Pace ranks Obama visit with winning Super Bowl

Before meeting President Barack Obama, Orlando Pace produced an illustrious 13-year NFL career by smashing linebackers and protecting quarterbacks.
Andy Ouriel
Jul 6, 2012


Before meeting President Barack Obama, Orlando Pace produced an illustrious 13-year NFL career by smashing linebackers and protecting quarterbacks.

But for this Sandusky native, chatting with the president ranks right up there with winning a Super Bowl and being selected as the No. 1 overall draft pick in 1997.

Community leaders selected Pace to introduce Obama during the president’s historic campaign stop Thursday afternoon in Sandusky’s Washington Park.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment,” Pace said in an exclusive interview with the Register. “I thought it was an awesome idea.”

Read more about Pace's interlude with the president in Friday's Register.


Julie R

A SUPER AWESOME IDEA to have Orlando Pace introduce the President of the United States, Barack Obama!!!  GREAT JOB, Orlando!! :-)


Great idea to have Pace there!  Great day for Sandusky too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trouble shooter

My girlfriend and I viewed everyone of "Jason's" Photos! Good Job Jason! I wish I could have been THERE!


What a joke


Way to go Orlando!!!!!  He is a son that Sandusky should be very pround of:  A super Buckeye (The Pancaker!!!) and a Super Bowl Champion!  He also does a lot of good for his hometown.  It is only fitting that he was able to do this. 


Biden/Obama 2012!!!! 4 more years!!!!!



is home town sandusky?


I agree with most of you. What a great idea to have Orlando there. I have heard of all the great things he has done for Sandusky. A true man who doesn't forget where he came from.


Jason you did a great job you and the staff of the register doing the photos..Shoot some down to me sometime..As for Orlando..Great job and he was the right one to do the intro..As for Kelly...What was the joke?  Are you still whinning about not getting a ticket.. Tell you what...Vote for him in November and the next time he comes to Ohio I'll buy you a damn ticket so you and your underpriviliged just getting a chance to vote child cam see the real president.


Why the personal attack? You have a problem with people disagreeing with you?


The New World Czar

Did BO go visit Big O's restaurant?

2cents's picture
I don’t have anything negative to say about this man. However as a country we are very wrapped up in our sporting events, so much that they are a huge part of our economy, politics and the like. It has been in the past and is even more in the present. There is a goal many young people set out for, to be that super athlete, and make the big money. Unfortunately for the majority, that will never happen.   Do not get me wrong, a good goal is important but we as a country are falling behind in technology and innovation that made America the power house of the world. A great deal of what we have today came from NASA and joint efforts with contractors that could never have been possible without government funding and structure. I truly hate to see our government give away much needed funding for programs people do nothing for. We need engineers, chemists, programmers, and new forward thinking to stay on top. Give them an education to think, then send them out in the world to change things. At least they will be employed doing productive things!

It's pretty clear that the entire visit was a joke. Invitation only? Please.  A  SUPER AWESOME IDEA would have been to announce that 300 tickets were being made available to the public on a 1st come 1st served basis at a set time and place. A SUPER AWESOME IDEA would be to NOT claim that Obama is coming for a "community ice cream social" and then deny access to the community.


Cross -   YEAH, like a "first come, first serve" wouldnt end up in a full out RIOT...   But hey, ... your smarter than everyone.  


What a ridiculous statement.



Two Big O's.  Orlando and Obama.  A winning combination.


 Big O's was a very nice restuarant/bar.  Use to take Grandpa and the kids there for wings.  Please dont send negitives on this great occasion.  Be proud that the President stopped in our town.


 Yep, Big O's  had GREAT wings !! Loved the wing dings.