Man charged for brutally beating woman

A drunken Hilliard man punched his fiancee at least 10 times in the face and tried to push her out of a boat Sunday after she talked to another man on Kelleys Island, an Erie County deputy's report said.
Emil Whitis
Jul 31, 2012


A drunken Hilliard man punched his fiancee at least 10 times in the face and tried to push her out of a boat Sunday after she talked to another man on Kelleys Island, an Erie County deputy’s report said. 

Paul Wedemeyer, 47, was charged with domestic violence, felony assault, aggravated menacing, operating a vehicle under the influence, failure to stay in marked lanes, failure to transfer plates and expired plates.

The melee began Sunday afternoon on Kelleys Island when an “older man” sat down at a table with Wedemeyer and his fiancee, Francine Kriesel, 42, both of whom were drinking, the report said.   

Wedemeyer got angry and started yelling at Kriesel when the man was talking to her, the report said “Francine advised that Paul grabbed her by her arm and began to drag her to ... their boat,” the deputy’s report said. “Francine advised that once they were down at the boat Paul told her that if she got into the boat with him ‘nobody would ever find her.’”

Wedemeyer then shoved Kriesel into the boat, causing her to land hard on her shoulder, the report said.
Once the boat left harbor, Wedemeyer threw Kriesel’s wallet and cell phone overboard. He then repeatedly punched her in the face and, at some point, he busted a mirror over her head, the report said.  

“Throughout the boat ride Paul continued to strike her in the face and attempted to push her out of the boat,” the report said. “(He made) comments that it ‘did not matter what she looked like because her body would not be found.’”

Once they docked the boat, Wedemeyer dragged Kriesel to his pickup, where he pushed her in and drove off east on Ohio 2, the report said. 

“Francine stated the assault continued as they were traveling,” the report said. “(Wedemeyer) continually tried to open her car door to throw her out.”

At about 6:30 p.m., Huron police received several calls about pickup swerving on Ohio 2. When officers pulled over the truck at Ohio 2 and Ohio 13, they immediately smelled alcohol.

More suspicious were the blood stains on the passenger’s clothes and the fact that the woman, Kriesel, wouldn’t look at officers, a Huron police report said. 

“I asked Ms. Kriesel if she could look at me,” the Huron police report said. “When she turned toward me I saw her face was bloodied and her eyes were swollen.”

In fact, Kriesel’s right eye was almost completely swollen shut, while the rest of her face was “severely” swollen, the report said.

Wedemeyer told police that Kriesel fell off a boat and hit her face, according to the report. Officers placed him in the back of a cruiser.

With her fiancee out of earshot, Kriesel told police what happened.

“Ms. Kriesel advised Mr. Wedemeyer had been beating her since they were at Kelleys Island,” the police report said.

As paramedics rushed Kriesel to the emergency room Wedemeyer was in the process of failing sobriety tests. His blood-alcohol content eventually registered a 0.139 percent, the report said.  
Late Monday he was in the Erie County jail on $100,000 bond.




Murder is never an answer. I think what some might be missing is the fact that he could have killed her many times over IF he had wanted to do so. These sick men want the woman to live in fear of being killed, so they can be controlled. The smart thing to do is to leave a letter with a trusted friend,and the police, that if anything and I mean anything happens to the woman, the first person they look at will be the man!


 I am always on the woman's side...but dang, at 42 she is allowing herself to be bullied ? Perhaps, she should put the drinks down and take control of her own life. 


Infinite Possib...

So I guess because he did all those things she deserves what she gets?  Puh-lease.  I don't care if she was having sex with the man in front of him,  she still doesn't deserve the beating.  And you better believe if a man treated me like that, I'd spend all of his money and tear up his boat too. 



 If she vandalized his boat, he should have called the law. If she whomps on him, call the law. If she is flirting and it is too much to handle, best leave the relationship. There is NO reason to be beating up a woman. If she stole his money, call the law. Whole lotta "if's" here. Her story, his story, the real story. Still NO reason for beating her up. 


There's nothing worse than a mean drunk. Wonder if she STILL wants to marry him. If so, then good luck in the future.

Sit n Spin

A real tough guy there !


there is something worse than a mean drunk and that is a mean murderer. She's lucky to be alive!

Alcohol brings out the true nature of a person in their Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hide personas.

If there are any women out there who are in this type of situation, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!


Send this guy over to my house.  We'll have a toe to toe.

Bet he's not so tough then.

Men who beat women are worthless losers.


Probably has happened many times before.  Why do women like these loser type bad boys?  She will go back to him and then the cycle will start all over again.  He should be tied to a tree and bull whipped.


Looks like George Thorogood

Seen it All

@ 8ballinthesidepocket ..  Unfortunately, you are correct.  So many times these women stay with their abusers.  I hope he scared her enough this time for her to find the strength to get far away from the creep!


 Ewwwww.  If I was with him I would be talking to somebody else too.  Hope he feels like a real man for his actions!  Lady get the heck away from him!


We have enough low lifes running around here!!  Beat his A$$ and send him back too Hilliard Jail and let them support the chump!!


John BonJovi?............................ Never liked him either!


It's easy to say why doesn't she leave him when you aren't the victim.  I've been a victim of domestic violence and I stayed longer than I should've.  I would've been the first person to step up and tell my friends to leave but until it happens to you, it's hard to say what you'd do.  Many times they threaten to kill you, your family members, or anyone who means anything to you.  They threaten to come back if you press charges.  The sad part is that they really don't get much punishment for the crime when you do press charges.  Many don't get any jail time and walk away on probation and have to attend anger classes.  I wish her the best of luck and hope she has the courage to walk away while she is still able.

he said she said


@sassy  I'm so sorry to hear that you were a victim. 

I have been there too.  I was told day in and day out that I would be killed if I left or told anyone about what was going on.  This man had so much control over me that I lost all my friends, I lost my job because of having to call off from his beatings, I had to sneak to call my family, and everyday was like walking on eggshells because I didn't know when or what would set him off.  A simple hi when he came in from work could send my flying into a wall.

I did leave.  After 3 months of threatening that if I didn't come home, he finally found out where I was and  held a gun to my forehead in front of my kids with him telling me that I should have listened to him because now he's gonna kill me.

So please, if you have never been there don't try to ask why we don't leave.  It's not as easy as you think.  The fear that the abuser puts into their head is an awful thing to deal with.  You are scared to do anything for fear of getting beaten.

Someone that's been in this situation doesn't want sympathy, we want understanding.

Julie R.

I think I told this story before but allow me to tell it again. I worked with somebody once (she was in her 60's) and her husband had passed away about a year earlier. She told us how when they first got married (when they were in their 20's) her husband was drinking and he hit her. She said she waited until he passed out and she took a baseball bat to him. After that, they ended up being happily married for over 40 years and he never once in those 40 years ever raised another hand to her --- never even raised his voice.


 Alcohol is not an excuse. There is NO excuse for beating on a woman. Period. What a terrifying ordeal for her. If he is going to get so angry for her speaking to another man, he has major, major problems with control, possessiveness, obsessiveness, jealousy, and all the other issues an abusive man is known to have. He is not going to change, unless HE truly feels remorse and HE wants to change and makes the effort to do so. Even then, the statistics are very low, less than 3% reform, if wanting to do so on his own. If this man is court ordered to anger management, or some other useless court ordered program, the sucess rate drops even lower. Lower than below 3%. I am sure this has not been the first domestic violence incident that has happened to her by him and I can be sure it has become worse over time. An abused woman wants to believe he is truly sorry when he says he is sorry and tells her he will change and not do it again, but it does happen again, worse than the time(s) before. Francine, look up Safe Harbor Domestic shelter and they will lead you to help, a group, resources to help YOU. Not him. You need help to break away and get yourself back. You deserve much better. You cannot change him. It is NOT your fault. Take care of YOU! Now! Before it is too late.


Why did she not just jump out of the boat at Kelley's and swim to shore?  Or yell for help??  I don't understand this at all?  When they docked she could have yelled for help again.  She could have saved herself more beating if she had just screamed a few times and yelled.  I don't get it. 

This guy is just plain NUTS.  She is lucky he didn't kill her. 


@ wiredmama222   Yelling for help doesn't always work.  It doesn't scare them off when you yell.  I was in an apartment complex hallway screaming for help at the top of lungs when it happened to me.  No one came out to help me.  A neighbor later told me that he had cracked his door open and saw me.  I asked him why he didn't help me.  His response?  I helped someone once and the guy ended up pressing charges against me because I threw him off the woman.  He said in this day and age you don't want to get involved in other peoples drama because you never know what's going to happen.  He said, for all I know, he could pull a gun out and shoot me.  Sad, but true.


Do these women that put up with this not have a father, brother, male cousin, uncle that would not put the fear of god into the guy? I  have done just that. They are still together but he knows better than to touch her. Just like a typical women beater he just took it and knew better than draw back on me.


 is that Dr. Leonard McCoy?

he said she said



No, you do not understand.  You obviously have never been in this kind of situation before.  Make a scene,  you got a beating coming.  Call the police, get another beating when he gets out.  Forget about that TPO that was just issued, that piece of paper is just that, a piece of paper and most abusers don't care about them. 

Abusers isolate their victims so the victims don't tell what is happening to them.  On the outside of the house, he will act like the best thing next to sliced bread, inside the house his true colors come out and the victims live in hell.  This is the 2011 report of domestic violence across the country in one day.  Take a look.  It's sad and until domestic violence is understood by people that haven't been in that kind of situation, I don't think an end will be in sight any time soon.

 @ Lab

Yes, there were men in my family.  My brother went to jail for fighting with my ex husband.  You know what it caused??  Me to get beat so bad that my parents could not even recognize me in the hospital.  I couldn't speak because he had bruised my vocal cords from choking me, my face was a bloody mess with my eyes swollen shut and I had bloody tears running down my face for a week; he had broken veins in my eyes with the choking and hitting me.  My nose was broken and my lips were so swollen that they split and I had to have stitches to close them.  I had a broken hand, a boxers break, from defending myself, which infuriated him more.

 I will never forget these words said by my father in the ER, "I'm sorry, Officer, but that girl there on that bed, I don't know who she is but she's not my daughter." 



 In my opinion, and I agree with Julie R.........................................Dudes got to go to sleep sometime! And you can bet it would be a grand slam if  were an abused woman.



LabMan says

Do these women that put up with this not have a father, brother, male cousin, uncle that would not put the fear of god into the guy? I  have done just that. They are still together but he knows better than to touch her. Just like a typical women beater he just took it and knew better than draw back on me.

A fact without data is just another opinion.     We had to put the fear in some of our sisters b/f. It worked.
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He reminds me of David Bowie, Go Ziggy!

Let's see, Kelleys Island to Marbelhead, 5 miles, BORS, and a low croswind. Hmm!


 I cried when I read this story. I hope this women has about three brothers that push him in a boat and take him for a boat ride and treat him like he did her, then after about three hours make sure no one would find him!!

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Ok, no firearms involved. Give her the phone number for the antifreeze lady, he seems to want to keep her around and that gives her plenty of time to treat him like a king. With all that drinking he will never notice his kidneys failing. Slurp! Slurp! It's a margarita honey....  

@sassy girl and hesaid/shesaid.....first off, If I got away from this guy, I wouldn't go back. You both talk as if you would be there the next day or the following morning.  Not a chance. 

Secondly, this woman was at Kelley's Island.  She was by the boatsl.  If you scream down by the boats, the cops are right WILL GET HELP.  And yes, she could have jumped.  

I doubt this was her first beating. It sounds like this was done before given here actions with the police.  And the way she acted WITH the police is a dead give away.  Most battered women do that, turn away. 

I feel badly for her, and I sincerely hope she doesn't go back, but 5 will get you 10 she bailed him out within a few days.  What a shame that would be.  Battered women are convinced they are the cause.  And then it starts all over again when he gets drunk. 

Pretty soon she will be a statistic on a death certificate if it keeps going.  I fear for her life. 


Reading Signs and He Said She Said, You are both very wise and understand things others simply cannot. It gets so frustrating being questioned about "Why didn't you just leave him? Why didn't you do this. Why didn't you do that." As though we are to blame for the abusive mans actions. We know them better than anyone else. I recently left an abusive boyfriend. He immediately started texting me detailing how he was watching me,how he was planning to murder my family, telling where my family members were. I didn't leave him out of the fear of what he would do..the innocent people he would harm. I was told that if I called the police that I would be dead before they got through the door. A neighbor who called 911 was savagely beaten by him. He texted threatening to murder me all day and night. Approx. 2 weeks ago he was arrested and charged with aggravated murder for the killing of a man he was staying with. This is one of the many reason we don't "just leave".  For those who understand...Thank you.


Sassy-girl I meant to include you also. You seem to know what you are talking about. Also wanted to say..we can't just have them beaten up or take a baseball bat to them in their sleep. There are scores of women serving life in prison in Ohio for killing their abusers. It doesn't seem right for us to go to a shelter either and just leave our families out there for him to harm. I have screamed for help and the kind souls who would attempt to help ended up getting beaten by him as well. I did not want that to happen again. Wish people would stop blaming the victim...we have been through enough.

he said she said


I think you get part of it but the parts I think you don't grasp is what domestic violence is.  It's physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

When I finally was able to get out, my self esteem was nill.  I was told daily that I was lazy, fat, ugly, no other man would want my fat a$$.  I weighed 98 pounds when we met and after the first child, I weighed 125, but I was fat.  I had been told this so many times that I believed it and everything else he said to me. I was going to kill myself that day I left.  I believed that no man would want me that I was ugly, fat and lazy.  Then I had an epiphany.  I have kids with this man and damned if he was gonna raise my kids with his views of women.

My kids know not to say degrading things to a female and never ever put your hands on a female.  If you have to put your hands on her, then you better leave her.

The physical scars heal.  The torn shoulder cuff, the injuries I got when he threw me through a glass dining room table, and all the other scars healed. They are reminders but they healed.  The emotional and mental abuse will never go away; that left a bigger scar than any of the beatings I ever was given.  I wished he had just beat me instead of saying the things he said.

Don't tell me and the other survivors what you 'would have' done.  It's easier said than done.  Sure I could have taken a cast iron skillet to him while he slept, but when he woke up at home or in the hospital, then what??  I have no money, no place to go, I have no friends anymore, and the domestic violence shelters were unknown of then.

No disrespect to you or anyone else.  If you could live a week or even a day in what I lived in, your attitude would change.  Victims are scared to leave for fear of what the abuser will do to them, their kids, their families.  Like I said before, I left and he held a gun to my head, he was ready to kill me.....

The best thing a woman or man in this situation can do is to keep calling the police.  Get him arrested if not charged.  After a while, the woman can't lie that she ran into a door, the police will know what happened...


I WAS an abused wife.  And I will tell you first hand after 20 + years of it, you do NOT live like this with a FIANCEE. 

This lady had an OUT.  She didn't take it any more than we did and YOU know it.  How long had she gone with this creep?  A few months?  A couple of years???  No....she had an out.  It takes a long time to get where you are describing and where we both were.....not weeks or months or a couple of years.  It takes those low lifes that long to break you down. 

So don't tell me I don't get ALL of it, I do.  Been there done that and GOT OUT.  It took me 26 years to leave and pick up the pieces.  I did it.  And it makes me sick to see these women go through it.

No woman should EVER have to face this crap.....EVER.  Walk, run, crawl or scream your way out of it but GO.  They are NOT worth it.  .  I can tell you this, she could not have been with him that way.  And she deserves better than this low life piece of crap who will be right back out within days doing it again with the same story you hear. 

It is sickening.  Now tell me I am wrong.  I have been there and so have you.  So tell me I have it wrong now. 


 People who make comments against her obviously have not been in an abusive relationship. Ignorance is not a good reason to run the mouth. If you have not been there, best to NOT say anything.


 juzzmytake...You sound a little controlling..Only people who have been abused are entitled to an opinion about abuse ? I COULD have been a victim of an abusive relationship...I just didn't allow it. That is all.


 Anyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some here are judging and speaking out of ignorance. Ignorance does not make one right. Or wrong, for that matter. Just ignorant. I am glad you made a good choice and did not put up with it. For whatever reason(s) she chose to stay with him, it 's hers. He still had NO right to beat on her. Ever! If anything, she needs positive support and guidance, not more bashing. She needs to know it was not her fault. 


 I agree...He had no right to beat on her and she didn't deserve to be beaten. I am gonna just leave it at that, since I realize that people have different personalities and handle things differently. 


I read all these comments, and some of them I would whole heartedly agree with if I didn't know Paul and Francine..... They have been together for a relativly short period of time and since they have been together Paul (being a stand up guy) has taken care of her, her children, and her grandchild. Francine refused to get a job or even help with Pauls side business, she sat around the house all day, wouldn't clean, wouldn't cook, wouldn't look for a job. All she wanted to do was drink and party ALL the time. At one of these parties she made out with her (blood related) brother. At another one she tried to sleep with one of Pauls best friends. Still he took care of her, gave her money, sent her daughter through school, bought her daughter a car so she could find work. Was he pissed, sure. Did he yell, yes, but what this article fails to mention is that it was because Francine was openly flirting with and hanging on the man who sat at the table with them. What it also fails to mention is that she trashed his boat, broke the runner, threw seat cushions into the lake, breaking windows. This man just spent a year and a half fixing up this boat and she trashed it. She was more drunk then he (although notice the article doesn't give that detail) and did fall. After Paul was arrested on these false charges she also took his money and debit cards and drained his accounts. Real trustworthy woman there right. Paul didn't git this woman, she fell and of course since it's a domestic case the woman is believed like always. I truely hope the Sandusky Court will take all of the facts into consideration and not just go on the word of an alcoholic drug user.


I bet she does not  talk to strangers any more


   No one will understand unless they are the victim. I lived in an abusive relationship for 25 years. I stayed for the sake of my children. He never hit me or at least where it would show, but the mental abuse was never ending. I was told I was stupid, lazy, fat, and other things that I can't even remember. He was well known, liked and respected by outsiders. When I finally left everyone felt sorry for him. It took 10 years for me to recover my self esteem and had to leave town and all my friends. When he died I was devastated. Yes, I loved him but also feared him and so I stayed. I wasn't totally innocent in our relationship as I did try to stand up for myself so was it my fault? NO! Don't judge unless you have all the facts. The lady in the article was probably drunk but why did she drink? So maybe she was a lush but he still had no right to put his hands on her. He could have walked out and left her there but he chose to beat the snot out of her so he was wrong. No one deserves to be treated that way. All you judges out there, stand up if you have never made a mistake, got drunk, mouthed off, etc.


 I will stand up to say that I made a mistake, got drunk , mouthed off, shot a man etc...Like I said..People handle things differently...I just don't understand, cause my Mom always told me that if someone HITS me, it's because they don't like me..and NEVER confuse that with LOVE. My mom was a realist and drilled things into my head at a  young age. I do feel sorry for women who are abused..but I just don't understand how they give a MAN so much power..