Man charged with raping disabled Norwalk woman

Huron County deputies have arrested a Dayton man who allegedly raped a disabled woman Monday morning.
Emil Whitis
Jul 20, 2012


Huron County deputies have arrested a Dayton man who allegedly raped a disabled woman Monday morning.

John McBride, 29, was charged with a single count of rape for the incident in a mobile home in the 5100 block of U.S. 250.

Deputies were dispatched to the Rustic Hills trailer park at about 1 a.m. where they met with the alleged victim, 19, and her mother. The victim told deputies her friend is McBride's girlfriend. The victim was able to positively identify her attacker, Huron County Sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick said.

While the woman's mother drove her to the Nord Center in Lorain to undergo a medical evaluation, deputies drove to Ward Avenue in Norwalk, where they located and arrested McBride.

"They went right to the suspect's girlfriend's house and snatched him up," Patrick said. "That was pretty much it."

McBride had recently come up from Dayton to visit his girlfriend. When deputies  showed up, he confessed to raping the woman, Patrick said.

McBride allegedly told deputies he snuck into the victim's bedroom window and raped her. He then exited through the same window and returned to his girlfriend's home, Patrick said.

The alleged victim suffers from brain injuries she sustained in a car wreck a few years ago. McBride told deputies he was well aware of that fact.

Patrick said deputies booked McBride into the Huron County jail on Monday. He is held on $50,000 bond and scheduled for a hearing at 1 p.m. July 26 in Norwalk Municipal Court.



SICK individual !

Erie County Resident

This sick twisted person needs to have them get out the backhoe and bury him UNDER the jail.

Since he knew the victim and the circumstances, before they bury him they should run him over a few times with the backhoe.

What a P.O.S.!!!

Prayers for the victim to get past this as best she can.


There is a special place for people like you! It gets a little hot there so bring your own fan!


You sick, SOB,  I agree with ECR....bury you under the jail is the only opinion I can think of that is suitable for the likes of you and your kind.  Good thinking Erie County Resident.  It's either that or the firing squad and they wouldn't allow that in a million years. 

Erie County Resident

@ wiredmama222 Firing squad will never happen. Ammo cost to much these days... lol

I still say a couple of laps over him with the backhoe then planting him would be best!!!


And I still say,

Prayers for the victim to get past this as best she can.

Just Thinkin

Can we say casteration ! if we can say it then DO IT ! in public , what white trash he is, Got to be proud to be his mommy & daddy LOL

Tsu Dho Nimh

This is beyond sick!!!! Just hope that his girlfriend isn't one of these women who stands by her man. 


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Castration-YES!  Anestietia(sp?)-NO!


 Sometimes there are no words. We taxpayers get to pay for his legal defense, his stay in jail, then his stay in prison, if sentenced. Meanwhile, the lady has to live with what happened for the rest of her life. What kind of sick person preys upon an innocent, defenseless woman? A coward, that's who. John, you are a coward. 


 Pray the Lord grants him the opportunity to stand in her shoes.  I hope someone in prison finds him VERY sexy! 


How profoundly sad. Hopefully the young woman is able to get help from someone who can help her cope with the aftermath of this assault.

Just Thinkin

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Rustic Hills is "Ratchet" Very dirty .