SANDERS: Right back at you

Wow! My last column, "Desperate John" generated quite some interest. I received more mail than I have received in quite so
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Wow! My last column, "Desperate John" generated quite some interest. I received more mail than I have received in quite some time. I had the usual person threatening to stop their subscription to the paper, and others accusing me of being everything from a wannabe intellectual to a wrecker, whatever that is. And others who chastised me for not acknowledging all the self-inflicted ills that come with being black. There was the reprimand to the editor, for my nasty name calling and for being a bully. And I was a poor excuse for a journalist. And that my work was a worthless, hate-filling, lying piece of sewage. Wow!

I will admit saying that Sarah Palin was no more experienced than a McDonald's fish sandwich with cheese, was a bit over the top. I apologize. I should have left out the cheese part!

Not to mention that the former mayor of New York, Ed Koch, said she "scares the devil ..." out of him; or that former senator Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island -- a Republican, mind you, said she was "a cocky wacko."

And Jimmy Carter himself recently also said that McCain is overly using the military hero story to intimidate the American people. Like I said, he is trying to play the "P" (patriotism) card. We all know he is a war hero, but where does he stand on the issues?

Alan Greenspan recently revealed his tax plan could not possibly work -- this from a Republican economist who headed the Federal Reserve. This is the candidate who, on the day that the stock market melted, said the economy was fundamentally sound. Hoover said the same thing just before the Great Depression.

When I questioned the character of McCain, I invited you to read comments by Andrew Sullivan of Atlantic Magazine -- historically a John McCain supporter, and major conservative journalist -- who also challenged McCain's character, saying he has let us all down. He goes on to say his guess is that he will continue to do so. He says that McCain has put his party first and his own career ahead of what he knows is best for the country. My God, people, this is McCain's friend.

If you are going to call me on the carpet, names and all, then have a counterpoint but one with proof.

Because he saw he was going to lose this election, McCain took the biggest political risk of his life, which I said was a brilliant political move. With no vetting whatsoever, until after the fact, he chose a woman who would help him restart the culture wars in an attempt to bolster up his conservative base. A little bit below the belt and disgusting, to say the least, but playing politics is a dirty game. That decision alone revealed to me appalling things about his character. If this is not a character issue, please, will someone tell me what it is?

I did, though, receive many intelligent comments and was able to generate some decent discourse and critique, which I think is always great. And that is not to say that at some level I do not enjoy the give and take of ignorance, xenophobia, envy, outright disagreement, or whatever it is that my columns sometimes seem to elicit.

With that said, I decided this week not to continue my conversation about Sarah Palin as I had planned to do.

I was going to bring up her many foibles, such talking to the librarian in her hometown of Wasilla to ban certain books; or her flip-flopping on the Bridge to Nowhere controversy and then spending the money on some pet projects of her own; or how she is presently under investigation in the ongoing Alaska troopergate saga; or her managerial style of earmarking, which is supposedly the most-hated plank in McCain fiscal reform plan. But I decided to let it go at least for now. This will give my haters an opportunity to do some research themselves.

As to whether I should be willing to build up our decaying local economy and not writing blatant partisan rants, you are absolutely right. That's exactly what I am trying to do make sure that we elect a president that will stop the decay we have experienced in this country for the last eight years by allowing the gross decline of the middle class through economic and other governmental policies. These are policies that McCain would continue if elected for four more years.

We need change!