Nuesse hearings to be public

SANDUSKY Fired police chief Kim Nuesse will get her day in court. Sort of.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Fired police chief Kim Nuesse will get her day in court.

Sort of.

The civil service commission hearing in which Nuesse will try to get her job back will be conducted in a trial-like style.

Hearing officer Joseph E.Cirigiliano met with two of thethree members of the city’s civil service commission Monday morning.

He also met with Nuesse’s lawyer, K. Ronald Bailey, and the city’s attorney in the case, Margaret Cannon, to go over ground rules for the hearing.

Ten hearing dates have been scheduled between Aug. 15 and Sept. 25, said Warrenette Parthemore, director of the department of administrative services. The hearings will be open to the public and will be in the city commission chambers.

At completion of the hearings the civil service commission will decide whether to uphold Nuesse’s termination or reinstate her as chief.

Janice Warner, chairwoman of the civil service commission, was impressed by Cirigliano following her brief meeting with the former judge.

“Very fair and seems like he wants to get the job done for us. Like I said earlier, he’s very adamant about bringing us the facts and us making the recommendation,” Warner said.

Nuesse, Sandusky’s first female police chief, was fired June 17 by city manager Matt Kline. Kline asserted Nuesse was dishonest, making her unfit to run the department. Nuesse has denied the charges. Nuesse filed an appeal with the civil service commission to try to get her job back.

When asked how Nuesse was holding up, Bailey said: “Well as can be expected. (If) somebody takes your job and destroys your reputation, how do you think you’d feel?”

Chuck Krumholz, Vince Rhodes and Warner make up the three-person civil service commission. Krumholz did not attend Monday’s meeting with Cirigliano.

Cirigliano was a judge in the Lorain County Common Pleas Court from 1981-89 and was an appellate judge for Ninth District Court of Appeals from 1989-91.

The city is paying Cirigliano $300 an hour for his services.