Who is the Marina District?

For nearly two years the identities of the managing partners of Sandusky's proposed Marina District project have been kept hid
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


For nearly two years the identities of the managing partners of Sandusky’s proposed Marina District project have been kept hidden.

At the Sandusky city commission meeting on April 28, it was stated  “Marina District Development LLC”  will be the managing partnership. But there was no mention of the identities of the Marina District principals at that meeting, or at any time since then. We know who the architects will be, but we remain in the dark with respect to the managing partners.

It is worth noting that, if people wish to coach little league baseball in Sandusky they are subject to background checks, but big-time developers apparently can expect to face no public scrutiny of any sort.

Last November, the people of Sandusky voted (narrowly) to proceed with the Marina District. But they never voted to allow the developers to remain nameless and faceless. In the case of the Paper District, the Davis group was up front about its involvement in the project, and the community was at least able to make some evaluations.

If the Marina District project is going to be such a boon to the community, as we are constantly being told, one would think that its principals would be eager to have their names associated with it. That they have not done so should set off alarm bells everywhere.

It is incomprehensible that the city of Sandusky is preparing to sign a major development agreement with an LLC, and to transfer to it the rights to valuable and historic waterfront property, without a full public disclosure and a thorough investigation of the people behind it.

It’s also disappointing that the state of Ohio, the owner of the property, is playing along with this charade. Shame on them too.

These views are mine alone.

Arnold Oliver