REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Computer expert pleases county officials

Erie County's commissioners figure the county's new director of information technology, Robert Lange, is a smart computer nerd.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Erie County's commissioners figure the county's new director of information technology, Robert Lange, is a smart computer nerd.

They're sure about that because they can't figure out what he's talking about.

After meeting with the new computer boss, who starts Aug. 18, commissioner Nancy McKeen admitted, "I couldn't understand 10 percent of what he said."

Commissioner Bill Monaghan, a technology buff, estimates he followed about 50 percent of Lange's comments.

Monaghan said he noticed another subjective measurement of Lange's skills: The employees in the county's IT department seemed to be impressed with him.

"This guy is the real McCoy," Monaghan said.

-- Tom Jackson

The 'Can Man' is still canning it

In May I met Dan Miller, pastor of the First Baptist Church.

I was amazed at his drive not only to get up every morning and run for miles, but to collect abandoned aluminum cans along the way.

The worn library bag he carries is almost always overflowing, but that doesn't discourage him from pressing on -- he simply uses discarded grocery bags when his own bag is full.

Miller said people have been calling the church constantly to ask if they, too, could donate.

As of July 11, he said he has collected 5,300 cans. At 4 cents a can, that's about $212 that will go toward charity work.

Miller said he wanted to remind everyone to pick up those empty cans -- they could help feed someone less fortunate.

-- Amanda Godfrey

Editor's note: "Pastor Dan" sent a letter to the editor late last week noting someone had trespassed onto church property and stole more than 2,000 cans.

"God saw it all," he wrote. "I ask you to make that right for your own conscience sake. You'll be the better for it. Please donate $80 to Care & Share. We have so many wonderful people in our community & that few who need to find their way. I was that misguided person at one time. Christ has made all the difference in life. I pray as much for you."

It's a vehicle only a Cavaliers fan could love

Drivers on Cleveland Road in Sandusky likely spotted a van with the image of Cleveland Cavalier mascot Moon Dog pasted on it.

The 2008 Chevrolet Express 1500 is actually owned by a Cleveland auto dealer, an employee at CJs Auto Care said. The vehicle was parked in front of CJs, 2215 Cleveland Road. CJs wrapped the vehicle -- a process by which printed images are applied without paint. Intrigued by the van, I stopped to check it out. The price tag: $14,995.

-- Mike Fitzpatrick

Merry Christmas from Cedar Point

Can't wait for Christmas? Cedar Point is getting a jump-start on the holidays with its Christmas in July promotion. The park is offering guests the chance to purchase limited-time $25 admission tickets. The price is available for the first 5,000 sold, and tickets must be used by Labor Day. Guests must buy at least four tickets to get the discount. They are available online only at

-- Annie Zelm