because of a medical condition can't wear anything on her feet but sneakers. That ruled out the nice shoes that generally go with the homecoming dress but her friends agreed to join her in sneaker fashion. Add in the talents of a decorator friend and there were nine stylin' girls at Homecoming. That's sticking by your friend -- and girls, we guarantee this school memory will mean more than most.

Thumbs UP, once again, to the Sandusky P.R.I.D.E. Award winners -- 10 Sandusky homes and businesses whose owners were recognized for making their properties look good. It's about making Sandusky look better and hoping the pride will spread to neighboring homes and businesses. And the Neighborhood Advisory Committee hopes the list of submissions will grow each year. Committee member Darlene Armour said something interesting: "Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, we want everyone to participate." Now there's a concept, one that might help fight the unfair, but spreading, perception in Sandusky that renters just don't care.

Thumbs UP for 200 years of Huron, as the city and township seeks to put a bicentennial spin on anything that happens in 2009. Huron, like everywhere else, is trying to find its direction for the future, and a celebratory exploration of the past might just help point the way. Plus, it'll be fun.

Thumbs UP to Save-a-Lot, the Jackson Junior High Gentlemen's Club and the Wightman-Wieber Foundation, who together put on the second Supermarket Scramble to benefit the foundation's KidsFest Safety Celebration. Five bucks bought a ticket to fun, games and the chance at an all-you-can-stuff-in-your-cart "shopping spree" -- really, a contest to see who could ring up the highest tab -- at the Perkins Avenue store. And hats off to Erie County Commissioner candidate Joe Hayberger, who withdrew his winning ticket to give someone else a chance, which resulted in winning "shopper" Russell Bates being able to grab a cart for the race. It's all about generosity, and that was just one more example.