JUST IN: Third Street shooter sentenced

A judge sentenced Maurice Hopkins to 34 years in prison for shooting into a home on Third Street.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 1, 2010


 A judge sentenced Maurice Hopkins to 34 years in prison for shooting into a home on Third Street.

Hopkins, 30, was also the man who cut off his ankle monitoring bracelet and fled the area while he awaited hearings on the shooting charge.

Read more about the sentencing in Wednesday's Register.



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Julie R.

The only reason he got 34 years is because he made the Court look like a fool for ever letting him out to begin with.  This guy, who was a real threat to society, was let out wearing an ankle bracelet yet that clown Judge Shirley Saffold in Cuyahoga County (who we all know was working in collusion with Erie and Ottawa County) set that disbarred attorney Baumgartner's bail at $350,000.00 cash only for calling some corrupt old rent-a-judge corrupt. What a joke these Courts are.


Different location, same old julie.  Once again julie, you don't know what you're talking about.  Cash only bail is unconstitutional, so what you claim about that other judge cannot possibly be true. 

The better question is what does that have to do with the sentence just received by this guy here in Erie County?  I don't know enough about the case, what were his charges, what evidence was adduced at trial, what is his prior record like, etc, to be able to make an intelligent comment about the length of his sentence. 

You should consider gathering the same kind of information before you make your off the cuff assertions-that are clearly untrue. 


Buff? What a corny name. Buff must sit naked at the computer.


Easy there sally, stick to the topic please.



OY Buff. Since when did you become a moderator telling me to stick to the topic. You should practice what you preach. I don't see sticking to the topic in the list of discussion guidelines rules. When I requested your legal expertise, you hide except when somebody mentions Elsebeth then you come out like a fly at a picnic. Is it okay for you and others not to stick to the topic? I heard that cash only bonds are legal and used by the court but you state otherwise. How about posting a law that backs up your statement?



Hey sally, I'm not sure which one of julie's friends you are, but like her, you clearly can't play at this level. 

Read Rule 46 of the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure (it's titled Bail).  Cash in the amount of Ten percent of the total amount may be posted with the court, or there is the option of using a surety-I'm sure you'll have to look that one up-unless you've been in the system yourself, which I'm guessing is likely. 

Let me be clear, requiring the total amount to be paid in cash is unconstitutional. 

Now, this topic is about the sentence received by Mr. Hopkins.  Any relevant comments on that?  Doubt it!


Now how much time is the idiot judge getting who let him out on bond?

Woody Hayes


You question the intellegence of the great Juliebeth R.? Ha Ha Ha

Julie R.

I question the intelligence of these double standards in the Erie County courts.

In 2001 a black lady, Krista Harris, was sentenced to a harsh five year prison sentence for what the prosecutors claimed was "theft from her elderly relative" using a legal Power of Attorney that was granted to her by the elderly relative. Yet in 2007 the Court ordered property with serious defects in the title to be sold at an invalid Sheriff Sale just so two people from Huron would not have to acknowledge the fact that in a devious criminal plot to change the Will & Trust of an elderly, incompetent relative, they illegally transferred her half to property (not to mention defrauded a 4th beneficiary) on a flat-out fraud Power of Attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder.  


Julie...I am sure it will not get through your head but it has been years since anyone has given a rat's butt about Baumgarter


The Sandusky Register said a video of this guys sentencing is on video, but I cant find it. Can someone help me locate it ,please?


Who cares about Rule 46 if judges do not follow the rules. I have googled "cash only bonds" and got all kinds of references where judges imposed CASH ONLY BONDS. Since you Buff proclaim to be a lawyer, you should know that judges don't always follow the rules about cash only bonds. How come I found all kinds of cases where defendents had to go to higher courts to get judges decisions overturned about cash only bonds. How come some higher court judges rule in favor of cash only bonds? Go ahead smarty pants Buff the attorney and prove me wrong that all judges follow the rules. The fact is that not all judges follow the rules, plain and simple. You seem to think that all judges are infallible and can do no wrong.


Sally, I never said anything about judges not following the rules.  I simply pointed out that cash only bail is unconstitutional.  Once again, you can't play at this level.

The purpose of the higher courts you mention is to make sure that things are done correctly in the lower courts-more accurately called the trial courts. 

Again, what does any of this have to do with Mr. Hopkins' case? 

So, sally-or should I say ollie?, next time you make a comment, please make it relate somehow to the topic at hand. 


Julie R.

Right, Buff. Just because there are RULES and LAWS doesn't mean they are being followed. Somebody in another story a few months ago left a comment saying that an attorney told him:  "There's the LAW------and then there's the LAW in Erie County." 

He sure did get that right!

Julie R.

What does any of this have to do with the Hopkins case? I believe it shows the truth about the court system. Once again, this guy, a very real threat to society, is allowed out on bond wearing an ankle bracelet that he cuts off and takes off running-----yet some whistleblower disbarred attorney that is only a threat to the jokes in the judicial system has a bond set at $350,000.00 cash only. Goes to show where their priorities are.


Buff the attorney says the purpose of the higher courts is to make sure that things are done correctly in the lower courts-more accurately called the trial courts. If this is the case, why don't the prosecutors or defense attorneys mention that cash only bonds are illegal to the judge instead of people shelling out a lot more money in higher courts? How did you ever come up with such a corny name as Buff? Are you a nudist? Bike week is coming up. Will you be there to check out all of the buttless chaps?

Julie R.

Hey Buff, according to Retiree it was the Probate Court that gave a Lorain County attorney "permission" to conceal an Erie County attorney's fraud Power of Attorney in the Lorain County Recorder so the two fraud attorneys-in-fact from Huron could illegally transfer property without the knowledge of the other two beneficiaries for the criminal intent of changing the incompetent, elderly owner's Will & Trust. So if that's true, did the Court also give that dirty Huron bank and that crook insurance agent "permission" to change all those contracts (at a substantial discount to their benefit) so a wealthy, wealthy old stepfather (who couldn't touch the contracts) wouldn't have to spend down any joint assets for Medicaid elegiblity? So he could then "give " what was left to the FRAUD attorneys-in-fact? Wow! Now let's compare that to the Krista Harris case..........................................


Sally, the courts do not utilize cash only bail.  It has been found to be unconstitutional.  In your simple mind, and because you are not smart enough to understand this you think the fact that some bonds allow the payment of cash to the court means cash only bail.  It does not.  

julie: HIJACK!  This is not about the Tale of the Fraudulent Estate.  Give it a rest. 

I think Mr. Hopkins case is the issue here.  I have yet to hear either ollie, I mean sally, or julie have a coherent though on that. 

Julie R.

Hopkins case is the issue here. I'm just trying to get a handle on this.  How did this threat to society ever get out on bond to begin with? I mean, I could be wrong, but it seems to me I read somewhere that Baumgartner, who certainly was no threat to society,  was incarcerated once in the Erie County jail for 120 days!  Does that mean the jokes here in Erie County would not allow her to post bond? 

Woody Hayes

And Juliebeth R. STILL continues to say Blaugh, blaugh, blaugh.............. Buff, wise man once said do not argue with a fool or idiot. Juliebeth fits the bill for both.

Julie R.

Hey Buff, about these Rules & Laws that you're always spouting off about. Once again, just because there are Rules & Laws doesn't mean the Courts and others are following them.

For example: There's an Ohio Law that says "any property transferred under a Power of Attorney, then prior to the transfer the Power of Attorney has to be on file for 3 months in the recorder of the county that the property is situated."  In fact, this OHIO LAW is on public display in the Erie County Recorder's office but Erie County sure doesn't follow it.  In Erie County property can be transferred just by falsely stating on a fraud QuitClaims Deed that a forged Power of Attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder is on file in the Erie County Recorder.  Fraud doesn't get much easier than that-----and according the a local title company they're finding LOTS of it in Erie County.  Considering how title searches also consist of searching records in Probate you don't suppose they are referring to Probate fraud, also, do you? After all, if you google Defects in Titles to Property one of the defects that can be found are: "Wills that have never been properly probated."


Julie = beating a dead horse once again.

Seriously, If it happened 9 and 3 years ago as you say, either appeal to a higher court or get over it. Not much you can gain by preaching to a bunch of bloggers on a website

Julie R.

@Pete: I'm just trying to get the point across here that the attorney Buff's quotes of all these rules & laws are hypocritical because this corrupt County,  just like their dirty attorney buds, don't follow the  laws, anyway. 

Julie R.

Hey Retiree, considering how gung-ho your crook Cleveland attorneys and the Erie County Common Pleas Court magistrate were to get property with serious defects in the title sold at an invalid Sheriff Sale thru an invalid Partition Action and a fraud preliminary judicial report so the fraud on it wouldn't have to be acknowledged and put back into the correct owner's probate estate, I'm kind of curious as to why your crook Cleveland attorneys aren't the least bit concerned about the money from that scam invalid sale that the Erie County courts have been sitting on now since 2007.  I notice Baumgartner & O'Toole and their client that forged the power of attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder aren't concerned about it,  either.

I'm also curious as to why the Prudential-Stadtmiller realtor that obtained the property at a substantial discount at that scam invalid sale transferred the property over to an LLC before he had a title search done. Also, considering how property sold through a partition action, unlike property sold through foreclosure, is not sold AS IS, I'm kind of curious why the Prudential-Stadtmiller realtor wasn't the least bit concerned that he bought property with serious defects in the title that the fraud preliminary judicial report didn't show.  Also, considering how every title company around knows that property with serious defects in the title can't be sold through normal channels until the serious defects are cleared up, which means property can't be sold at a Sheriff Sale with serious defects in the title, either, until the defects are cleared up,  wonder why the Prudential-Stadtmiller realtor wouldn't know this. Even better, considering that your wife is a realtor why didn't she?

Julie R.

 Hey Attorney Buff, since when can a Probate Court give attorneys "permission" to conceal a fraud Power of Attorney in another county for the criminal intent of changing an elderly,  incompetent person's Will & Trust without the knowledge of two of her family members? I mean, wow! A court gives dirt bag attorneys "permission" to illegally transfer property and crooks at two financial institutions "permission"  to criminally change all of an incompetent person's contracts for the motive of cheating people out of their already given rights by criminally defrauding the elderly only months before her death? 

So how long has this been going on in corrupt Erie County, anyway?  I'll bet a lot longer than anybody knows. It also looks to me like these "well-known"  probate cases involving "certain" elected public officials that are being called "family feuds" aren't family feuds at all. Lots of criminal activity and flat-out theft is more like it. I wouldn't doubt for a minute that the same financial institutions are involved in all of them, too. 

Julie R.

Hey Buff, would you like some heads up on how people are being given a license to steal here in corrupt Erie County? You can compare it to the infamous Krista Harris case,  who was given a harsh five-year prison sentence for supposedly stealing from her elderly relative using a legal power of attorney.

An Erie County attorney prepares a "new" power of attorney with a different middle name for his elderly client when she becomes seriously ill and totally incompetent only a few months prior to her death. The fraud power of attorney names two of her children as her fraud attorneys-in-fact and gives them the right to act jointly or alone.  This is done without the knowledge of her third child. This is also done without the knowledge of another beneficiary----a grandchild----named in her Trust and Will. The generic power of attorney is specifically directed toward a certain bank giving the fraud attorneys-in-fact the "right" to do anything they want at this bank.  The fraud power of attorney also gives them the right to transfer property.  (Now take note that most of the fraudulent changes and transfers of money from the incompetent person's contracts was done at the dirty insurance company but the fraud power of attorney doesn't even mention them)

A Lorain County attorney then conceals the fraud power of attorney by filing it in the Lorain County Recorder. The Lorain County attorney then prepares a fraud QuitClaims Deed that transfers the incompetent person's half to property (owned one-half undivided, which is different than joint ownership) over to the owner of the other half by falsely stating the fraud power of attorney filed in Lorain County is on file in the Erie County Recorder. But wait! Here's where it gets good.......the Lorain County attorney prepares it but it is not "signed" in his presence. Instead, the fraud attorneys-in-fact "sign" it at the Huron Library in front of a Notary. After all, the Notary, unlike the Lorain County attorney, doesn't know the owner of the property is totally incompetent. Neither does she know the QuitClaims Deed is fraud. Neither does she know the illegal transfer is taking place without the knowledge of the other two beneficiaries. Neither does she know that there is no power of attorney on file in the Erie County Recorder. Obviously, she doesn't even know that the two "witnesses" to this "signing" have to be unrelated, disinterested third parties.

The Lorain County attorney then prepares a "new" Transfer on Death Deed for the property that names only 3 beneficiaries instead of 4. This also is "signed" by the fraud attorneys-in-fact at the Huron Library in front of a Notary. After all, the Notary,  unlike the Erie and Lorain County attorneys, doesn't know that they are defrauding a 4th beneficiary.

Once again, compare that to the infamous Krista Harris case.  And according to a local title company it's been going on for a loooooong time here in corrupt Erie County.


Julie R.

Retiree: I'm still waiting on your answer. Considering how gung-ho your crook Cleveland attorneys were in getting property with serious defects in the title sold at an invalid sheriff sale through an invalid partition action----even filing a fraud preliminary judicial report and requesting their attorney fees for it be taken out of the invalid sale on behalf of a NON-CLIENT----why aren't the crooks now concerned about the money that the Erie County Courts have been sitting on (and making interest off of) since this invalid sale took place in 2007 with only the consent of the people that committed the FRAUD on the property and DEFRAUDED a 4th beneficiary?  I'm also curious as to why a Huron appraiser friend of one of the people that committed the fraud on the property was told prior to the invalid sale to appraise the house as low as possible----like about $20,000 to $30,000.00 lower than its real value.  I'm also curious as to why the realtor that bought the property set it up in an LLC prior to having a title search done seven months (seven months?) after the sale. Even more curious as to why the Court and Sheriff's Department waited to transfer the property over to the realtor until AFTER he set it up in an LLC. I'm also curious as to why a realtor of all people would not know if property with serious defects in the title can't be sold through normal channels until the defects are cleared up, then it can't be sold at a Sheriff Sale with serious defects in the title, either. (but it sure was) I'm also curious as to why your realtor wife didn't know this.

Looks to me like another corrupt Erie County scam went on here. Sort of like the scam with all those Erie County Probate Court depositions that all those sneaky attorneys tried to hide-----the depositions that all had the heading of the Erie County Probate Court----one the Erie County Common Pleas-----yet all had a Cuyahoga County case number and the name of some Cuyahoga County Judge named Carolyn Friedland.


Sassy Says said it right "nice hair" lol