President to make stop in Sandusky

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 3, 2012

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.

The visit is part of a two-day "Betting on America" bus tour through Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Stops are also scheduled in Maumee, Parma and Pittsburgh. The time for the President's stop in Sandusky is set for 3:40 p.m. according to a release from the campaign.

The Register filmed the above invitation, which we then shared with the campaigns, earlier this year.


EDITOR'S NOTE: We currently do not have information on how residents can attend the event, but we will post it here as soon as we get it.


The city has announced the following street closures for the event.

Due to a special event taking place in downtown Sandusky on Thursday, July 5, the following road closures will be in effect from 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.:

The parameters of the road closures will include:
Jackson Street to the West,
Hancock Street to the East,
Market Street to the North,
and Adams Street to the South

There will be restricted access to Washington Park.

Parking will not be available in these areas between 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.,  including the Key Bank parking lot on Washington Row.

Residents who live in this area will be able to travel to and from their homes with a valid ID only.

Be sure to check the Sandusky Register and back here at for more information and live coverage of the event on Thursday.




Not impressed!  But I bet Matt W is as excited as Chris Matthews was!  Hope his campaign is footing the bill for security.  City can't afford to pay OT for law enforcement.


 Keep moving along Mr. President.  We'd prefer it if your motorcade didn't make a pitstop here.  


 Betting on America Tour?!?  I'm guessing he took the under on the unemployment rate (lost that one didn't you sir) and he took the over on the national debt (darned if he didn't win that one though....of course our kids lost, and they weren't even allowed into the casino.)


Nothing to see here...keep moving...nothing to see here...




 The President of the United States will be in Sandusky, Ohio. Does it really matter what political party elected him?

Erie Countian

This is very exciting, and an honor for Sandusky to have the President of the United States come here . Funny...  the naysayers and haters commenting on here probably got VERY excited to see "Joe the Plumber" when he joined the McCain traveling circus here in 2008.


Unless you are bringing jobs with you and your entourage sir, please keep your "betting tour" moving on down the road.


He must be hard up for votes when a president stops in Sandusky.  They never cared before to stop now all of a sudden he cares to make a stop. 


I will not be attending, however, I wonder if there will be white people going into the restricted zones with Romney face masks on like there were blacks with an Obama face mask on in 2008. If they do, I wonder if they will be stopped for "breaching" the safety zone, because they sure weren't in 2008.


No... Do NOT keep moving, Mr. President.  Some of us are impressed.  Regardless of whether or not you are republican or democrat, he IS the President of the United States.  I certainly do not agree with his every decision/opinion, but I also do not envy his position; taking over following the utter chaos and devastation caused by the Bush administration.  Those who spend their time whining, crying, and complaining are also the ones who have no knowledge of government and what it truly takes to try to lead a country out of the recession caused by his predecessor.  And, I find it fascinating that individuals are complaining about how the "city can't afford to pay OT for law enforcement".  If Romney were coming, would you be making the same complaint?  The city cannot afford a lot of things so if you have concerns about the city's budget, this should be the absolute least of your worries!  You may want to look into their spending habits on a daily basis before you complain about what they may or may not need to spend on one event.

I will be there.  And, if Romney becomes President and decides to make a stop in Sandusky, I would be there.  Whining does nothing for anyone.  However, it does say something about one’s personal character.


I guess McCain must have been "hard up for votes" too when he stopped in Sandusky with a plumber in tow.  It baffles me that one would whine about how he "never cared to stop before"; What President ever has?!?!  Life must be pretty bleak to be looking at the world through such a negative, hateful lens.  Be dismal from your home on Thursday; the community will benefit from you refraining from sharing your negativity in public.

Lloyd Christmas

Yeah really.... who cares!?  Go babble your BS in your home country. The last thing we need is Muslims here.


grandmasgirl - nice one!


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I think it's a good thing regardless of the haters.  I also thought it was cool when McCain came through even with the plumber......although he could have pushed him off the bus.  PT and Sam speak for yourself.  Do you need a job Fred?  Go get one!  Grandma you will not be missed.  Love him or hate him he has done some good things for this country and is a great representative of the American people.


interesting article in the usa today sports yesterday.

the owner of the chicago cubs has decided to endorse romney.  since that endorsement the gov of illinois ond the mayor of chicago (ex obumbles hit man) has put the kabosh on all funding and financing for the stadium!!  they have expressly said no funding due to the policital view of the cubs owner!!  just wondering how many jobs are being lost becuaes of that and isn't obumbles trying to get america working again?


The cubs owner can't afford to pay for his own stadium?  Have at it mike!


Cops should arrest him for loitering and he has been loitering for 3.5 years!!!  Still no budget and no plan other than raise the taxes.  His legacy will be the changing of the spelling of the United States of America to the letters G R E E C E!!  We are headed down that path at a full gallop.


to Jessie--Yes I would expect any candidate to pay for their own security.  With the media stating that both campaigns are pulling in millions a month in donations, they can afford it a lot more than the towns they are visiting.

to deertracker--I am speaking for myself, and a lot of others that the liberal media doesn't speak for.  Just as you are speaking for yourself.  Don't know what "good things" you feel  BHO has done for our country but he has 1) put this country so far into debt that our grandchildren's grandchildren will be paying forever (and that's before you take into account the cost of Obamacare), 2)divided this country, 3) put our country on the fast track to socialism, 4) totally ignored our constitution by overstepping his authority, 5) shown support for voter fraud by embracing illegals, etc.  As far as being a great representative of our country, oh please...he bows to Arab rulers, he apologizes for our country's history, he refuses to salute our flag, he wants to change our national anthem, etc. 


You are completely wrong or misinformed about 1-5 or you are just flat out lieing.  You are also making up stuff about the rest of your post.  You sound like Faux news.....turn the channel and you might learn have to pay attention though.  It's sad you ars so misinformed.  Spew your hatred and lies if it makes you feel good.

Super Judge

 If you cant respect the president no matter be it a Rep or Dem then you have no Respect for America. Its not the person its the position. Just because you never amounted to anything dosent mean you should insult someone who has.


SuperJudge, you are SO wrong!

I will respect the office of the President, but NEVER a President that cares so little for America!

the office cat

BYTHEBY:  You don't get to hit and run without a challenge.

Tell us, please, how this President "cares so little for America!".

Then, tell us, please, how a president would demonstrate his 'care FOR America':  would it be:

-- having more than 4,000 Americans die in a stupid war to clear his Daddy's name for not going after Saddam

- having his Repubican Congress pass trillions in unfunded dollars to fight that war, borrow the money from the Chinese - and not tell us?

= would he keep those TRILLIONS out of  the budget (since their were no taxes to pay for them) and leave them for the next president to figure out?

- deregulating every bank and industry so they could make millions then go broke, taking pension funds down with them (ask former Lehman Brothers employer John Kasich).

You've been challenged.  Bet you won't respond, though.


Super Judge~~~~ Very well said!!! Agreed 100%!!!


to mikel--what's the saying, it pays to belong!  Heard from someone who has two daughters living in Chicago area.  One's liine of work is dependent on getting reimbursed by medicaid.  Illinois' medicaid system is broke and can't pay their medicaid providers.  She hasn't been paid since January, doesn't know when she will get paid, and is hurting financially.  The other is a teacher.  The Chicago public school system is broke and teachers are probably going on strike this fall.  Now she probably won't get paid either.  Illinois ranks 50th out of 50 states for fiscal soundness.  This is the path down which BHO is leading our country.



It certainly is an honor that our POTUS will make a brief visit to Sandusky.  Having said this, what does Sandusky really get out of the visit?  The city will have to cover all extra security costs as politicial candidates, even the POTUS, do not.  Again, it's an honor to get a visit by a sitting President, but I still wonder what, if any, positives the city will realize from the visit.  And for the record, if Romney would visit Sandusky, I'd be asking the same questions.

Also, how long will Obama stay?  What will he do during his brief stop?  Who will he talk with?  What is the photo-op his entourage is planning?



The Bizness

Super Judge, what a good post! 

If Romney wins, I sure wouldn't mind shaking hands with him.  Presidents aren't elected because they are idiots, no matter if you agree with them or not they are some of the smartest people our country has to offer.


Please have his podium located directly under the chimney of the Keller Building

That is all....

my oh my

Our local law enforcement is pretty much null and void when the Secret Service is involved. Our local cops could never handle an incident involving the President.. They are not adequately trained nor mature enough to handle any incidents that may arise.The advance team is already in town today setting up and checking vantage points and such....Some of the vehicles will be stored at the central fire station downtown...