Redfern mailer broke state campaign law

COLUMBUS The head of Ohio's Democratic Party broke state elections la
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The head of Ohio’s Democratic Party broke state elections law with a 2006 campaign mailing, a state appeals court ruled.

A flier approved by state party Chairman Chris Redfern misled voters into thinking non-incumbent candidates running for statewide offices were the current officeholders, the 10th Ohio District Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.

As an example cited by the court, the mailing showed a photo of Sherrod Brown that said ‘‘U.S. Senate’’ below his name instead of saying that he was seeking the office of ‘‘U.S. Senator.’’

Redfern had argued he didn’t knowingly violate the law.

Democrats plan to appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court, spokesman Alex Goepfert said Friday.

The Ohio Republican Party filed a complaint about the mailing with the Ohio Elections Commission. A Franklin County court also ruled against Redfern.