Milner pleads not guilty to murdering toddler

UPDATED WITH VIDEO A man accused of murdering a 3-year-old boy made a brief court appearance by video Wednesday.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 9, 2012


UPDATED WITH VIDEO A man accused of murdering a 3-year-old boy made a brief court appearance by video Wednesday.

Michael Milner, 24, entered not guilty pleas to murder, child endangering and felonious assault in Sandusky Municipal Court.

Milner is accused of fatally injuring 3-year-old Owen Barker on July 30, after the boy’s mother left her son in Milner’s care when she went to work.

Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter said he’ll likely call a special grand jury session next week for the case.

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obviously whatever he pleads is moot.  prison is in his near future.


 I'm sure he always wanted to be on TV. Also am totally dumbfounded by the not guilty plea. Here's another one for the Public Defenders Office.

Seen it All

Wouldn't expect any less from the coward!   I hope he sticks to this plea, as I would not want to see a plea deal in this case.  And stick to your "he fell on a plastic toy truck" Milner, I'm sure the jury will find it believable when shown all the injuries that poor baby endured!  NOT!!!!


this may sound stupid but I find it earily similar to George Orwells "1984" that now you face the judge via conference TV.  anyway, I hope they throw the key away when they lock him up.  With that young, pretty face, and pouty lips, some other inmate sure is going to have some fun with him!


Guys in prison are not to fond of people who harm the elderly or child abusers/murderers....this guy will get what he deserves on way or the other! 


Guys in prison who violate children or older folks get seperated from the general population of late. Watch the news on occasion. Even Sandusky from Penn State to State Penn is still on suicide watch, the last I've looked.


Super Judge

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 Nothing new here..................................You cannot plead guilty at an arrainment in Municipal Court when charged with a felony, no matter what that felony may be............................assault, murder, felony domestic, or felony DUI. Baxter will send the case to a special session of the Grand Jury, where hell likely be indicted for all the charges. This punk doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of not being indicted and he'll get a Public Defender to represent him.........................................Bye Bye Michelle! That will be his new name in prison.


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He will never see the light if day again..Would not want to be him at the pearly gates.

I thought everyone that didn't read these two posts would get a kick out of them.  I hope starryeyes and he said she said don't mind.....    

Aug 09, 2012
04:51 PM starryeyes83 says

Not to mention, he then, would have walked into an iron skillet, a Louisville slugger and tripped over a couple of flights of stairs. oops.

Oh and I would have drank a nice hot cup of tea with honey and lemon ( sinusitius), and afterwards enjoyed a lovely stick of Dentyne gum. :)

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Aug 09, 2012
09:00 AM he said she said says


Owen has been laid to rest. RIP Owen, you may be gone, but you won't be forgotten.

Now, I have something to say about the people that say 'Mikey' didn't do it, he wouldn't do it, it's not like him, he was clean for a couple weeks the ones throwing around bible verses

This POS murdered this little boy. He started to do the right thing by taking him to the hospital then he realized, oh sh$$, they're gonna know that I did this, so there comes the running in circles in the driveway.

Mr. Fredericks tried to help and I thank you for that. You are experiencing grief and this could be considered a trauma, I'm not a doctor, but my advice would be to go get some grief counseling, it may help you.

For the a## that said the 3 year old started it, wow is all I can say. I sincerely wish 'Mikey' would have started with me in that apartment. He would have internal, external, and blood in every room on the ceiling and on the floors...everywhere because he would have touched everything in that apartment.

I would have calmly sat down, smoked a cig, drank a soda and then walked to the hospital and told them to call the police and the ambulance because there is a guy that just fell over a toy truck and hit his head.......

there are three sides of a story: her side, his side, and the truth
he said she said


once this hits the common pleas court, I sincerely hop that they don't let him out on the ankle monitering.  for his safety, he should be kept in jail.

@ summer  he must have been laying down the pipe for her to stay with a piece of crap like this.  that's usually a reason a woman stays with something like him.  i know him personally too and didn't like him the minute he hit my eyes...

@seenocolor  thanks for sharing my post but I think you shoulda asked first......


Did anyone really think he would plead anything but not guilty?  Nothing unexpected here, 


spanking your kids should be against the law!!!!


What happened to the guy that murdered the policeman. 


Video conferencing with prisoners is great.  More of this has to be done because it can save money for transporting and protects the safety of others.

Super Judge

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Rich Close

Comments for Milner getting his due in prison is WRONG! 

Justice is NOT about REVENGE or getting even but about the protection of society, it sends a message that individuals will be held accountable for their actions, that payment must be made to those who cause others harm physically or financially. To wish this man to be raped or harmed makes you no different than he.

SOON, we will all be judged by a Holy God, and Christ said that if you hate someone you have killed him in your heart. So those who have posted your wishes and desire for Milner to be harmed will be judged according to scripture with torture or murder, making you no different than any other criminal in the eyes of God! The bible teaches that the sins we commit are the result of our filthy heart/soul, and we act out what we are. Those who wish harm on Milner or any will receive the same attitude you have towards the ones you are judging,

NOTE:  If found guilty I believe he should be put to death.  This would be JUST because God has said that those who take a persons life his life should be taken. The difference is the attitude. If the judge, jury and executioner views the punishment as revenge then they themselves are quilty of torture or murder. A TRUE and JUST person understands that there is no pleasure or desire for others to be harmed but only to follow the route of demanded payment for transgressions.

People are wishing and hoping this guy gets raped in prison, SERIOUSLY ?  Since when does a civilized person think any form of rape is acceptable? Its now fashionable for society to send criminals to get raped and then take pleasure in this sinful act?  See, those of you who wished this upon Milner are no different in your hearts. OH, you may not have murdered this child or raped someone, but if you wish and hope it to others than your no different.

BTW, yes, I could throw the switch to execute Milner, the difference between many posters here and myself is I would say, "Only by the grace of God this isn't me in this chair, for God said if you break ONE of His laws your guilty of breaking ALL of His laws".

People, teach your kids the difference between revenge and justice or they too will be guilty before God for  judging others with a sprit of pride, thinking they are somehow better than Milner while God says your just as guilty and we should be thankful that its not us being accused. 

What also saddens me is many go to a church that doesn't teach these truths, if not fire your preacher or go somewhere that actually TEACHES something besides signing pretty music that 'stir's emotions.  Many preachers are free loaders that do nothing but preach a cute message once a week.      Where are the so called Bible teachers who claim to have the truth, isn't there ONE 'reverend' in this area with enough back bone to stand up for righteousness and truth?   Milner if guilty needs to pay his dues to society, which I believe is capital punishment, but never should he be lynched in a jail cell and abused; NEVER a single post from ANY paid minster in this area on any moral topic, that to me is disgusting and Christ said THEY who are claiming to be our spiritual leaders will receive a greater judgment. I feel sorry for them...


That's enough of this front and center.The Register is crass and opportunistic in making this a National Enquirer type story.

There are families involved here who are suffering. Where's your humainty?


@Rich Close

Keep your bible thumping to yourself. 

I don't believe in god.  I believe there is a higher power, but it's not god.

I don't try to push my views on you, don't spout your crap to me.

Yep, I'm going to 'hell', I'm the bus driver so my seat is reserved, thanks.


Seenocolor:    No  I didn't mind,    just glad it didn't end up me posting on the wrong story.

  Freaked me out a  for a sec.  LOL!