President to make stop in Sandusky

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 3, 2012

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.

The visit is part of a two-day "Betting on America" bus tour through Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Stops are also scheduled in Maumee, Parma and Pittsburgh. The time for the President's stop in Sandusky is set for 3:40 p.m. according to a release from the campaign.

The Register filmed the above invitation, which we then shared with the campaigns, earlier this year.


EDITOR'S NOTE: We currently do not have information on how residents can attend the event, but we will post it here as soon as we get it.


The city has announced the following street closures for the event.

Due to a special event taking place in downtown Sandusky on Thursday, July 5, the following road closures will be in effect from 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.:

The parameters of the road closures will include:
Jackson Street to the West,
Hancock Street to the East,
Market Street to the North,
and Adams Street to the South

There will be restricted access to Washington Park.

Parking will not be available in these areas between 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.,  including the Key Bank parking lot on Washington Row.

Residents who live in this area will be able to travel to and from their homes with a valid ID only.

Be sure to check the Sandusky Register and back here at for more information and live coverage of the event on Thursday.



the office cat

MIKEL... did you know that BEFORE you looked it up? Of course not.  So I helped you learn something today.

Do you know which one of those seven was the FIRST president with African heritage?

As for photo ID... 

Buying booze and cigarettes is NOT a 'right'.  VOTING is.

When you register to vote, you provide non-photo ID in the form of SS or Drivers LIcense numbers - and you have to register far enough in advance to be eligible.  When you VOTE, you have to provide proof of residence - which for many is NOT a driver's license because many people move but don't obey the law and change the address on the driver's license (did you know that's a law in Ohio?)

Have you ever voted? You know, you have to sign the poll book, right? 

Do you look like your driver's license photo?

TRust me...I don't need an ID of any sort if I ever buy booze.


I am happy President Obama is coming here.  For all of you who thinks Romney will do so much better didn't live in Massachusetts during his sorry stint as governor.  I did. As bad as he did in Massachusetts he will do worse if elected President.  I will vote to have the President relected and so will billions just like me.  If Romney wins it will not be easy.  I hope we are allowed to go down and see the President.  I would like to shake his hand.  And for all you loud mouth Tea Partiers and Republicans, save your comments for someone who cares about what insults you have to share with world because I couldn't care less.  Biden/Obama 2012!


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the office cat


The budget is the responsibility of THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES with concurrence of the Senate.  ONLY the House has the power to TAX AND SPEND.


The tt's picture
The tt

Still no word on whether or not Andy will continue with his unnecessary and uninteresting updates about trying to get the nation's first AA president to come to Sandusky. I, for one, have my doubts that Andy will stop.


What has he done for this country?  Hmmmmm....As CIC he had the military capture and kill Bin Laden, he repealed Don't ask, don't tell, he supports gay marriage, he has created jobs for the middle class, and he passed Healthcare reform.  "So if the President gets relected you are going to move to Canada?   Where they have socialized healthcare, legalized gay marriages, a 45% atheist population, and where abortion has no time limit.  I am sure you will fit right in (from We survived Bush, you will survive Obama)."


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the office cat

@Donegan and @Knuckledragger.

Wikipedia is just quicker...  I didn't want to embarrass you with comments from James Madison (Father of the Constitution); or Jefferson - who was in Paris when the document was written and didn't participate until he returned home and insisted on amendments - which was a provision in the Constitution; or Adams who chose to remain basically silent during the convention, allowing others to make his points.

In preparing a week-by-week series (ultimately 37 articles) on the Convention in 1987, I read contemprary letters home, letters to the editor, editorials, books, drafts, letters from women involved. I could go on, but won't.  I also read pre-presidency and post-presidency articles by Jefferson - who became an unwilling advocate of strong federal powers.

You, knuckleunder, have no credibility.  You have not cited even ONE source for all your statements.


@office cat says, "You have not cited even ONE source for all your statements." Neither have you, until of course I called you out on it.  Nice try though.  You made it too easy.  I have a more difficult time detecting plagiarism from my students than I did calling you out on the laziness of your research.  Keep going though, the more you write the more your lack of intelligence shows.  LOL. Have to go now, some of us work for a living.

the office cat


You actually get PAID to impart misinformation to students? And you are working today?

Actually, I cited several sources - letters, articles, editorials, speeches, Just because you haven't read them doesn't mean they don't exist.  Ordinances of 1784, 1787, 1789.  The Articles (yes, I resorted to Wikipedia because it was available and supported by all the other documents I have read and studied - and taught - over a quarter century. There is not room here to list all.  However, anyone truly educated in history and government know why the Articles were scrapped and why the Convention was held in such secrecy.

Emphasis: anyone truly educated in history and government.

So, namecall and disparage all you will - it's the always the last gasp of one who has no ground from which to argue.


visiting sandusky  is a clear indicater of just how things are really going for the preezy of the united steezy



President Obama is coming to Sandusky.....Oh Yay.....How much is the City spending to have him grace us with his presence and if its not the city how much is the govenment spending?

I have been in a town when Mr. President graced us before & between the prior to visit cleaning, road closures, bomb sniffing dogs, secret service inspections/security, snipers & other generally high priced requirments for a presidential visit the city will probably be broke & what will have it done for Sandusky.....NADA.....either way we get to pay to have him come here whether we go see him or not & whether we want him here or NOT!


Thank God, I am on vacation. 


A chance to see an actual sitting President in our town?  This is great.   The citizens of this town should forget about the political side of things for just a second and THINK of the history of this.  How long has it been since a SITING PRESIDENT vistied this city? This is historic. 

We are going to try and be down there for this Thursday afternoon to see him.  I don't care about the political rhetoric of it, I am just proud to see a sitting President visit the City of Sandusky. 


What lie?   Please elaborate!


wiredmama shouldnt be allowed on here anymore, shes one of them now!


wiredmama shouldnt be allowed on here anymore, shes one of them now!

wiredmama222 of WHAT?  a report???? ha ha....or the infamous?  HAHA.  yes, i want you to ask me for may autograph when you see me the next time.  LOLOLOL.  That will be the day.  But why don't YOU go on there and ask some questions next time????  I did and he said he was open to you all doing it? so why not?  It isn't that difficult. He does love to TALK though.. even more than ME.... LOL


officecat - yes i did know that so sorry you didn't teach me a thing!

yes i do vote, i served this country to protect that right.  every time i vote the poll workers ask me for my photo id, every time, and a couple of people are my neighbors who i went to school with.  the one time i went to vote and did not have my id they refused me until i came back with it so shove that in your cat litter.

again, we can vote for the prez without a photo id in some sates but we need one for cigs and beer!  whats wrong with that picture?

the office cat


Thank you for your service.

Now.... I've worked the polls.  If you have a utility bill, anything with your name and address on it that coincides with the address in the pollbook, you must be allowed to vote.  You do not have to show a photo ID.  Check the OHIO law.

There's nothing wrong with that picture...except that I don't think government has an obligation to protect us from ourselves. I think if you walk in to buy beer or cigarettes you should be allowed without ID.

But then, remember, I'm from the generation who had to be 21 to vote but only 17 to fight for my country.

  I think if you're old enough to die for your country, enter into binding contracts, get married (and I'm not sure why you're more legal to get married on your 18th birthday than the day before), OBVIOUSLY have babies, you should have to show ID to get cigarettes or booze.  HOWEVER, if you get into an accident and don't have insurance on yourself and others, I don't think I SHOULD HAVE TO PAY for your care.  Or if you develop lung cancer directly related to your smoking, I think WE should not have to support your care.

I also don't think the state should require a helmet if you ride a motorcycle.  HOWEVER, if you wreck and have a head injury that a helmet would have prevented, I don't think the state should have to care for you for years.

If you want to gamble away your money at an internet cafe, that's your right - HOWEVER  the state should regulate the agency to be sure you aren't being cheated.

With CHOICES come CONSEQUENCES... and I shouldn't have to pay for your bad choices.

With RIGHTS come RESPONSIBILITY - something too many right-leaning 'patriots' want to ignore.



Re:i would call up my EX she lies too but doesnt need a teleprompter to get her lies straight.

Given what you post, I think she did the right thing,




HA! Good one.

Hope you enjoy paying for her then. Work harder she needs a new car.

Rich Close

It would be nice if Obama protected the citizens of Arizona and didn't allow anyone to travel through their State without a valid Id.

He's a real looser, this illegal who acts like hes a president.

The Big Dog's back

 It took a lot of hard work for me to get Barack here, so let's have a good showing.

Cracked Cherry

 I want to smoke a kool cig with Barack and tell him we must use the same health insurance when we get cancer.



okay so  are all the welfare birthers gonna line up for  Obama bucks like they did in Detroit?     Happy   in another county.  


For all you "Anti-Obama" folks....If you don't like Barack...just think about a President by the name of Rommney. Yeah, the Rommney who has secret Swiss bank accounts, secret Bahama Trusts and secret Panamanian Corporations. The Romney who has gotten far more campaign money from his secret friends via the "Citiznes United" Supreme Court decision and therefore Pac dollars. Yeah the Rommney who won't give a full disclosure of his income or his income tax returns. Mitt whose Bain days creted wealth for the already welathy at the cost of America jobs (he elminated more jobs than he ever created. The only jobs he created were ones that made him and his company-busting freinds more money. The very same Rommney whose father was the very first presidential candidate who did, on his own volition, disclose EVERYTHING he made and that over an 11 year period! first and fostered the need for all candidates to fully disclose their incomes and ALL sources. Yeah...Rommney (Mitt the Etch-a-Sketch King) sounds like somebody to trust (not).

{Don't you people get it??? Mitt ,ie. Willard, is so tied to the Banking giants, Corporate Elite, Mega-wealthy and others who are robbing we working-class Americans blind. If you read my first paragraph....evrything else readily falls into place. Mitt is for the top 1, 2 percent and them alone. Wake up people.} 

Ps. Barack has already done more to stop illegal immigration than George Bush did in 8 years AND has already sent back more illegals than George Bush did in 8 years. (Get your facts and figures correct before you point fingers.)  *{A fully and factually informed citizenry is our best weapon for Democracy's continuance and betterment.} {The radical elements of the Republican Party have embarked on a full scale dis-information and smear campaign with their own announced singularly-targeted goal of defeating Barack the cost of American's livelehood's, health, truth, future and Democracy as we have known it.


re. Rich Close; Barack "illegal"? You gotta be a birther. A Birther Babbler. A Bellevue Birther Babbler. (Don't ya even know you shouldn't use your nreal name R.C. ???) (If it's not "you"...I apologise but not for the "Birther babbler" statement. That remains.)




FYI:   Not everyone chooses to rent...  It's called  NOT having a choice.    Sometimes in life things just  don't work out  like you   had planned and worked for.  I  know many people in that situation,  and no,  they're not welfare bums or druggies. 


Okay Starryeyes,

"FYI:   Not everyone chooses to rent...  It's called  NOT having a choice.    Sometimes in life things just  don't work out  like you   had planned and worked for.  I  know many people in that situation,  and no,  they're not welfare bums or druggies."

I wasn't saying that there is anything wrong with renting.  I was just saying that whether you own your home and have a mortgage and pay insurance or you are paying to live in someone else's property, you are still, most likely, indirectly, paying for insurance.

If you go back and read Ladydye's blog, it will make more sense.  Sorry if it sounded like I was putting down renters...that was certainly not my intent. 

Ladydye says...

the office cat- you are NOT required to OWN a car.  There for you are not required to HAVE car insurance.  NO car, NO insurance, NO fine, NO MANDATE.  The healthcare law YOU are REQUIRED to buy insurance and if you dont you are TAXED.  You canNOT compare apples to oranges.  Same with homeowners insurance, do NOT own a home, do NOT need to buy insurance!