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Man shoots self in foot, drives to hospital Even the pain of being shot in the foot didn't keep one Bellevue ma
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Man shoots self in foot, drives to hospital

Even the pain of being shot in the foot didn’t keep one Bellevue man from thinking with his wallet.

After Jeffrey Hartley, 23, of the 7200 block of County Road 175, accidentally shot himself in the foot with a German-made handgun a few months ago in Sandusky, he proceeded to drive to Bellevue seeking treatment because he thought it would be cheaper.

Hartley said he was alone at his stepfather’s home, located at the 1300 block of Mills Road, cleaning his gun when it went off. One .22 caliber round went through his foot, lodging in the sole of his shoe, a police report states.

Hartley drove himself to the Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

Police were puzzled why Hartley did not drive to Firelands Regional Medical Center because it is much closer.

From where Hartley was shot, the Bellevue Hospital is a little more than 17 miles away. Firelands was less than a 2-mile drive.

Hartley told police his mother works at the Bellevue Hospital and he thought he could get a discount. He also said he didn’t like Firelands.

Cory Frolik

Engineer sets the record straight on bridge

Dean Road bridge isn’t a badly designed bridge — it’s just from a different era, says Erie County engineer Jack Farschman.

Farschman wrote in to take issue with an article that described him as saying Dean Road bridge was poorly designed. It’s not a modern design, Farschman clarifies, but what do you expect with a bridge that old?

“Any bridge that has lasted 110 years is not likely to have been poorly designed, but bear in mind, if cars and trucks did exist then (we know horses and buggies did) they would not likely have put the stresses on this structure as vehicles do today,” Farschman wrote. “I did say it would still not be able to accommodate emergency vehicles or school buses after any renovation.”

Erie County’s commissioners have voted 2-1 to support Lorain County’s efforts to obtain a grant to cover most of the cost of renovating the bridge.

Tom Jackson

Oops! Wrong button

Pressing the wrong fax button ended up in a mishap after authorities reported a woman missing Tuesday night.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department in Arizona issued a missing person alert for Eileen Joyce White, whom they believed was heading for Sandusky or Spokane, Wash. About an hour after the alert was issued and media outlets were notified by fax, the woman was found.

She never left the state and was OK, officials said. The alert was supposed to be faxed to all Erie County Sheriff’s office substations. Instead, a dispatcher accidentally sent the fax to local media.

Holly Abrams

When tourists become targets

While watching the All Wheels Extreme show at the Cedar Point sports stadium, I gained new respect for the athletes who flip, twist and seem to defy gravity on their cycles and skateboards. Though they endure heat, scraped shins and the occasional sprain doing their high-impact stunts, one of the bikers said the only downside to performing in the show is the seagulls. They seem to linger above the stadium, just waiting to splatter the stage and any unsuspecting performers below.

“There’s always someone who gets nailed almost every time,” one of the bikers said as we sat in the stadium during an interview after the show.

As if on cue, he yelled for me to look out. I ducked, but not soon enough to avoid the inevitable. Needless to say, I went home with sticky hair and a fishy-smelling shirt.

Annie Zelm