LETTER: Name-calling column

I have just voted in the Register's online poll and, crazy enough, McCain is outscoring Obama. However, Page A4 looks like it&
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


I have just voted in the Register’s online poll and, crazy enough, McCain is outscoring Obama. However, Page A4 looks like it’s a sweep for Obama along with ANOTHER article bashing the Republicans.

I realize that this is the opinion page, but it says volumes the Register chose this opinion to publish.

Reading, “ George H.W. Bush is a crybaby” and calling McCain “a hollow little man” turns me off as an intelligent person. This is nothing more than name calling. Name calling is not acceptable in my home, as my children will tell you, and is referred to as bullying in the schools. I am quite sure that you have plenty intelligent Democrats and Republicans out there who get sick every time they read such unintelligent grumbling.

The freedom of speech that every veteran fought for allows the Register to print such biased, uninformed articles if it chooses. So, I am appalled that the Register would allow these comments:

“The only thing that means anything to him is the time he spent shackled up in that filthy North Vietnam hell hole. That has shaped his narcissistic mind.” Five years of torture! He has the right to talk about it as much as he wants. We owe our freedoms to him and many like him.

“... While being locked up in a North Vietnam prison...missing for the most part, I want to remind everyone, real combat involvement.” Are you kidding me? What point is being made here?

I do not ask for everyone to agree with McCain, but as a professional organization, respect should be demanded in every article  published, even opinions.

Opinions that have real facts and substance to back them up should grace your paper, not articles that are nothing more than whining and complaining.

Jennifer Kaman