Protesters demonstrate against Obama during visit

A number of protesters gathered in downtown Sandusky on Thursday to demonstrate their opposition to President Barack Obama.
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 6, 2012

A number of protesters gathered in downtown Sandusky on Thursday to demonstrate their opposition to President Barack Obama.

Bill Roberts, running for congress in Michigan, and fellow protestor Alan Egre, said they’d encountered reactions of all kinds since they’d been camped out at about 9:30 a.m. Their goal is to impeach Obama, upsetting him so another Democrat can run for president in the fall election.

“Are you ready to dump Obama?” Roberts asked one driver.

“I’ve been ready,” she said with a thumbs up, before pulling out of the driveway.

For more on the protests of the Obama visit, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



Protesting a president is fine if its the opposition, Protesting a God is just wrong. Just ask the Dem's.


 Sam: What was it that you witnessed that made you write ,"involved a pro-Obama pair of "baby mamas"? 


eriemom: Exactly what I wrote. EXACTLY.


I have to give it to you Sandusky...That was by far the worst singing of the national anthem I have ever heard..No real spirit, no Enthusiasm , sounded like you were at a funeral. Well 1 thing for sure...None of you will ever have to worry about getting a job as a singer and you can take that to the bank or credit union..Oh and that ain't Obama's fault.  Did you really listen to yourselves...That should be banned..That was terrible. Cone on Haters...Stand up and be heard...Sing Louder..Are you ashamed about your beliefs..Sing loud and proud. Not like a little baby...


The other sad part of all this is you've gone out and made your kids..whoo have no idea about Government and Economics because they havent even learned about this yet in school cause they are too young, holding anti-Obama signs...Corrupting children to believe and do as you just because they are kids is wrong..Just like teaching a child to hate..Shame on you. This fight is for the children but they can't even make a decesion about what to eat or what video game to buy and you have them on the front lines with protest signs...How sad.. And you wonder why we are in the shape we're in all across the world. Low Blow, way below the belt...Foul !..You should all put yourselves in as you say "Time OUT".

Erie County Resident

@ digfotgph,

You say using children to stand WITH their parents in protest is wrong because they are to young and haven't been schooled yet.

So I'm assuming your saying the schooling includes teachers forceing children to learn to sing the obamanation anthem WITHOUT their parents consent is just dandy?

Also high school teachers berating students and cursing them out before throwing them out of classroom because they have a different opinion than the teacher does. I assume that this ok with you also because the student was "improperly" schooled in the liberal/socialist way?

Now as in your very own words ... What a low blow, way below the belt....Foul !!!


This goes out to the Erie County Resident....What is wrong with you? obamanation anthem?? I believe the National Anthem was created a long time before the President was conceived..Also I believe you are an immigrant from somewhere else just as most Americans except the only real Americans...The Native American Indian...Come on..Is that all you can come up with as a response..Thats very weak. What goes on in a classroom, church, etc has no bearing on this issue what so ever. I simply said that having a small child..age range like 3-6, hasnt a clue about politics and health care issues.. Come on..Dont be so narrowminded that you cant see that. They are still learning who the founding fathers are..and it aint Barney or the Power Rangers. We teach our children. We all as parents have a responsibility to teach our kids about right and wrong. We also teach them about things like morles, values, etc..Well lets say we are supposed to be doing this as parents. Unfortunitly some parents out there teach things like Hate, etc. Kids aren't born into this world with the belief of hate and raceism. This is something they learn at home, through friends they socialize with, etc. To give a child a sign for example and have them stand by at a corner that reads" All white or all Black, Jews, Catholics, Baptist or what ever are bad bad people, and should be sent back to Africa, Germany, Italy,or wherever they came from..That is wrong. They dont understand what it even means. All I'm saying is quit using children to do your speaking for you. They do it because they are told to do it. None of those children holding anti Obama signs or any that will hold an Anti Romney sign, thought up the idea of making the sign up . I dare anyone to say their 3 or 4 year old came up to them and said."Mom, the president is coming to town, Lets all make sign against his policies and protest against him on the street when he gets here...If your son or daughter did this please let me and the world know who this remarkable kid is because if they have that kinda knowledge..They need to be the one in the highest office in the land. Hell I'll even spring for their College tuition for a full ride..Come on people..Think about it.



Super Judge

 i heard some people tossing around the n word, even super judge thought that was in bad taste.


Protesting is what this country was founded on.  Protesting is what made this country.  We protested because England was imposing unfair taxes.  We protest TODAY because of an unfair tax imposed upon us and it is called Healthcare.  Keep protesting.  Keep free speech alive because God only knows Obama has completely denegrated the rest of  our Constitution.  God Bless America and God Bless protestors because it is in them we still see the American Spirit alive and well.

The Big Dog's back

 dunny, protest all you want, free country. Of course we weren't allowed to get within a mile of bush when he stopped at Owens Community College. 



Re: i heard some people tossing around the n word,

Some of your fellow gop are a little more sly, they use the M word.



I personally don't worry about the opposition. They will say and do anything to get Romney elected, and he has certainly shown that he will say anything to get elected. I saw an interesting chart of the topics on which Mitt has done a 180 degree flip-flop during the past 12 months. The list covered every single important topic imaginable. Of course, in his case, that's probably a smart strategy: if you never tell people exactly what you believe and give contradictory messages on what you plan to do, you can't later be accused of "not following through with promises". At least Obama has the guts to stand up for something. 

Republicans are upset when Democrats bring up the fact that we are still reeling from the mistakes of the Bush administration. Well...of course we're going to bring it up, because it's still PERTINENT. Anyone who thought that he would get us immediately out of the worst recession in the past 40 years isn't being realistic or fair. They should also remember that Republicans have fought Obama tooth and nail on everything, from jobs bills to fixing our country's revenue deficit.

None of us, Obama included, realized just how much the GOP would stand in the way of recovery. I think he naively thought that Republicans would work with him to solve the economy crisis. But isn't it hypocritical for conservatives to complain about the slow recovery when THEY are one of the main ingredients for keeping the recovery slow? In spite of their intransigence, the job situation began improving halfway through the first year Obama was in office and has shown steady/monthly improvement for the past 2+ years. Unfortunately, we're still seeing GOP senators dragging their heels; many have gone on record saying they will not comply with the recent Supreme Court decision on healthcare. Obama and Dems have repeatedly shown that they are willing to meet the GOP halfway; our country would be a better place if GOP leaders did the same every once in awhile...

No conservative has shown me any evidence as to how returning to the GOP's disastrous fiscal policies (which is what Romney promises) would do anything besides return us to the 2007-2008 recession those very policies caused. Santayana said "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it".  Romney is hoping that we've forgotten just how bad things were in 2007-2008. He's also hoping that we won't remember that it was HIS party that screwed things up so miserably. Don't know about you, but I'll take 2012 over 2007-2008 any day. And we can thank Mr. Obama for that - the Republicans certainly didn't help one iota with the recovery, so they get no credit in my book.


The Big Dog's back

 So true Coasterfan, so true.


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 My favorite protestor was the one-legged guy with the cardboard sign.  I wonder if he has health insurance?


Shame on you. This fight is for the children but they can't even make a decesion about what to eat or what video game to buy and you have them on the front lines with protest signs...How sad.. And you wonder why we are in the shape we're in all across the world.

Unlike the children who were standing in front of Obama, ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing in reverence, who were all there of their own free will....?


Congress passes legislation. The president signs it. Who passed legislation 2006-2010? Who gets all the blame? Political spin works on the stupid. The fact is the washington elite are there because of the stupid.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" So vote for the same guy we already have for more of the same. Instead of "Change" we got "Blame"


 Randy, I remember the past, his name was George Bush.  Romney=George Bush Light.  "Same Crowd, More Cash but Just as Filling.  I've had enough of that Kool Aid.

The Big Dog's back

 What's hilarious is when these right wingers call Obama an elitist. Can you really get anymore elitist than mittens rmoney? LOL

the office cat

Hey Randy_Marxh.

WHO passed legislation 2010-2012?.

OH! That's right! NOBODY!    The GOoP and Tealiban made sure of that.

ALL THOSE TPRTY/BONER CONSERVATIVES WHO PROMISED TO FOCUS ON  JOBSJOBSJOBS but announced their ONLY GOAL was to make this a one-term president.

Even if he ends up a One-Termer he has accomplished so much more that GW who had both houses six years and the GOoP who had both houses 12 years - and we ended up in the deepest recession since that other great Republican Herbert Hoover sent us down the drain.

Peninsula Pundit

The most entertaining thing about this board, and I've been on them for long enough to remember, was how protestors during the war and the Chimp's reign and the Occupy Movement were Un-American Pinko Commie F**gs according to the exact same posters who post today that protest is Truly American and A Noble Expression of American Freedoms.

So now that the cat's out the bag and we NOW all admit protest is good. Why don't you previous protest-haters come clean and admit your sin?

Confession is good for the soul.

And I respect your right to get out in the street and protest, instead of intimating that you have no job.

I'll even supply a warmed towel so you can more easily wipe the egg from your faces, you hypocrites.


Golly Ma, we jest caint have no darkie in the White House. Shucks no Pa, that would be down right UnAmerican!!!


Shame on you, Sandusky Register! Click on the video link and the heading reads that protests were "mostly" peaceful. Either Sandusky Register is guilty of poor reporting or bias.

Yes, Matt & Co., please provide details and coverage of the violent, disorderly protests that took place while Obama was in town.

I bet more than half the people there had no idea what they were protesting. 

If that was the case, then it is no different than half of the people who voted/will vote for Obama and have no idea why. There are many people who support him, yet cannot list five political points as to the reasons why. My point is that if there are people who will vote against Obaman but don’t really know why, then it is likely that there are just as many people who will vote for him and feel the same way. It cuts in both directions.



Obama = Romney 2.0 Obama's signature piece of legislation is modeled after Romneycare.

Romney= Progressive

Same guy different party.

People are to stupid to know the difference. He is Progressive. Why dont you like him?

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemed to repeat it"





"FOOLS"  "These people and their signs look real silly"  "Idiots"  Well, well!  Here we have the usual hypocrites and the Sandusky Register doing all their "award winning" AP-0bama (Like a Nobel Peace Prize) biased, liberal reporting once AGAIN.  Isn't it wonderful to post pictures of these protestors??  "Ooo, those EVIL, violent, and racist Conservative,TEA Party, Republican protestors."  I am positive you liberal, crybaby, democrack losers MUST have forgotten all about how YOU protest.  How about it Sandusky Register, how many YEARS have YOU blatantly ignored all the file pictures of violence, HATE and RACIST rant by your own liberal democrack party?  How many YEARS have you FAILED to ever print any pictures of how liberal freaks wanted to KILL Bush?  Oops, forgot all about that?  Out of sight, out of mind for the people?  The liberal excrement of hypocrisy continues to diffuse the yielding odor.  Ha! Ha!  Let's REVIEW crybabies.  Let's take a good look at the liberal, democrack agenda.  I WONDER if anyone did this to 0bama, WHAT would happen?  I keep forgetting, it is ALWAYS OK for you liberal whiners and protesters, but how DARE any Conservatives and Republicans do ANYTHING.  Isn't that how it goes LOSERS??  Ha! Ha!  Let's REVIEW!!  I am positive I can recognize many of you wonderful liberal whiners in these file photos the Register REFUSES to print.  Come on liberals, take a look at yourselves.  You should ALL be so proud of yourselves being members of the freeloaders club of entitlements and liberal, democrack party.  Review for yourselves and EAT IT!  


@BigDog says, "Can you really get anymore elitist than mittens rmoney? LOL"

How about, Sen John Kerry, $193.07 mil, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, 81.63 mil, Sen Mark Warner, 76.30 mil, Rep. Jared Polis 65.91 mil, Sen. Frank Lautenberg 55.07 mil, Sen. Richard Blumenthal 52.93 mil, Sen. Dianne Feinstein 45.39 mil.

Of the top 10 richest members of Congress, 7 are Democrats.  Yup looks like they know the plight of the little man.  Nooooo!!! Their not elitist at all.  LMAO.  Just for giggles I will include Pres Obama's net worth $11.8 million.  Yup, he is just a regular middle class guy.

the office cat

Oh SOREKNUCKLES, There you go again.

Mitt Romney, by his own words, $250 million he REPORTS but pays only 15% because most of his income - again his words - "is not earned" but comes from his (Bain Capital} investments

Did you not see Vanity Fair and others reportiing on all those offshore accounts - whose amounts are unknown - except $49 million he placed in a blind trust in Ann's name just before he became governor.

That makes, what, $299 million we know about?

And what a delightful family vacation on their $10 million estate in New Hampshire.  Is that included in the $250 million worth?

Kerry was villified for windsurfing.  But the Obamas on a jet ski is fine, right.

We now know 'Hypocrisy, thy name is Knuckledragger"

The Big Dog's back

 knucklehead, mittens is worth 255 million, while the Obama's, Michelle and Barack, are worth 6 million according to Forbes. Now, once again, who's the elitist?


oidonthaveaclue is happy as hel that he stopped yesterday ahead of today's job report!