Charges pending in suspected Milan Twp. drunken driving crash

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are watching and waiting as a retired Milan attorney clings to life at a Toledo hospital.
Emil Whitis
Jul 17, 2012


Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are watching and waiting as a retired Milan attorney clings to life at a Toledo hospital. 

Troopers still haven’t charged suspected drunken driver Brian Lindenberger, 24, of Norwalk, whose fate hinges on whether Lawrence “Larry” Schell, 80, pulls through at the hospital.

Lindenberger was driving a Buick Century that struck a Jeep Cherokee head-on at about 11:45 a.m. Friday on Kelley Road, troopers said.   

Schell, a passenger in the Jeep, was flown by medical helicopter from the scene to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where he remains in critical condition.

The Jeep’s driver — Zachary Frederick, 16, of Milan — was taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for injuries that were not life-threatening, troopers said.   

Lindenberger was headed south on Kelley Road when his vehicle swerved off the right side of the road, then overcorrected, colliding head-on with the northbound Jeep, troopers said.   

“While speaking with (Lindenberger) at the hospital, the trooper immediately smelled the odor of alcoholic beverages,” Highway Patrol Sgt. Joe Wentworth said. “The report also says he was being extremely difficult and belligerent.”

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So if the guy pulls through there won't be charges?  Charge the guy, you can always amend the charges if necessary.


Charges are certain.  Severity is the question.  Normal procedure.  Unless he has a friend high in govt.




 Aggrivated vehicular assault, along with DUI at the very least...............................Then vehicular homicide if  Schell dies!


This isn't the guy's first DUI, I think it is his third or fourth.  They definitely need to put him behind bars for a nice long stay to get him to see the error of his ways.  Prayers for the family of the victims.


What about the inexperience of the driver of the other vehicle? Perhaps a more experienced driver would have been able to avoid the accident all together? Not justifying IF the other driver was indeed impaired, as this has yet to be substantiated. An accident is an accident. I think all invoved just see dollar signs.


I am almost 40 years old....I do not know how I would react to a DRUNK DRIVER coming straight at my car ! This comment is completely inappropriate.  The 16 year old did NOTHING wrong but be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  What would you say if it had been a school bus on the way to EHOVE full of students? What if it had been a 60 year old woman driving a 15 year old to the dr office? It makes no difference.  There is NO WAY to predict how a drunk driver is going to react.  And yes if a DRUNK DRIVER makes the choice to drive (especially after the first, second, possibly third time) I do expect him to pay for the accident, the medical and the pain and suffering. 


 Really Bananarama? Call me crazy but if Lindenberger was drunk/impaired, it doesn't matter HOW experienced the other driver was. I agree an accident is an accident, but it's no "accident" when someone chooses to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after knocking some back. If someone wants to drink, have at it...just don't put you, me, and the thousands of other people on the road in harm's way because you're too stupid to call a cab, call a friend, or just stay where you're at until you're sober. It sounds like it's not this guy's first rodeo either. Prayers to Mr. Schell.


That is flat land on Kelley Rd.and no need to over correct until the vehicle coming at you has passed. Or just hit the damn brakes and stop until it has passed.  Or just take it into the field. He was drunk and IMO he overcorrected just as the kid was just passing and no time to react..

Sal Dali

Oh my gosh. I really don't think it is about dollar signs bananarama, Having a drivers license is a privilege and not something to take lighty. One has to wonder if he has had past DUI's as someone mentioned if he was even legally on the road. Drunk drivers kill people everyday. If you drink, you should not be behind the wheel period. The driver of Mr. Schell's vehicle wasn't drunk and was on his own side of the road, It's pretty easy to say a more experience driver may have reacted differently but we weren't there and don't know the circumstances other than a man is in critical condition because another driver couldn't control his vehicle. Drunk or not drunk, he caused the accident and the legal system needs to teach him that life is not one big party when you're behind the wheel. That could have been your loved one or mine he hit head on.


"Bryan D. Lindenberger, 19, whose address was unavailable, was charged with underage consumption Sunday after an officer responded to the report of shots being fired on Baker Street. He was released to a relative."


"The BAC of Bryan D. Lindenberger, 24, of 1252 Lovers Lane Road, was .285, said Trooper Steven Drew, of the state Highway Patrol. That's more than three times the legal limit of .08 for Ohio drivers."



I think this is enough evidence that he certainly has an issue, not that he was drunk at the time of the accident.  But it definitely increases the likelyhood that alchol could have been involved.


you people are stupid...



Had a question.....the article says the OSP trooper noticed the smell of alchhol on the fellow when talking with him in the hospital. Wouldn't you think the medical personnel treating this guy would have already alerted the trooper to this. The way the article is written sounds like had the trooper not talked to this guy and smelled the liquior they would never have known he was drunk.



Seen it All

The inexperience of the other driver does not even come into play here.  Each traveling 50-55 mph (or more) in the opposite direction, this accident took a split second to occur.  The most experienced driver would not of been able to avoid it.

As was stated in an earlier article, this guy was probably running from an accident that occurred minutes before on 250 and 113, as the police were looking for a car like this.  He probably drove north on 250,  turned down Strecker, then went south on Kelly to sneak over to Lover's Lane, and back home.  I'm sure if he was involved in the other accident, his eyes were in his rear view mirror as much as on the road.

This road was paved last year with loose stone, and therefore easy to "lose it', especially if speeding.  The lanes are also narrow compared to those of a highway.  Me and my family travel it daily, only to be passed each time as we do not go 55 mph on it.  There have been 3 deaths on this stretch of road in the 5 yrs we have lived out in this area.  I doubt that 45 mph speed limit down this road would of prevented this particular accident, but it definitely needs one, and enforced.

I truly hope they throw the book at this guy if he's found guilty of drinking and driving, as this time he didn't just dent up his car, he changed lives forever.  Prayers for Mr Schell and his family and that this event is an eye opener for Mr Lindenberger, he obviously didn't learn from his previous DUI in dec.