President to make stop in Sandusky

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 3, 2012

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.

The visit is part of a two-day "Betting on America" bus tour through Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Stops are also scheduled in Maumee, Parma and Pittsburgh. The time for the President's stop in Sandusky is set for 3:40 p.m. according to a release from the campaign.

The Register filmed the above invitation, which we then shared with the campaigns, earlier this year.


EDITOR'S NOTE: We currently do not have information on how residents can attend the event, but we will post it here as soon as we get it.


The city has announced the following street closures for the event.

Due to a special event taking place in downtown Sandusky on Thursday, July 5, the following road closures will be in effect from 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.:

The parameters of the road closures will include:
Jackson Street to the West,
Hancock Street to the East,
Market Street to the North,
and Adams Street to the South

There will be restricted access to Washington Park.

Parking will not be available in these areas between 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.,  including the Key Bank parking lot on Washington Row.

Residents who live in this area will be able to travel to and from their homes with a valid ID only.

Be sure to check the Sandusky Register and back here at for more information and live coverage of the event on Thursday.




For the record George W. Bush was a terrible president. Mitt Romney is also a terrible candidate. But Obama is a liar and a terrible president. It just sickens me that our government plays these games with us. They want Obama in the White House to be their scapegoat. If anybody thinks that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to run against Obama, then I feel bad for them. They put a guy in the running who doesnt have a chance of winning. Obama will be re-elected. I dont want him to, but he will win. I would have voted for Ron Paul, but now I'm gonna vote for Rickross for President! lmao


maybe obumbles and his posse can stay here!!!!!   lmao!!

State helps neighborhoods battle blight Andy Ouriel 05:00 AM
Jul 01
the office cat

MIKEL:  "maybe ... can stay here."

Do you get special pleasure from showing your willingness to ignore things?

The headline says 'state helps'....  that would be John Kasich and Josh Mandell and Mary Taylor et al.  It's another example of "state's wrongs"

Try to be informed, please??


just when you think things cant get much worse in sandusky..


Some of the posters here are a little too pleased with themselves name calling and trying to be cute, all of which can be seen on a grade school playground!

The man, Barack Obama, President of the United States, will be coming through Sandusky and he IS one of the most powerful men in the world and was duly elected by a majority of the people of this country and it really doesn't matter if you like it or not!

November is coming soon and those who are so against what this man stands for, will have a chance to place their vote accordingly. Until then, he is YOUR President and things, like telling him to move on etc., are just a bit over the edge.

What ever happened to majority rules and democracy? What happened to respect? The comments in this section remind me that many of the commenters haven't become adults yet!


When a majority of people disagree with his major initiatives, what has happened to his Democracy?  Where is his respect?  He was not appointed King.

the office cat

MIDDLE RIGHT.  Please post figures for "a majority of people";

Who defines your 'majority'?

I, however, can define the word when I use it.


A majority of the Supreme Court (5-4) said Corporations are people..

A supermajority (11 of 13) of the Colonial legislatures said the CONSTITUTION - limitiing the rightrs of the states and establishing three elements of government with specific powers - was a really good thing - even though it took two years (although they had a 9-4 majority before that).

NOW, MIDDLE RIGHT... about your 'majority of people'.

Put your figures where your fingers are.


Its the president people. I personally do not agree with his agenda nor will i be attending the event. Respect the office even though the one sitting in the chair may not be who you voted for. If you do not agree with him do not attend. I have heard everything already so no sense for me to be there.


As a Republican (85% of the time) I hope to attend.  What a honor to have the POTUS visit our community. 




Good 2 B Me

Bottom line: The POTUS is going to be in SANDUSKY!

John McCain was here 4 years ago as a candidate! Both visits are historical regardless of your chosen party.

I was there for McCain, I will be there for Obama. He is the PRESIDENT! Being in his presence is a story to tell your Grandkids!


Brutus and Eriemom will have front row spaces for their hoverounds.  You will know who they are, because they will be the ones washing their messiahs feet. LOL


Yup having the Pres come to Sandusky is as about as exciting as my morning constitutional.  YAWWWNNNN!!!

my oh my

The President will be attending the ice cream social Thursday afternoon downtown....

the office cat

I guess BytheBy, Donegan and Mikel are speechless or can't put up the prooof requested.



Office cat

The scotus said "Obamacare was constitutional as a tax". A simple majority can get rid of it.

The constitution set limits on the federal government by the states 10th amendment. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people"

The voter ID laws are less stringent than what it takes to get close to the president in the US was the point.



the office cat


SCOTUS said the individual mandate is constitutional under the governments authority to tax.

It's the only tax you never have to pay as long as you have insurance..

SCOTUS said the rest of the document is entirely constitutional as written.

IF YOU LIVE IN OHIO, and drive without liability insurance, you DO NOT have to pay a tax or buy insurance.  If you're in an accident - or stopped for a traffic ticket - you can be PENALIZED by having your car impounded on the spot, being arrested and forced to appear in court, be required to show that you have now purchased insurance - AND pay a hefty fine.  It's called an INDIVIDUAL  MANDATE.


the office cat- you are NOT required to OWN a car.  There for you are not required to HAVE car insurance.  NO car, NO insurance, NO fine, NO MANDATE.  The healthcare law YOU are REQUIRED to buy insurance and if you dont you are TAXED.  You canNOT compare apples to oranges.  Same with homeowners insurance, do NOT own a home, do NOT need to buy insurance!

the office cat


IF YOU DRIVE, you must have liability insurance or be penalilzed - especially if you harm someone else..

IF YOU GO TO THE ER WITHOUT MEANS TO PAY, you must have insurance, qualify for government assistance, or get insurance OR choose to pay the tax. 

In both cases, if you cause injury or get sick YOU have to pay for YOUR care if you can afford it.

In either instance, THE REST OF US no longer have to 'foot the bill' because you are perfectly capable of providing protection for yourself and others.

In EITHER instance you do NOT have to buy insurance... but there will be consequences.

There are all kinds of mandates out there, dependiing on choices:  if you own a dog, you have to license it once a year; if you ride on the highways,; someone has to pay taxes to maintain those highways; if you send children to school, someone has to pay for it; if you CHOOSE to own property, you have to pay taxes and your mortgager will require you to maintain insurance on it.



Google's great,

Google's good,

and we thank Google,

for this mental wood!



If you chose not to own a car, you won't crash the car you don't own and cause an accident.

If you do not chose to buy a house and have a mortgage, then you don't have to buy home owner's insurance.  But if you are living in someone else's property and paying to live there, you are most likely helping to pay the insurance on that property.

You own your body and if it gets sick or injured, you will need health care, and hospitals can't refuse to treat you.  So, if you can't pay for it, you get it free...that's free to you.  It isn't free to others who have taken the responsibility to pay for insurance and/or pay for our health care.  Shouldn't you have to make some contribution, if you are able, to your own health care?

Apples or oranges, somebody's paying for them.


@ Reese; You "get it!!!". thanks. (I only wish Barack and the Dems had stayed with the "public option". That would have added a balancing affect against the insurance companies and that would then have added pressure to the sky-high rates hospitals, docotrs, etc charge (which is the the real root cause of our escalating health costs.) Oh's a decent start. (I figure Barack will "tiddy up" things during his second term and then it will all be highly polishied by Hilary during her two terms. (How wonderful it will be to have a woman's point of view and firm but gentel hand at the helm of our great American Family.)


Thanks pntbutter and j,

I wish more people could just see a little farther than their own noses and take a longer view on this.  I can only hope that we will get there!  Keep doing what you can.  I enjoy your blogs!

Woody Hayes

 Taxpayer, the Presidant is comming to Sandumpy to kick your Republican butt.


officecat says - "

the office cat says

DONEGAN.  time to stop spreading untruths.

Voters still must have ID to vote."       how uninformed you are!!!  the state of south carolina tried passing legislation this year that specifically stated anyone who was to cast a vote must show an id.  guess what?  your boy, obumbles, doj said that it was unconstituional and would cause a hardship on those without an id!!  say what???  the law was shot down.  i guess you can buy a vote!


"REALLY!!!  You know the history.  Who was the first president of the United States, oh most informed one?"    it wasn't george washington!

Do you get special pleasure from showing your willingness to ignore things?        learn to comprehend what was typed.  no where did i say he was to fix it i just maybe he could stay there!! 


  "maybe ... can stay here."


the office cat

MIKEL....  South Carolina was demanding a PHOTO ID to vote... in fact, a state-issued expensive PHOTO ID. 

DOJ acted because South Caroliina is under a specific provision that requires federal approval because they enacted so many laws designed to keep Blacks  and the poor from voting after the Civil War.

And we were discussing Ohio law.

The INDIVIDUAL MANDATE is Constitutional under the Federal authority to tax - but not as a penalty (unlike Ohio's INDIVIDUAL MANDATE to carry liability insurance to drive - violation of which can result in impoundment of your vehicle and jailtime.

All FIVE in the majority agreed the remainder of 'Obamacare' is Constitutional.

Who was the first president of the United States.  Don't tell me who WASN'T, tell me who was.

I guess you DO enjoy ignoring things.



O cat .. there were actually seven presidents prior to W. John Hanson was the first. They are all unrecognized because they were elected by Congress and pre-Constitution. George W. was the first elected following the adoption of the Constitution and remains known as our "first" President, although he really wasn't.

Actually he was so damn ugly that his face would have ruined our dollar bill, so they chose George!


 Sandusky is the PERFECT place for President Obama to visit; 70% rental property; people who feed off the system (generations of them).  Hey, maybe he can go up to Firelands and see all the do nothings getting their free health care that us working people pay for. What has this man done for us middle class working people, not a DAMN thing!

Obama said it himself, "If I can't this done in four years than this is a one term proposition"!

the office cat

Just so you know...

This type of forum would not have been allowed under the Articles of Confederation.


oh my gosh!!!  a photo id??  how else would you know that you have the right person?  so, when you buy your booze you don't need a photo id?

prez before washington: john hanson, elias boudinot, thomas mifflin, richard henry lee, nathan gorman, arthur st clair & cyrus giffin.  all were prez under the articles of confederation.  washington was 1st prez under constitution.  none the less america's 1st prez was not washington.