Bathe yourself in the color green

With this issue being about food, green for the environment, green should be so easy. The fact there are so many diffe
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


With this issue being about food, green for the environment, green should be so easy. The fact there are so many different ways to go with green it was a challenge to write about. There is green for money; statements like "I'm in the green" or we could have green with envy, jealousy, maybe even a green thumb. People with a green thumb are natural healers. The term greenhorn means youth and inexperience. Green for the heart chakra, one of the seven energy centers in our body, and of course green for healing. When people are queasy or sick we say, "She turned green."

As spring brings all the wonderful greens in with her our spirits rise. Turn your thoughts to the green grass after a spring rain. Today let's explore the vibration of green and how that vibration affects our bodies, spirits and our emotions.

Every color vibrates to a different frequency and each color vibrates to a different note of music. Green is said to vibrate to the musical note of F. That means when you touch the color green the vibrations of the musical note F, the green vibration flows through you. We are taught that color and sound work together to balance us and keep us both emotionally and physically healthy.

When we are ill, we are out ofbalance.

There are many books and a great deal of studies being done on color and sound.

None of us are exempt to color in our lives; we all need it and we need a balance of color. To be able to use color to enhance your life you must become more color sensitive and knowledgeable.

As you study color, keep in mind you are an individual and yourenergies are unique. So play with color, be in the now and see how each color makes you feel.

Even though green is a secondary color it is the most predominant on our planet. It balances our energies and promotes sensitivity and compassion.

When we think of the color green, nature may come to mind, from soft greens to full, lush green to duller, sage greens.

Each color vibrates with its own energy, which we can use to enhance our own lives. As each musical note vibrates to a color, each number has an associated color. In Louise Hay's book "Colors and Numbers" she explains how to use their combinations in our everyday lives.

To bring the color vibrations into us we might choose to dress in that color or have a sheet or blanket in that color to cover with. You may even think or visualize in that color. You can think the color and imagine breathing it into your body.

Green has a calming effect. It is soothing to the nervous system. Green can be used to awaken greater friendliness, hope, faith and peace.

Green is wonderful as the foundation color for decorating. Think of a beautiful flower bed with green as the foundation color and all the other colors blended in, especially the bedroom, for green aids in peaceful sleep. Even as we eat the green vegetables the vibration of green enters our body, so we get the benefit of green healing vibrations, as well as nutrition.

What does it mean when you dream in color? Dreaming in green denotes spring, good healthy growth, healing, hope, victory, rest, balance, peace and serenity.

Please keep in mind color therapy is used a great deal in preventative health care, and of course as acomplement to whatever your doctor has you do. It is not to be used in place of medical care.

Color therapy is a natural means of preventative and remedialmedicine. You may even want to take a color bath. There are companies who can supply you with color and oil for your color bath.

It is time for you to begin your journey into color.

Gather books, find videos and tapes on the use of color in your life and step outside; walk in the park gather the green to you; allow the color of green to do its work.