JUST IN: Passionate endorsement of Obama and Biden delivered at NAACP convention

HURON TWP. Labor and religious leaders gave a fiery endorsement of the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Labor and religious leaders gave a fiery endorsement of the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket at the NAACP's "Salute to Labor" breakfast this morning.

The breakfast was part of the NAACP's state convention at Kalahari Waterpark Resort.

Speakers praised Obama for his devotion to the middle class and his plan to save the economy. In turn, they charged Republicans with eight years of failed policies, racism and classism.

"There's going to be a wind of change blowing through this country," boomed Lloyd Mahaffey, director of the United Auto Workers of Ohio. "We need to vote Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the White House."

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''This is the fight of your life,'' Biden told the annual AFL-CIO picnic at the Coney Island park along the Ohio River. He said organized labor helped build the middle class, and is under attack because it stands as a counterweight to those ''with a different value set'' who want to concentrate power.

I have news for supporters of SB5, although we are not like you thieving, lying, money grubbing, Godless heathens, we will defend our way of life with a vengance.  I have been in the corporate world for nearly two decades and I have only seen a small handfull of wealthy successful people who had any morals at all. 

If those seeking the "concentration of power" actually succeed, we can all look forward to living in poverty and slavery type conditions.

The utter appauling idea that the middle class be erased and the remaining shift of power be bestowed upon those who have destroyed our Country by their greed and self servingness is proposterous.  Will someone hold these criminals accountable?  It's due time this madness end and those who have monopalized and become rich through unscrupulous acts be held accountible.  We the people, the innocent and prey, will no longer sit back with closed eyes with our heads in the sand.  We will rise and stop the invasion on our livliehoods, the attack on our way of life and the outright lack of respect for fellow Americans.  We will not pay a bill we did not create, we will not concede to greed and hethanism.  We will, in this case, do unto others as others have done unto us. 

Back off, be a man and pay your own bills.  Put this Country back together again and join us, the honest working people who really make this country great. 

May God give us strength to fight the evil intrusion of greed that has been trying so hard to divide us.  Strength to stand united and stand up for what is right.  Patience and vigulance to withstand the storm.