Police zeroing in on suspect in Wilbert Street murder

Four blows from a blunt object ended the life of a Sandusky man whose body was found Saturday morning in his Wilbert Street home, authorities said.
Emil Whitis
Jul 18, 2012


Four blows from a blunt object ended the life of a Sandusky man whose body was found Saturday morning in his Wilbert Street home, authorities said.

Detectives believe they’ve found the weapon used to kill 50-year-old John Debski, and on Tuesday they said they have a suspect.

“We have a person of interest that we’re looking at very closely,” Sandusky police Lt. John Orzech said. “We’re still actively trying to put things together.”

Debski’s roommate, Gary Ballard, 40, called police at about 9:30 a.m. Saturday after finding the body face-down on a mattress inside the home, in the 2200 block of Wilbert St.    

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Concerned For A...

Wow...That guy was eerily calm after finding his roomate dead in a pool of blood...just sayin...I would be freakin!

my eye

There us a murderer on the streets and the only way you can read abiut it is to buy a paper doesn't bother anyone,


  The Police had a killer on the loose (TR) and they were trying to find Him before there was another Victim which could very easily have been the case.  They had been trying to locate (TR) for maybe a couple weeks on another serious matter.  My guess??? is they arrested a person who in somwe way hindered the murder investigation?? Maybe harbored a fugitive???  6-8 guys stayed at this location reuglarly and they all have to be interviewed.  Some worked in Sandusky and some were working in Cleveland.  The police don't want to make a hasty decision, they will get it right, let them do their jobs.


 is it just me or did he sound a little to calm for finding a dead roommate in a pool of blood.


Concerned For A...

Nope, not just you mommy2. I just said the same thing down below! TOTALLY agree! Let the speculation begin!

Seen it All

How in the world do you go from "There were no signs Debski had been shot, stabbed, hit with a blunt instrument or otherwise suffered death by violence, Orzech said."  to  "Four blows from a blunt object ended the life of a Sandusky man whose body was found Saturday morning in his Wilbert Street home, authorities said."   in 4 days!!??!!

And what authority said this?  Lucas county coroner? After all, isn't that where they are shipped off to for an autopsy?  If so, one of the faster autopsies I've seen in awhile.  It appears this investigation was botched from the beginning.  I hope if this was murder they are able to get a conviction!!


My thoughts and prayers to this man's family during this difficult time.


Seen it all....I thought the SAME thing!  Quite a bumble there.  No signs of injury and now today FOUR blows with a blunt object! WOW.


 I do admit I have been questioning the way things are going.  But if everything was told from the beginning people being questioned. could cover there tracks easier.  Things are moving in the right directions.  The public may never know the whole story.      This is a  large puzzle that takes time to get the piece together right.

Concerned For A...

Welp, looks like we were right about the 911 call. He is being held on "un-related charges" but being charged with obstructing! Can't wait till this all unravels!

Hoss McGee

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Seen it All

@ concerned for.. I agree, he did sound EERILY calm, (and somewhat stoned).  Also, no mention to 911 of the large pool of blood that was in first article.  He just acted as though he found this man unresponsive, as if he had a heart attack in his sleep.


 @ concerened for A     sorry!   My computer didn't have the other comments showing until after I posted.  At least we agree.

Julie R.

I agree ---- first no signs of injury and now today four blows with a blunt object?  I also agree as to how fast the results of the autopsy came back from Lucas County. Don't they normally say it takes 2 weeks or longer?  


The general results of an autopsy can be pretty quick. It's the toxicology results we have to wait to get.

Put me on record as agreeing with everybody else who question the disparity between reports on this story. If you're hit with a blunt instrument violently enough to kill you and leave a pool of blood behind, I'm also not clear on how it is a police officer could see "no sign" of such violence! I'm just saying...


We will miss you john these people will pay for what they did to you love you <3