LETTER: Baxter responds

Once again Matt Westerhold, true to form, when called to task for printing
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Once again Matt Westerhold, true to form, when called to task for printing false and misleading information to the public, responds with irrational outbursts as he has done so many times before. These irrational and emotional outbursts usually take the form of personal and random attacks against anyone who would dare to see the world differently than Matt Westerhold; case in point being this past Sunday’s rant in the Sandusky Register. We have seen it time and time again with this editor. It was particularly troubling and yet spoke volumes about Matt Westerhold’s thinking process when he finally came out on record as an Elsebeth Baumgartner sympathizer and supporter.

Matt Westerhold, through the Sandusky Register, can take after me all he wants; but the real victim is this community in which we all live and work. When you have a clearly unfair and biased, and at times, intellectually dishonest newspaper, it drags down the spirit of the community and projects to those who consider making their personal and business home here an undesirable choice. And it is for this reason that I challenge and will continue to challenge this newspaper to stop this constant negative droning against the community and its leaders. I specifically call upon Doug Phares, the publisher, to step in and take control. Personal attacks and irrational outbursts will not intimidate me from doing my job or responding to false and misleading publications. I call upon others, citizens and public officials alike, to do the same.

Kevin J. Baxter

Erie County Prosecutor