Aspiring entrepreneurs go to boot camp

Starting a business is a little like preparing for battle. Planning a strategy, financing and then selling it to the people.
Melissa Topey
Jul 29, 2012


Starting a business is a little like preparing for battle. Planning a strategy, financing and then selling it to the people.

That is where a business boot camp comes in.

"I think many find they came up with a great idea but have no idea how to execute it," said Elisabeth Reis-Klar, training and development consultant for the Reis Group. "That is where we come in."

On Tuesday Reis-Klar taught the one-day seminar called "Start Your Business Boot Camp."

The program was sponsored by area incubators, BGSU's Center of Excellence and RISE-- the Regional Incubator for Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. This was in partnership with Lorain County Community College's glide entrepreneur program.

At the program 16 participants of different backgrounds sat around a horseshoe shaped table at Firelands College on Tuesday morning. In this room, these people worked to find three things they had in common. They all had college degrees, they were all concerned about an unstable job market and they all had a desire to open their own business.

Reis-Klar taught the course, walking participants such as Todd Rasey, of Norwalk, and Debbie Lasky, of Elyria, though the confusing maze of shoring up a business idea and the following steps.

Rasey said his thoughts on what business he would like to try his hand at changes every day.

On Tuesday it was reopening the darkened theater in Norwalk with a goal of affordable entertainment.

"I have always thought about running a business but I never had the financial resources, there are a lot of questions," Rasey said. "I thought taking this course might help."

For more on the business boot camp and other business incubators pick up Sunday's Register.



It's tougher everyday for a small business to succeed. The poor economy is just one reason. Taxes on small business are going even higher, healthcare mandates will curtail their plans also, and regulations, inspectors, and fees will take time and add to the costs of startup and operation. They need to keep profits down, so they won't be seen as rich and pay a bigger percentage of their profits. That may be easy to do today. The worst part is that these small businesses provide the jobs which will grow the economy, but the government is curtailing business, resulting in fewer jobs.

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 minute, you contradict yourself about Gov causing the problem when this is a Gov program trying to help small business. What ever way your right wing handlers point you.



I play the game every day.  Smart people maneuver around government mandates.  I spend more time keeping what I have made rather than trying to create more.

Why create more jobs when it cost you more in the long run. Our government today has an anti-job mentality. Sorry about that, people looking for jobs, but it's not worth it to me .   I'm not like government, who doesn't pay their bills and runs up trillion dollars in debt.

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 Your eyes are turning brown too donuthole. If there was even a slight chance to make money by expanding your "business", you'd do it in a heartbeat. But that's if you owned a business.

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 donuthole, you're right, private business is not like Gov. Thank God and FDR for that, otherwise we wouldn't have won WWII if we were penny pinching.


What does the program cost?

Sounds like someone who writes a book on How to get rich.


Check out the Small Business Admin. as well.



REALLY?  SBA,  I thought you CONS hated all government.



So the stupid liberal Democrat argument is that someone should be forced to fund something with their tax dollars and then out of principle they should refuse to use it?

As an example: Give me back all the money that I paid into SS and Medicare (and stop all future forced payments) and you've got yourself a deal.

I still ain't a Repub.

BTW: The govt. can force one to pay FICA and then deny them benefits. The Supremes backed 'em up.

Keep believing the liberal lie.



 That guy in the plaid looks like the type to say "ain't no one help me, done it all on my own"!


BTW: Texas has among the lowest median household income in the US. Right their with the other pro biznuss states.


Contango, I'm not stupid, liberal or democrat or republican. 

Your last comment didn't make much sense though.



Read what I wrote; I did not write that you were "stupid" or a "liberal Democrat."

"No sense"?

So you don't believe in centralized planning? 

And of course, SS will be then when you retire right?



I feel the boot camp is much needed.  I think it is great that this sort of program is available  for people thinking about starting up a business to know what they are doing and how to go about doing it so their business can be  successful.  I would like to see mentors assigned to each business until they can take the training wheels off and survive on their own.  There are a lot of people who can't find jobs and want to strike out on their own with their own business but you want to do it the right way.  I hope the incubator people will track their results as to how many of the businesses have been successful five years from now..

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I see some has changed. About 1980 when I approached the bank they sent me to the SBA, they then sent me to SCORE, where a group of retired guys from Elyria told me, I had no chance of starting up a manufacturing business. The competition from big business was too much so they sent me home, they thought depressed but theymade me stronger. The local Small business center, now defunct, had an interesting comment.    “Put the company in the wife’s name or change your skin color or ethnicity from Caucasian and you can receive funds in two weeks, I promise”   What’s funny is that WITHOUT ANY GOVERNMENT HELP, I did do it anyway, starting from a garage, an attic, a basement and a ten envelope budget book, I did it without them. Five years later they all wanted to loan me money! LOL, maybe I should have taken the loans so I can pay for all the government  mandates that have been put in place since.
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 centsless, where's the business and what's the name of the business.


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Now that would disclose personal privacy here in these blogs...   Trust me, a lot of you probably drive right buy regularly! We have a new consumer product being released this fall if all goes right. Maybe just maybe it will be in a few local big box stores, it would be great to retain people I am letting go due to a good customer moving their production with us to China!!!
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 centsless, your eyes are turning brown.



You're a liar, then. 

You could be in a Romney ad.

 Let me guess you built the roads and bridges yourself too. Good luck with your new product: delusions.

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LOL, small town, small minds. In Cleveland now for a grad party. Have fun today kids!!!


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Re:these small businesses provide the jobs which will grow the economy

Unless "these small businesses" export to another country they create no new money. They just shuffle money from one person to another.

The main things we export are jobs and dollars.

Save money so the Chinese can live better.




cents and minuteman - most of these people on here are idiots and not smart enough to run a business.

those that have or do run a small business know that the gov't does smother us with rules, regs and taxes.

the first advice i would give to any person that wants to start a business is to first find a great accountant and have them go over all financial laibilities and taxes.  its an eye opener!!

dawg - re read and then comprehend.  this was not run by the gov't.

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" The program was sponsored by area incubators, BGSU's Center of Excellence and RISE-- the Regional Incubator for Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. This was in partnership with Lorain County Community College's glide entrepreneur program."


What does sponsored by mean to you mikel?

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Yeah I know mikel, those nasty regulations. Like safety so your workers aren't maimed or killed. Pollution so your workers aren't poisoned. Health so your employees aren't subjected to hepatitus. Yeah, those nasty regs. I feel your pain my brother.


 @davey, nice try, as I told you before, you need to check your facts.  Texas is number 25, right in the middle.  Where is Ohio?  You guessed it number 33, not in the top 25.  


 @ hey knucky 

Try using the 2012 numbers instead of the 2009 numbers. You were one search term off.

Not that I would discourage you from moving there...

In fact, based on your obvious but uncited Wikipedia source, here are a bunch of fine Texas towns you could move to


There's a long list of Texas worsts...



where's the word gov't at dawg?  didn't know that a college was the gov't.

dawg - own a business?


Very good leftist, use an estimated table for the benefit of a welfare program HEAP as gospel!!!

I wonder what estimated means to a liberal!   Funny that there are a whole lot of states around washington dc that have great government incomes!! Good old South and North Dakota , see what fracking will do!

So porch puppy, the federal government now owns all universities, we know they have the monopoly on student loans thanks to Obozo!!!



Sorry you missed the point.  





My biznuss is incredibly successful. I started off working for another guy, but over time i saved a portion of my profits until I could begin manufacturing my own products. Definitely no help from the government. in fact they are actively trying to shut me down with their smothering regulations. Thats right I sell weed.

See how easy it is to make up stories. 


I DID read your post Contango.

It started out  @OMG.LOL.WT_

 After your question about a STUPID, LIBERAL, Democrat argument, it went into a rant about not using Government programs and the Supreme court and FICA....... etc. etc., Blah, blah.  Like I said, didn't make a lot of sense.

If you claim you were not calling me stupid, liberal and democrat, why direct your comment to me?


Love it!             Got someone thinking about Alan Keys.           Bye bye 2your SSI.          My work here is finished.


kimo writes:

"Unless "these small businesses" export to another country they create no new money. They just shuffle money from one person to another."

As a country, the U.S. is the second largest exporter in the world  - what do you want?

Capital will always flow to where it's most rewarded. Right now, assets are flowing to Treasuries.

70% of the U.S. GDP is based on domestic consumer spending.

We have a mature domestic economy. Not every country can export it's way out of financial difficulties.

BTW: Capital is leaving foreign markets and coming to the U.S.

How did you get to be a millionaire without knowing basic economics and keeping up with developments?


Texas - No. 1 for business:


Ohio has two of the ten emptiest cities in the U.S.:




Well Contango,  you say U. S. is second largest exporter and your web site you refer everyone to says it is third.


How could you posssibly make a mistake like that?

After that, the amazing thing is GERMANY, with all its' Socialistic programs and strong unions, comes in fourth. 



You're mistaken.

I wrote "country," the EU is not a country.

Germany? Exports are but one factor in the makeup of a county's GDP.

Keep reading the Factbook - lotsa good stuff.




In 1975, U.S. exports exceeded foreign imports by $12400 million, but that was the last trade surplus the United States would see in the 20th century.

nuff said




@ Kimo:

There are numerous ways to calculate imports/exports, you're looking at one.

For another: How much of the IPhone is actually made in China?


Nothing is as it seems, nor is it otherwise.




The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with China was $282 billion in 2011.

We did however export more jobs to them in 2011 than we did in 2010.

All the smoke and mirrors about starting a new business does not solve that problem, all it does is shift money from one person to another.




E. U. not a country?

Funny, when I add France, Italy and U.K. I get 1,595,800,000,000.

Germany, a E.U. country is listed at 1,408,000,000,000.

Try adding those two: 3,003,800,000,000. 

The E. U. only listed as 1,791,000,000,000

Is my math wrong?