Longtime Register sports editor says good-bye

Editor's note: Dan Angelo is moving on to a new job after working at the
Dan Angelo
May 24, 2010


Editor's note: Dan Angelo is moving on to a new job after working at the Register for almost 22 years and serving as sports editor for the last 10. His last day was Saturday.

On one hand, these are hard words to write. I’ve been here for a pretty long time — 21 years, 11 months to be exact — and enjoyed myself enough to know a good-bye column wasn’t going to be easy.

But the time has come to say so long. I have accepted another job and end my full-time responsibilities at the Register end with these words, knowing full well I had a good thing going here. I’ve said it countless times — I got paid to go to games, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

So why resign?

Well, I was offered an opportunity writing for a magazine and I took it. Normal hours were the biggest attraction, especially when you consider I work nights and haven’t had a Saturday AND Sunday off together in years ... no, decades.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is getting a chance to be part of the fellowship that surrounds high school athletics. I’ve been invited to take part in many after-game social activities, but my work always began when the final buzzer sounded and I always had to decline.

So I’ll pay to get in (now that sounds weird), sit in the stands (geez, maybe I’d better rethink this) and head off with friends after a game for once.

Seriously, I have enjoyed my time at the Register and will miss the games — all the games from high school to the pr ofessional level. I will also miss the people who really are the game, particularly the student athletes who I firmly believe have kept me young.

So now it’s time to break a cardinal newspaper rule and thank some people.

First to my wife and family — I owe this to you more than anyone since you had to put up with me leaving early, or missing entirely, more family functions than I care to count.

And to Butch Wagner.

I was told recently Butch was a treasure (I’m not completely sure treasure was the exact word, but I’m getting old). Butch is a treasure to anyone who has ever had anything to do with local sports, particularly me.

There’s the Sandusky Register, which gave me this opportunity, and all the people I work with who I’ve always felt were in my corner. The Register even wants to keep me around and let me cover sporting events from time to time, which is very nice and appreciated by me.

And a special thanks to the people who have helped me as correspondents. I have particularly enjoyed the association with students who have helped, but there are a plenty of men and women who have covered events for me, and they all deserve my thanks.

Then all the coaches and administrators I’ve worked with over the years. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the jobs you do. In fact, I could not do my job without your help.

And finally, to the readers of the Sandusky Register for taking me into your homes and reading what I’ve had to say all these years. I’m not sure anyone could ask for more.

Thank you, be well and so long.