REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Head for the fair

Head for the fair. It's still good, clean, cheap fun. It's also a reminder, if you care to look, of what
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Head for the fair. It’s still good, clean, cheap fun.

It’s also a reminder, if you care to look, of what we were, what we think we are, and what we want to be.

Locally, the county fair season is well underway with the recent conclusion of the Ottawa County Fair and tomorrow’s commencement of the Erie County Fair. The Huron County Fair picks up where that leaves off.

And although all county fairs have some things in common — trailer vendors from all over featuring all sorts of trinkets and delightfully bad-for-you foods — each fair includes things unique to the people who put it on. Erie County’s Heritage Barn tells a rich, and to many folks unexpectedly varied, story, while the student art exhibits at the Huron County Fair are simply not to be missed.

Erie County’s fair, technically classed as a “junior fair,” puts a heavy accent on the county’s 4-H children and their projects — which, in these increasingly technological days, aren’t limited to crops and animal husbandry. Still and all, the skill of a junior horse-person is to be marveled at — even if only for the welcome sight of a young person doing something that does not involve intense and solitary concentration on a piece of disposable electronics.

And, of course, it’s simply a chance to get together under, hopefully, fair skies for some not-too-expensive fun.

It’s fair time!