Time flies when the President's in town

It has been almost a week since President Obama visited the Sandusky area. Here's a time-lapse video from his visit to Washington Park.
Jason Werling
Jul 11, 2012


It has been almost a week since President Obama visited the Sandusky area. Here's a time-lapse video from his visit to Washington Park.



Clearly we need one more feature on the Obama visit to Sandusky.  43 is just not enough. 

The Big Dog's back

 The right wingers heads are ready to explode.


Oh my gosh really! I am in no way anti President Obama but really enough already. You've just about sucked the life out of this story. Move on pete's sake even leftovers get old and this story is realy, really, really, old!

Taxed Enough Already

 lol this newspaper is orgasmic over his visit...WOW!



Yes he didint leave quick enough


Leave the Register alone!  This was a historic event for the city.  A visit from any president is newsworthy.  I never believed Barack Hussein 0bama would ever stop by in a town where people are FLEEING to get OUT because of so much liberal waste, spending, misery, crime, UNIONS, poverty and "broken window" theory of homes and buildings.  Because the city is one of the examples of total liberal failure, (Sister city Detroit is first, Cleveland is second) the "anointed one" wanted to bask in all the glory.  Ha! Ha!  The pics and video need to be archived somewhere.  Don't forget, the Register is a business of capitalistic enterprise.  Even with all those AP-0bama awards they receive, they are subject to subscribership and advertisers.  THAT is why the Register "sucked the life" out of this famous event.  If the Register goes "belly up" the newspaper may receive a presidential bailout.  Ha! Ha!  I WONDER if all you crybaby liberal saps received one of those "entitled" tickets to see the unifier.  A few of you whiners blindly support the "messiah" and EVERYTHING he has done to this great nation.  Did YOU get a ticket?  Come on loser, please enlighten us.  The TRUTH will set YOU free!  How about over 50 MILLION people now on EBT?  We LOST 31 special forces troops last Friday and 4 more on Sunday.  Any news on that?  NO concerns from fellow veterans?  I guess our troops are no longer important.  0bama BRAGS about the special forces and now not a peep for the fallen.  The liberal media REFUSES to report anything that makes 0bama look bad right AP-0bama and Register??  It appears we will have to raise the DEBT limit AGAIN before the end of the year.  Any news on that?  How about another CA city run by UNIONS filing for bankruptcy?  How about the city of Scranton, PA?  How are those unemployment numbers?  How is the policy for JOB creation by 0bama?  How about Nevada Geothermal?  They received $79 MILLION in guaranteed 0bama money and are going belly up, EXACTLY like that 0bama $535 MILLION for Solyndra.  POOF!  All gone.  I see Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) REFUSES to allow discussion on ANY budget in the Senate, but he sure can get that free money for one of his contributors.  Any reporting on that?  Can ANY of you liberal sheep explain WHY you get "selected" news?  "Where be my EBT card?  Where be my 'privileged' ticket to see 0bama?"  Time is flying alright.  I cannot wait for November!  FOUR MORE YEARS!  Ha! Ha! 


The decline only happened in the last 3 years.  You're kidding , right?