Sandusky Yacht Club suing city over parking lot

SANDUSKY The Sandusky Yacht Club wants its parking lot and wants it now. The yacht cl
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The Sandusky Yacht Club wants its parking lot and wants it now.

The yacht club filed suit in Erie County Common Pleas Court asking a judge to rule on who owns the western half of Perry Street, north of Water Street. The land formerly housed Surf's Up, a wave action pool. Read the lawsuit HERE

The yacht club is looking to expand. Last summer it asked the city to vacate that portion of Perry Street or consider leasing the property long-term to the yacht club. The commission never acted on the request.

City Commission president Dennis E. Murray recused himself from the debate, city commissioner Craig Stahl said. Members of the yacht club approached Stahl at the last commission meeting requesting a meeting in executive session to discuss Perry Street.

"They wanted to talk to us about acquiring additional water rights behind Surf's Up," Stahl said.

Stahl is acting as president of the commission because Murray recused himself. He said city commissioners "did not wish to meet with representatives of the yacht club to discuss acquisition of additional water rights."

Stahl said he is a member of the yacht club.

The yacht club contends it needs the land for parking and to eventually "expand the marina with more docks at some point in the future, again generating more tax revenue for the City of Sandusky," according to a press release. The yacht club contends the additional parking would allow it to increase its banquet business, which would create jobs and provide more tax revenue for the city.

The yacht club is worried that the planned Marina District plan could cause it to lose "access to vital parking area permanently," the release said.