LETTER: Proud of city parks

Have you taken a good look at our 10-plus city parks this summer? For 100 years the City of Sandusky has operated a greenhouse for t
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Have you taken a good look at our 10-plus city parks this summer? For 100 years the City of Sandusky has operated a greenhouse for the purpose of growing plants to beautify our city.

These parks -- Washington Parks, Veterans Park, Facer Park, the Rose Garden, Cleveland Road "Sandusky" sign, the five islands on Jackson Street Pier, Shoreline Park and other small parks -- are the work of three full-time city greenhouse employees.

In the past, there were six full-time employees and extra summer help to keep the parks looking good, but after budget cuts, three people care for all the parks.

This year there are some volunteers working with the staff in the greenhouses, helping plant more than 100,000 plants of use in the mounds. Volunteers are also working in the parks pulling weeds, a continuous summer job. If you see the weed problem, why not volunteer to help?

In 2006, the Greenhouse Endowment was created to help support greenhouse operations. Become a member of the "Friends of the Greenhouse" with $10 a year annual dues, contributing to the endowment fund. Sign up at the gazebo concerts or mail a donation to: City Greenhouse, 222 Meigs St., Sandusky, OH 44870.

Sandusky is proud of its parks tradition. Help keep them beautiful for all to enjoy.

Kathryn David


Voters spoke on P.C park

The people of Port Clinton decided last year by voting to develop Waterworks Park. If we are truly a government by the people, of the people and for the people, we should follow the vote of the people. The city has an interested developer again and this time, we should move forward in the development of this piece of property and bring new revenue streams to the city. The first concept would be to develop a marina that would attract locals and visitors to our area and help the downtown businesses. New jobs and an attractive waterfront, and finally, Port Clinton would be a designation and not a parking lot for the islands. I am amazed those who oppose such development are not listening to the majority of those who voted on Issue 10.

We need to focus on the future, not let some say remain the status quo. It reminds me of a number of years ago when the Jet Express wanted to purchase the Waterworks building and build a new playground park and invest millions of dollars in improvements and expansion and public pressure put on city council turned them away. They moved and we lost $300,000 in revenue. We need positive thinking by our city fathers and we have new council members who are progressive thinkers. I urge the mayor and council to work with this new developer and bring growth to our city.

Right now, we are mowing grass and watching millions of dollars pass us by. Let's not make the same mistake twice. As the late Gordon Cooper, mayor of Port Clinton, said, "Keep Port Clinton progressive."

Thomas M. Brown, former mayor

Port Clinton