Bachelorette and fiance' visit Cedar Point

SANDUSKY ABC's latest ‘‘Bachelorette'' and her beloved put their relat
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



ABC’s latest ‘‘Bachelorette’’ and her beloved put their relationship to the test in Ohio over the weekend and went through some highs and lows.

DeAnna Pappas was taken on Cedar Point roller coasters by Jesse Csincsak, the professional snowboarder from Amherst she picked on the season finale of ‘‘TheBachelorette’’ earlier this month.

Csincsak said he wanted to share some of his favorite Ohio spots with his fiancée and get somerelaxation in after the couple’s hectic television experience.

The couple went through some real bumps at the amusement park. Csincsak said his bride-to-be was ‘‘scared out of her mind’’ on the Maverick, screaming the entire time.

Pappas later reached her limit and refused to get on one coaster, telling her fiance she was ‘‘mad’’ and he could ride alone and she’d pray for him.

The couple plans to tie the knot May 9, 2009.