Protesters demonstrate against Obama during visit

A number of protesters gathered in downtown Sandusky on Thursday to demonstrate their opposition to President Barack Obama.
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 6, 2012

A number of protesters gathered in downtown Sandusky on Thursday to demonstrate their opposition to President Barack Obama.

Bill Roberts, running for congress in Michigan, and fellow protestor Alan Egre, said they’d encountered reactions of all kinds since they’d been camped out at about 9:30 a.m. Their goal is to impeach Obama, upsetting him so another Democrat can run for president in the fall election.

“Are you ready to dump Obama?” Roberts asked one driver.

“I’ve been ready,” she said with a thumbs up, before pulling out of the driveway.

For more on the protests of the Obama visit, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.


trouble shooter



These people and their signs look real silly!  I bet more than half the people there had no idea what they were protesting.  These people make Americans look uneducated!


Best Obummer pics so far!


Hey rick,

Are you that rapper guy?


What a shame that some people have to act like spoiled children. Whether we like the president or not, he deserves to be treated with respect just like any other person. Sad that our city was represented in this manner.


Idiots!  Save your protest for election day and then get out and vote.  Campaign for who and what you believe in but protesting the President is stupid because what are you hoping to achieve?  That he will change his agenda?  Doubtful.  He is President until election day at the very least.  I hope he will be for another 4 years.  If Romney becomes President he will do to the whole country what he did to Massachusetts:  he will put us in a hole much deeper than what you think Obama has created, one that will take many years for us to recover from.  I will fight to prevent him from doing that because I lived in Massachusetts during his stint and I know how bad it was and still is.  That state is still trying to recover.  Also, Massachusetts has manadated health care.  Check it out!

Biden/Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!!!  Four more years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 i bet these same people voted for bush who ran us down into the grond. i feel bad for those kids there holding a sign that their parents made them hold.. kids don't know much about whats going on, so why make them go with you to try and impeach a president who is busting his a** trying to fix this country..

Swamp Fox

juggalo7, typical Obama supporter lacking even basic grammar and spelling skills, another product of the NEA.


yep. I'm a mutli-millionare rapper that likes to make jokes on the register site! Hollywoods boring, Sandusky has all the excitement!


"Impeach Obama!"  Why???  "Because he hasn't fixed in four years the horrible mess that took Bush 8 years to create." 


Biden/ Obama 2012

Super Judge

 super judge was there. i was inspecting some of my fellow protesters and those who didnt fit the bill as a true conservative were encouraged to move along. the second admenment enforces the first admendmat. never settle fr anything but the republican way.

Home Boy

deertracker....I'd put my money on the people you refer to holding their signs being a hell of lot smarter than the ones holding signs in support of the annointed one as far as knowing what they are protesting.

Feb 23, 2009, per the annointed one................"and that's why today I'm pledging to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term". Well, in all fairness I guess he does still have six months to do that. Ya, right.



Shame on you, Sandusky Register! 

Click on the video link and the heading reads that protests were "mostly" peaceful.

Either Sandusky Register is guilty of poor reporting or bias. 

Please, Sandusky Register, what prevented the protests from being completely peaceful?  You certainly didn't get it on film, the video clip just about put me to sleep.  

Check yourself, Sandusky Register!  It just kills you to see the opposition act respectfully and within the law. 


I thought that was you!


It's all over homeboy, your rock awaits you!

Erie Countian

These people have a right to their opinion. I do not agree with them. There, see how easy that was without resorting to insults and immature name-calling?! The comments regarding the President's visit... and pretty much every other article on this website since comments have been allowed for the past few years...are very disappointing and sad. It's a shame our country has sunk to such a level of polarization and disrespect.  Can't we all just agree to disagree without all this hysteria?


LOL @ deertracker.  You're just mad because from what I could see when I went down there yesterday, there were more protesters than supporters.  Not looking good for the Pres.


@newcreation, Yup about as childish as all the Dems protesting at every Romney rally.  Seems it is ok to protest against a Republican but to protest against the Dems Messiah should be outlawed.  Grow up people!!! Non-violent protest should be encouraged.


home boy - i like that!  it is apparent that happycamper does not know how to count.  if so they would know that obumbles has added $trillions$ to our deficit and actually, worse per year than bush ever did.  happycamper, how long do you think it will take us to get out from under obumbles deficit numbers alone??  oh wait, you don't know numbers.

i cringe for the day when china asks us to pay up but hey, maybe the messiah obumbles has a plan for that!

Super Judge

 the protest was mostly peacefull, unless you tried to speak your mind in our patriotic zone of truth. move along go drink the coolaid. liberals in hideing like brooks will never truely love america like us true republicans.


Oh Knuckle,  you mean embarrassed for our city, not mad!  I knew you would go to see him though!  I have no issue with protesting but little kids, c'mon!  Regardless of what any of the haters say, it was a good day for this city!


The First Amendment exists because the Founding Fathers knew the importance of protecting political speech. Those who didn't care for George W. Bush spoke their piece (oftentimes loudly), and while the entire country didn't agree, nobody suggested they shut up even when they spoke their piece at a Presidential appearance. How is this any different? Those who don't like the current President or his agenda have every bit as much a right to speak out as those who didn't care for the Bush administration's doings.

Sometimes I get the very, VERY bad feeling that there are more than a few people out there who would silence any opinion with which they disagree. I'd point out to each and every one of them that dissent isn't un-American or unpatriotic. In fact, it's just the opposite. It's INVOLVED, which is what EVERYone should be! I'd also remind them that, sooner or later (hopefully, sooner), the shoe will be on the other foot. Would they care to be muzzled when that happens, do you suppose?

I also take issue with the "mostly" peaceful. I only witnessed one incident, and that involved a pro-Obama pair of "baby mamas" who stood behind one group of protesters and screamed "Haters! Haters!" at them. The protestors? Well, they remained focused and didn't bother responding. While the screamers might have wanted to escalate the incident into something more "exciting," it didn't happen. So I'd have to say that I saw nothing on EITHER side of the political aisle that would count as "mostly" or even "barely" less than "peaceful." Shame on you, Register, for implying that there were any incidents otherwise! If there were, let's hear about them. If they weren't, it would only be ethical jouranlism to remove the word "mostly" from any descriptions of what did (and didn't) happen yesterday!

the office cat


"The First Amendment exists because the Founding Fathers knew the importance of protecting political speech"  you said it.

Guess you didn't read yesterday where a guy disagreeing with the Firelands Patriots was told to 'take your conversation down there, you're driving people away."  Or hear the guy who claimed to be in charge, when the speaker asked if all First Amendment rights  were denied by the FP "or just mine?"  The Honcho said, "Yours.  Now get ****outa here!"

Ya know, having been teargassed duriing protests in the 70s, I think ANY protest is healthy.

But c'mon now .... 'baby mamas'?  You demean your entire post with that comment.


Funny how some people on this site think that it's a bad thing to protest Obama's policies. This has been happening to every president that I can remember. Why is it ok to protest some and not all? Is it because you believe in this man? Many do not. They have a right to their opinion. Personally, I am so tired of all of you who keep blaming Bush for everything. I am surpised that you haven't blamed him for the hot weather, the fires in Colorado, and the storms in Florida. Grow up. Let people have their opinion without all the bashing.


grandmasgirl said: "Funny how some people on this site think that it's a bad thing to protest Obama's policies."

No grandmasgirl. Who cares if you protest anything? It's how you protest that creats criticism. Saying that I disagree with YOU is OK, but if I call you names and demean you in a disrespectful way, then you have a complaint.


"For the people and by the people"

When the citizens lose the right to protest and confront the government with thier own opinions they lose the right to self govern. Be careful of what you wish for, You are working against yourselves *The citizens* in favor of washington elite.

 "It's how you protest that creats criticism" I agree with you.

Oakland Occupy Movement dec 12 2011.

The Big Dog's back

 So bill roberts is running for Congress in Michigan and he doesn't even know what an impeachable offense is. Wonderful.

Julie R.

I'm embarrassed for the city of Sandusky.


I agree it was a great day for Sandusky. Seeing the "entourage" he brought with him was awesome. He is as "pimp" as it gets. He is the most powerful man in this country and its a once in a lifetime experience. That being said, I still dont agree with him or his beliefs. He is a bad president and a worse American. People have every right to protest in the streets. Especially when their intended target is in the vicinity. It makes more sense than the Tsubaki people protesting for months and months when nobody even cared.


And for the record, Obama always has protestors at his appearances. You just never see that on the news because the government controls what we do and dont get to see. We had the priviledge of seeing these protestors because of the Register. These photos will never make it to mainstream media. Obama only shows you his supporters.


Because protesting the president and standing up for what you believe in never leads to positive change. Those who engage in it are stupid and have no respect. Nothing important ever comes from it anyway, so don't bother.