Thumbs UP to baseball -- or, more accurately, base ball -- for taking us back to at least the comforting myth of sp
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to baseball -- or, more accurately, base ball -- for taking us back to at least the comforting myth of sports and sportsmanship. It may have been a rougher sport back then -- no gloves? -- and beer and whiskey were the drugs of choice instead of new-fangled stuff like steroids, but thanks to the re-enactors who gathered last weekend at the Hayes Presidential Center for reminding us of the day when sports was for entertainment and exercise, not worship of beings from another planet.

Thumbs DOWN, but best wishes, to the loss of another local business, although it seems the closure of the Cleveland Road Greenhouse is at least a life decision, and not simply a concession to business reality, for the Corso family. Still and all, it was a local concern that went strong for all those years.

Thumbs UP, though, to another local business for enlightened self-interest. Encore Plastics is putting up a wind turbine at its Margaretta Township facility, not for the goodness of being green, but because it just might save money on power and because it might look good to the customers. "It's not just the price on your shelf that makes you a good company anymore," President D. Craig Rathbun said. We'll say it again: It's nice to see forward thinking become, simply, good business.

Thumbs UP to Faroh's Chocolates coming back to Sandusky, specifically to the candy counter at Sweet Treats and Treasures in Sandusky Plaza. Sweet!

Thumbs UP to the progress of the Great Lakes Compact through the House of Representatives. The Great Lakes are our lifeblood. Protect them. Sen. George Voinovich, don't drop that banner.

Thumbs UP to Erie County government for finally recognizing the need to cut, cut, cut. Let's look at everything, including privatizing the Erie County Care Facility -- a nice thing to have, but Ottawa County's big Riverview complex notwithstanding, how many counties run nursing homes?

Thumbs DOWN -- two of them, a Scheid Road reader writes -- "to the heartless cruel person who dropped off a dog on the corner of Fox and Camp roads without food or water. It's so frightened that we can't catch it to find it a good home."