Uniforms: School clothes policy extends to elementary schools

SANDUSKY Sandusky Schools will be a sea of khaki, navy blue and white Sept. 2 as the district's unif
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Sandusky Schools will be a sea of khaki, navy blue and white Sept. 2 as the district's uniform policy expands to include elementary students.

Uniforms were instituted at the high school and junior high schools at the start of the 2007-08 year as a way to increase attendance and graduation rates, and to improve discipline. Two months into the school year, high school officials reported 40 percent fewer truancies, 59 percent fewer class removals and 37 percent fewer cases of inappropriate conduct.

Other than a few cases of incomplete uniforms, the junior high and high school principals said the district's test run of the policy went smoothly.

Based on the success at the upper grade levels, the school board decided in January to incorporate the uniform policy districtwide beginning in the 2008-09 school year. Many grade school students started wearing the uniforms before they were required.

The original uniform policy was slightly modified, allowing elastic-waist pants, jumpers and a sans-belt policy for the younger Streaks.

Noticing the demand for navy or white polo-style shirts and khaki or navy pants, many stores -- including Old Navy, Wal-Mart and Target -- increased their back-to-school supply and offered online discounts.

"They have a much wider selection online," Sandusky parent Jenny Craig said. "I bought a few sets in town for them to wear at the beginning of the school year and ordered the rest of their clothes online."

Ontario Elementary principal Jill Wasiniak said she's excited about the new policy and believes she will see positive results.

"I think it's going to be great," she said. "It really evens the playing field for all the kids when it comes to school clothes."

Craig agreed.

"I was in favor of uniforms," she said. "It makes it easier, especially for the families who can't afford to buy expensive clothing. They look so nice and can still keep their individuality by wearing whatever shoes or book bag they want."

Craig's son Dru, a 6th-grade student at Ontario, said he likes the uniforms.

"It might be easier to get dressed (in the morning)," he said.

His brother Gavin, 3rd grade, also said he doesn't mind uniforms.

"We can wear what we want after school," he said.

Sandusky City Schools K-6 Campus Wear Policy

* Pants

Colors: Tan or navy blue

Fabric: Cotton or twill. No jeans, denim, corduroy, sweat or wind pants. No side zippers. No leg (cargo) pockets. Standard front pockets sewn inside the pants. MUST have belt-loops, and belt MUST be worn in grades 4-6. Elastic waist (with or without belt loops) in grades K-3.

Length: Cannot drag on floor and cannot be higher than the top of heel. Must be worn at waist and may not be more than one size too large or small. No banding or tucking pants into footwear

* Shorts/Capris

Colors: Tan or navy blue

Fabric: Cotton or twill; No jeans, denim, corduroy or athletic shorts. No side zippers. No leg (cargo) pockets, Standard front pockets sewn inside the pants; MUST have belt loops, and belt MUST be worn.

Length: At or below the knee. Must be worn at waist and may not be more than one size too large or small. In addition, all pants, shorts will be fitted and hemmed, properly fitted at the waist and may not be altered in any way except to fit properly.

* Jumpers (K-3 ONLY)

Colors: Tan or navy blue

Fabric: Cotton or twill

Length: At or below the knee. Appropriate shirt/sweater to be worn underneath jumpers.

* Shirts

Colors: White or Navy blue collared shirts. Short- or long-leeved polos (no layering of shirts). Short or long-sleeved oxfords. Shirts must be tucked in. No more than top two buttons unbuttoned. All shirts must have buttons. If an undershirt is worn, it must be PLAIN white (no colors). Athletic or school 0rganization sponsored shirts are permitted if within the guidelines.

*Sweaters: Colors: White or navy blue

*Sweater vests: V-neck, crew neck and cardigan (no hoods). Campus wear shirts (listed above) must be worn under all sweaters. Shirts must be tucked in.


Colors: White or navy blue. Crew neck ONLY (no hoods). Solid colors only. No logos. Campus wear shirts (listed above) must be worn under all sweatshirts. Shirts must be tucked in.


No open-toed shoes -- no flip-flops -- no slippers. Shoe with closures must be worn as intended. Tied shoes must be tied, buckled shoes must be buckled.


Must wear solid color socks, tights, or hosiery. (No leggings)

* Belts

Standard dress belt in black/brown, or solid color belt in same color as pants, must be worn with clothing with belt loops. Belts must fit (no excessive length) and have a standard buckle. * Grades 4-6

* Ties

Neckties/bowties optional; must be school-appropriate.

* Head Gear

No head gear is to be worn inside the school building during school hours.

* Jewelry

No heavy metal or heavy chains allowed. No spiked accessories, dog collars, or hardware not considered apparel.

* Blue Streak T-Shirts/Sweatshirts

Special days (limited), as designated by school or district. Sweatshirts may not be hooded. No Pocket or logos.

* School Groups & Organizations

School curricular and extracurricular organizations may wear their designated Sandusky City Schools apparel on meeting or performance days.

*No embellishments may be added to clothing (i.e. paint, embroidery, pins, buttons, tags). Sales tags must be removed from all clothing.

* Physical Education Attire

Shorts/Sweatpants: Navy blue or gray. Cotton or mesh material. Shorts must be the proper size (no more than one size too large or small) and worn at the waist.

Shirts/Sweatshirts: Navy blue, white, or gray. Cotton fabric. Shirts must be the proper size (no more than one size too large or small). No hoods on shirts.

* General requirements

For all clothing, excluding shoes, no logos permitted. No oversized, tattered, dirty, torn clothing permitted. Solid colors only. Undergarments (excluding T-shirt collars) shall not be exposed or be seen through clothing. No see-through clothing permitted. No outerwear shall be worn inside.

Campus Wear uniform applies to all students in the building (including those in Behavioral Intervention Assistance). Any religious or special needs variations to the Campus Wear requirements must be approved by administration, medical or IEP authorization. Variations may include skirts for religious reasons but skirts must be floor length and must fit the color, fabric, and size requirements of all other apparel.

* Disciplinary Procedures

(Failure to Comply with Campus Wear Dress Code)

Failure to comply with Campus Wear policy will result in a call home immediately. Parents will have the option of bringing the appropriate clothes to school, or students will be sent home to change. Failure to return with proper attire will result in unauthorized/unexcused absences from classes.

*Consequences for any missed class time because of uniform issues will follow attendance policy. Refer to attendance policy.

Prices and availability for last-minute shoppers


* Pants -- $9.88 - 17.88

* Shirts -- $4.88 - 15.88

* Skirts -- $4.88 - 13.88

* Shorts --$6.88 - 14.88

* Sweaters -- $10.88 - $16.88

Web site: walmart.com


* Pants -- $20 -$45

* Shirts -- $15 - $30

* Skirts -- $18 - $38

* Sweaters -- $20 - $40

Web site: macys.com


* Pants -- $14.99 - $30.99

* Shirts -- $8.99 - $20.99

* Jumpers -- $13.99 - $40.99

* Shorts -- $13.99 - $30.99

* Skirts -- $11.99 - $32.99

* Sweaters -- $13.99 - $28.99

Web site: sears.com

JC Penney

* Pants -- $15 - $45

* Shirts -- $8 - $28

* Skirts -- $14 - $25

* Jumpers -- $14- $27

* Shorts -- $13- $25

* Sweaters -- $17 - $25

Web site: jcpenney.com


* Pants -- $9.09 - $24.99

* Shirts -- $6.99 - $19.99

* Shorts -- $6.99 - $19.99

* Skirts -- $8.39 - $21.99

* Jumpers -- $8.39 - $19.99

Web site: target.com


* Pants -- $14.99 - $36.99

* Skirts -- $11.99 - $24.99

* Shirts -- $6.40 - $26.99

* Shorts -- $10.99 - $24.99

* Jumpers -- $9.99 - $16.99

Web site: kohls.com

Old Navy

* Pants -- $14.70 - $28.99

* Shirts -- $7 - $20

* Sweaters -- $14 - $22

* Shorts -- $10 - $18

* Jumpers -- $14 - $20

* Skirts -- $10 - $18

Web site: oldnavy.com