President to make stop in Sandusky

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 3, 2012


President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.

The visit is part of a two-day "Betting on America" bus tour through Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Stops are also scheduled in Maumee, Parma and Pittsburgh. The time for the President's stop in Sandusky is set for 3:40 p.m. according to a release from the campaign.

The Register filmed the above invitation, which we then shared with the campaigns, earlier this year.


EDITOR'S NOTE: We currently do not have information on how residents can attend the event, but we will post it here as soon as we get it.


The city has announced the following street closures for the event.

Due to a special event taking place in downtown Sandusky on Thursday, July 5, the following road closures will be in effect from 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.:

The parameters of the road closures will include:
Jackson Street to the West,
Hancock Street to the East,
Market Street to the North,
and Adams Street to the South

There will be restricted access to Washington Park.

Parking will not be available in these areas between 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.,  including the Key Bank parking lot on Washington Row.

Residents who live in this area will be able to travel to and from their homes with a valid ID only.

Be sure to check the Sandusky Register and back here at for more information and live coverage of the event on Thursday.




Not impressed!  But I bet Matt W is as excited as Chris Matthews was!  Hope his campaign is footing the bill for security.  City can't afford to pay OT for law enforcement.


 Keep moving along Mr. President.  We'd prefer it if your motorcade didn't make a pitstop here.  


 Betting on America Tour?!?  I'm guessing he took the under on the unemployment rate (lost that one didn't you sir) and he took the over on the national debt (darned if he didn't win that one though....of course our kids lost, and they weren't even allowed into the casino.)


Nothing to see here...keep moving...nothing to see here...




 The President of the United States will be in Sandusky, Ohio. Does it really matter what political party elected him?

Erie Countian

This is very exciting, and an honor for Sandusky to have the President of the United States come here . Funny...  the naysayers and haters commenting on here probably got VERY excited to see "Joe the Plumber" when he joined the McCain traveling circus here in 2008.


Unless you are bringing jobs with you and your entourage sir, please keep your "betting tour" moving on down the road.


He must be hard up for votes when a president stops in Sandusky.  They never cared before to stop now all of a sudden he cares to make a stop. 


I will not be attending, however, I wonder if there will be white people going into the restricted zones with Romney face masks on like there were blacks with an Obama face mask on in 2008. If they do, I wonder if they will be stopped for "breaching" the safety zone, because they sure weren't in 2008.


No... Do NOT keep moving, Mr. President.  Some of us are impressed.  Regardless of whether or not you are republican or democrat, he IS the President of the United States.  I certainly do not agree with his every decision/opinion, but I also do not envy his position; taking over following the utter chaos and devastation caused by the Bush administration.  Those who spend their time whining, crying, and complaining are also the ones who have no knowledge of government and what it truly takes to try to lead a country out of the recession caused by his predecessor.  And, I find it fascinating that individuals are complaining about how the "city can't afford to pay OT for law enforcement".  If Romney were coming, would you be making the same complaint?  The city cannot afford a lot of things so if you have concerns about the city's budget, this should be the absolute least of your worries!  You may want to look into their spending habits on a daily basis before you complain about what they may or may not need to spend on one event.

I will be there.  And, if Romney becomes President and decides to make a stop in Sandusky, I would be there.  Whining does nothing for anyone.  However, it does say something about one’s personal character.


I guess McCain must have been "hard up for votes" too when he stopped in Sandusky with a plumber in tow.  It baffles me that one would whine about how he "never cared to stop before"; What President ever has?!?!  Life must be pretty bleak to be looking at the world through such a negative, hateful lens.  Be dismal from your home on Thursday; the community will benefit from you refraining from sharing your negativity in public.

Lloyd Christmas

Yeah really.... who cares!?  Go babble your BS in your home country. The last thing we need is Muslims here.


grandmasgirl - nice one!


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I think it's a good thing regardless of the haters.  I also thought it was cool when McCain came through even with the plumber......although he could have pushed him off the bus.  PT and Sam speak for yourself.  Do you need a job Fred?  Go get one!  Grandma you will not be missed.  Love him or hate him he has done some good things for this country and is a great representative of the American people.


interesting article in the usa today sports yesterday.

the owner of the chicago cubs has decided to endorse romney.  since that endorsement the gov of illinois ond the mayor of chicago (ex obumbles hit man) has put the kabosh on all funding and financing for the stadium!!  they have expressly said no funding due to the policital view of the cubs owner!!  just wondering how many jobs are being lost becuaes of that and isn't obumbles trying to get america working again?


The cubs owner can't afford to pay for his own stadium?  Have at it mike!


Cops should arrest him for loitering and he has been loitering for 3.5 years!!!  Still no budget and no plan other than raise the taxes.  His legacy will be the changing of the spelling of the United States of America to the letters G R E E C E!!  We are headed down that path at a full gallop.


to Jessie--Yes I would expect any candidate to pay for their own security.  With the media stating that both campaigns are pulling in millions a month in donations, they can afford it a lot more than the towns they are visiting.

to deertracker--I am speaking for myself, and a lot of others that the liberal media doesn't speak for.  Just as you are speaking for yourself.  Don't know what "good things" you feel  BHO has done for our country but he has 1) put this country so far into debt that our grandchildren's grandchildren will be paying forever (and that's before you take into account the cost of Obamacare), 2)divided this country, 3) put our country on the fast track to socialism, 4) totally ignored our constitution by overstepping his authority, 5) shown support for voter fraud by embracing illegals, etc.  As far as being a great representative of our country, oh please...he bows to Arab rulers, he apologizes for our country's history, he refuses to salute our flag, he wants to change our national anthem, etc. 


You are completely wrong or misinformed about 1-5 or you are just flat out lieing.  You are also making up stuff about the rest of your post.  You sound like Faux news.....turn the channel and you might learn have to pay attention though.  It's sad you ars so misinformed.  Spew your hatred and lies if it makes you feel good.

Super Judge

 If you cant respect the president no matter be it a Rep or Dem then you have no Respect for America. Its not the person its the position. Just because you never amounted to anything dosent mean you should insult someone who has.


SuperJudge, you are SO wrong!

I will respect the office of the President, but NEVER a President that cares so little for America!

the office cat

BYTHEBY:  You don't get to hit and run without a challenge.

Tell us, please, how this President "cares so little for America!".

Then, tell us, please, how a president would demonstrate his 'care FOR America':  would it be:

-- having more than 4,000 Americans die in a stupid war to clear his Daddy's name for not going after Saddam

- having his Repubican Congress pass trillions in unfunded dollars to fight that war, borrow the money from the Chinese - and not tell us?

= would he keep those TRILLIONS out of  the budget (since their were no taxes to pay for them) and leave them for the next president to figure out?

- deregulating every bank and industry so they could make millions then go broke, taking pension funds down with them (ask former Lehman Brothers employer John Kasich).

You've been challenged.  Bet you won't respond, though.


Super Judge~~~~ Very well said!!! Agreed 100%!!!


to mikel--what's the saying, it pays to belong!  Heard from someone who has two daughters living in Chicago area.  One's liine of work is dependent on getting reimbursed by medicaid.  Illinois' medicaid system is broke and can't pay their medicaid providers.  She hasn't been paid since January, doesn't know when she will get paid, and is hurting financially.  The other is a teacher.  The Chicago public school system is broke and teachers are probably going on strike this fall.  Now she probably won't get paid either.  Illinois ranks 50th out of 50 states for fiscal soundness.  This is the path down which BHO is leading our country.



It certainly is an honor that our POTUS will make a brief visit to Sandusky.  Having said this, what does Sandusky really get out of the visit?  The city will have to cover all extra security costs as politicial candidates, even the POTUS, do not.  Again, it's an honor to get a visit by a sitting President, but I still wonder what, if any, positives the city will realize from the visit.  And for the record, if Romney would visit Sandusky, I'd be asking the same questions.

Also, how long will Obama stay?  What will he do during his brief stop?  Who will he talk with?  What is the photo-op his entourage is planning?



The Bizness

Super Judge, what a good post! 

If Romney wins, I sure wouldn't mind shaking hands with him.  Presidents aren't elected because they are idiots, no matter if you agree with them or not they are some of the smartest people our country has to offer.


Please have his podium located directly under the chimney of the Keller Building

That is all....

my oh my

Our local law enforcement is pretty much null and void when the Secret Service is involved. Our local cops could never handle an incident involving the President.. They are not adequately trained nor mature enough to handle any incidents that may arise.The advance team is already in town today setting up and checking vantage points and such....Some of the vehicles will be stored at the central fire station downtown...






Wow, now maybe Andy Ouriel can stop writing about his non stop whining to get Oblama here.


"Residents who live in this area will be able to travel to and from their homes with a valid ID only"

You cannot go home if you dont have a valid ID if the POTUS is within 2 miles of your house BUT you can still vote for him if you dont. How Screwed up can you get?

the office cat

America is Beautiful because of the abundance of multi-colored faces that look up in classrooms seeking to learn.

America is Beautiful because the land is becoming more and more accepting of differences and likenesses.

America is Beautiful because people still can go on places like this and put their stupidity and ignorance on full view for all to see and marvel.

America is Beautiful because 225 years ago this summer, a group of men gathered in Philadelphia and, -  realizing the "Confederation of American States'" just wasn't working because the individual states were so greedy -  spent five hot months locked behind guarded closed doors and closed windows in the summer swelter to craft a living document to assure individual freedom, force states to provide for certain universal services as well as Defense, and establishing a powerful central government.

We call that the CONSTITUTION.  

Betcha didn't know the history - but scream about protecting the document. 


Office cat


The Constitution was created to keep the "powerful central government" In check NOT to rule the people BUT to protect the people from the government. I know the history. We traded a king for a gov ruled by the people for the people NOT a "powerful central government" that is no better than the royalty we had before.

the office cat


REALLY!!!  You know the history.  Who was the first president of the United States, oh most informed one?

How was the country governed after 1781 when the war ended?  The Constitution didn't come into being until 1789.

The 'central government'' had no power. 

All during the War, the Contintental Congress had to ask - nay beg - the individual colonies to send money to outfit the troops and pay for bullets. The colonies could refuse, even though they wanted the Continental Army to defend them.

Without the Constitution in 1812, you would be speaking with a definite British accent and paying taxes to Britain.  The government was able to fight in 1812 (misguided though it was) because the Constitution proovided for 'the general defense."


the office cat



I went to the site you cited.  DID YOU?

It said EXACTLY what I did.... so what IS your point?

A photo ID is NOT required but is one form acceptable.

A voter CAN vote provisionally and has 10 days to show identification.

Please at least TRY TO BE INFORMED before you post here.


@office cat says, "spent five hot months locked behind guarded closed doors and closed windows in the summer swelter to craft a living document to assure individual freedom, force states to provide for certain universal services as well as Defense, and establishing a powerful central government"

The only thing you got right in that sentence is the creation of individual freedom and a mandate that the government provide for the countries defense.  The living document  and powerful central government part are revisionist at best,  In fact in nearly every document ever written by the founding fathers, they warned of the dangers of a powerful central government.  You my friend are a common socialist.

the office cat

Ah Knuckle...

The document is living because it provided for amendment - and added 10 amendments before ratification.... AND 17 SINCE THEN!

Thomas Jefferson was not in Philadelphia... he was in Paris.  I guess he emailed his thoughts on the subject to Franklin who was enjoying the air-conditioning in Philadelphia powered by his nuclear power plant in Hudson Bay.  Jefferson called Washington on his cellphone and offered to jet back if Washington needed him.  Washiington texted back that if Jefferson flew into LaGuardia "I'll send a limo... Tom, we're gonna have to do something about these gasoline prices!"

THAT, Knuckle, is why the Constitution is a LIVING DOCUMENT! 

Educate yourself.

Jefferson doubled the size of the country, prohibited the colonies from expanded into the Northwest Territory, favoring new states instead (that's Ohio, dude) and establishing the first sales tax and a FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION for everyone.

You need to stop relying on Glenn Beck and his disgraced Mormon's 5000 year leap for your facts.




@office cat. I have with formal education in American History and Government (MAHG from Ashland Univ).  Also, as Mormon I resent your remark.  Now we know your real reason for not liking Romney has to do with religious bigotry.  You've just lost any credibility you may have had.   Please stay away from WIkipedia as source as ALL institutions of higher education agree that Wikipedia is inaccurate and subjective since anyone can add information to it.  Please read the various writings from our founding fathers which are generally available online.

the office cat



The man who wrote "The 5,000-year Leap" to which I made reference WAS Mormon - but was disowned by your church for his radical and baseless views.  That was my ONLY point.

Do not accuse me of religious bigotry. I first would need religion to be bigoted about others.

And where and when did I say I don't like Romney?

I have three degrees.  They were starting points. A lot of people with capital letters behind their names can still be ignorant - George W. Bush has an MBA from Yale.... 

I'm on my twelfth president....and my first wife. 

I volunteered for military service when we still had a draft.

I've read writings from the founders. And not selectively.  I've even read Jefferson's Gospel.  The great thing about the founders is the grand divergence of opinion - yet they all managed to compromise and discuss and provide A LIVING DOCUMENT that would stand the test of time and give more power to the central government

Jefferson, the great Democratic-Republican in the beginning, exercised more federal government power as president than the two before or the three after.  In fact, with the Ordinance of 1784, he broke revolutionary new ground with provisions that became part of the Confederation's Ordinance of 1787 that was among the first laws confirmed by Congress under the Constituion in 1789.

But, with your MAHG from Ashland, you already know that, don't you?


the office cat

This is for you, Knuckledragger, who said 'the...powerful central government part are revisioinist at best."

The Articles of Confederation, formally the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was an agreement among the 13 founding states that legally established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution.[1] Its drafting by the Continental Congress began in mid 1776, and an approved version was sent to the states for ratification in late 1777. The formal ratification by all 13 states was completed in early 1781. Even if not yet ratified, the Articles provided domestic and international legitimacy for the Continental Congress to direct the American Revolutionary War, conduct diplomacy with Europe and deal with territorial issues and Indian relations.

Nevertheless, the weak government created by the Articles became a matter of concern for key nationalists.

On March 4, 1789, the Articles were replaced with the U.S. Constitution.[2][3]

The new Constitution provided for a MUCH STRONGER national government with a chief executive (the president), courts, and taxing powers.


Office cat

Under the constitution this type of debate is allowed Aren'tcha glad to live in a country where expressions of opinion is legal and debate isnt outlawed?

1st president was George Washington *Under the constitution* as elected by the people.

The 10th amendment curbs the power of the Federal government. The bill of rights and amendments are NEGETIVE rights towards the Federal gov.

Only 12 states were present at the continental congress. Rhode Island never showed up.

the office cat


Among others, how are the 14th and 17th and 20th negative toward the federal government?

Female Suffrage is AGAINST the federal government?

The Income Tax is AGAINST the federal government?

How about that Knuckledragger MAHG?


Office cat

Female suffrage gives the rights TO the female citizens to vote and keeps the Federal gov from excluding them as it was before.

The income tax was found to be unconstitutional 5 times i think BEFORE it was finally passed.

Ours is a system of checks and balances with the citizens holding the reins. Today this is slowly being forgotten and people accept and cheer on the Federal government for every law they pass instead of keeping a eye on thier rights as citizens.

 The original Constitution is there to protect the rights of the people AGAINST the overreach of the federal government as well as set guidelines for the federal Governments setup and conduct. Ignoring the 10th amendment does not make it go away.

the office cat


Who is ignoring the 10th amendment?  But it does not refer ONLY to the 'original' Constitution as you referenced it.  The 10th Amendment allows for laws to be written to 'specifically prohibit' certain rights and privileges to the states. 

For example, the SCOTUS has 'specifically prohibited' things like state laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

SCOTUS also gave citizenship to corporations - something never implied ANYWHERE in your 'original' Constitution nor anything amended since.

Slavery was legal IN  the 'original' Constitution -but XIII cancelled that..

The Senate specifically was elected by state legislatures to represent the states while the House represented the people.  But XVII - the only amendment generated by the states - changed that in 1913.

Interstate highways never were anticipated in the Constitution - but Federal supercedes States when it crosses state lines.

Shall I go on?  Get over the 10th amendment..  Just like XXI repealed XVIII, the X could someday be repealed.




Office cat

Get over it? Ignoring the 10th amendment takes away states rights along with yours and transfers more power to the central government. That is whats happening today. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" Those are YOUR rights that are being bought and sold by corperations now. Do you really want a larger more powerful centralized government? What states rights are left? What rights do YOU have if you ignore the amendments themselves? The answer of course is none. Do you really want that?


Office cat

 i honestly agree with your last post. Amazing huh??

the office cat

DONEGAN.  time to stop spreading untruths.

Voters still must have ID to vote.

Voters do NOT have to have a $32 state-issued ID to vote.  And if voter doesn't have an ID, will vote provisionally and be given 10 days to produce valid ID.


Do ANY OF YOU bother to check information before you post here?

People living in the area will not be able to 'travel' - as in drive.  But since ANYONE can park and walk into the park, they certainly will NOT be kept from their homes.


 I have to say that the majority of these posts on here are absolutely nauseating and disheartening!!! I for one am extremely excited about OUR President visiting OUR city!!!! We should feel priveledged that he has chosen Sandusky as one of his stops. Reading these posts just shows how much pride is really left in Sandusky. Just sickening!!! Wake up people.....




It's not an easy task correcting George W Bush's butchering of the USA.  Only REPUBLICAN fools attack President Obama's efforts.  The Republican Party is over.  I'll never understand why George W was never impeached, arrested, or violently removed from his position.  He'll go on record as the worst President ever elected.  Obama is for the people, not big business lobbiests like the majority of Republicans. 

the office cat

TAXPAYER... show me your longform tax filing cuz I don't believe you are a taxPAYER.


POTUS is stopping by Sandusky which just welcomed NEX-GUN (?) to the former ACH plant....  the new company has extensive fines for pollution, for dangerous deadly chemical spills, is under indictment by at least two other states - and just arrived here and fired supervisors and other employees.

POTUS is stoppng by Sandusky where the Cowboy Cops threaten each other, arrest a man for choking a goose, get caught in his own dashcom whizzing off a pier...

POTUS is stopping by Sandusky where miles of Sandusky Bay beach is totally inaccessible to the public which pays to maintain it - all this water and no place to swim.

All that.... and POTUS is stopping by Sandusky where several citizens go on-line to defame him, blame him for budget deficits that aren't his fault (read the Constitution... budgets begin in the House not the White House), complain about mandates (most of you probably ignore the state mandate for auto liability insurance); ....  why Mr. President?  WHY would you stop by Sandusky?  They don't deserve you.


I hope this gives his supporters enough time to get time off from work so they can attend.

Oh wait, none of his hommies have a job!

They will all walk down to the park and take pictures with their free Obama phones!

Should be a big crowd, actually this crowd will be more dangerous than any Bike Week crowd!!

Hide yer wives, hide yer children, and hide yer husbands too cuz Obama's rapin' everyone out here!


Dick Tracey,


Your ignorance is showing...and nobody will take you seriously except the people who can't think for themselves and who thrive on group drama/hysteria.  Hysterical hate-mongering solves NOTHING!

Your comments are embarrassing as an American, though you are entitled to your opinion.


If you want to see the president. That is fine and awesome that you can. Nothing against the man or the office at all. I do not agree with his agenda or policys after watching 3 and a half years of it and i am positive there is nothing he could say that would change my mind otherwise. He is a politician. They lie. If i wanted to talk to a lier i would call up my EX she lies too but doesnt need a teleprompter to get her lies straight.


I'm happy to hear that President Obama will be stopping in Sandusky.  I love that man and he has my unqualifed support .  And before the comments start, no I am not black.  I am a white senior citizen.  I am a liberal and my husband and I have worked hard for everything we have.  We have had no handouts, but we do believe in a hand up for those who need it.

dorothy gale

The President is coming to Sandusky.  What a great thing!  No matter the "reason" behind the visit it is still a great thing.  We, as Sanduskians and proud Americans, should put our biases on the back burner for the day and show OUR PRESIDENT what strong, proud, hard-working, respectful AND respectable  people we are!  I would have been glad to see even President Bush come to our town and would have shown him respect even though I think he was an evil man and an idiot.  He was OUR president for 8 years and love him or hate him, his position demanded our respect.  Same goes for our current President.


I'm sorry Dorothy but it doesn't matter who you are. You have to earn respect and not be given this gift just because of who you are or the position you hold. When you are unquestionably the worst President ever to rule this country you do not earn respect. Actually Wilson and King Obama would tie for worst Presidents.


just us say - "He'll go on record as the worst President ever elected.  Obama is for the people, not big business lobbiests like the majority of Republicans. "  yeah, right after obumbles who has done more damage in 3 1/2 years than bush in 8!

the office cat


Cite for us the 'damage' Obama has done.


For the record George W. Bush was a terrible president. Mitt Romney is also a terrible candidate. But Obama is a liar and a terrible president. It just sickens me that our government plays these games with us. They want Obama in the White House to be their scapegoat. If anybody thinks that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to run against Obama, then I feel bad for them. They put a guy in the running who doesnt have a chance of winning. Obama will be re-elected. I dont want him to, but he will win. I would have voted for Ron Paul, but now I'm gonna vote for Rickross for President! lmao


maybe obumbles and his posse can stay here!!!!!   lmao!!

State helps neighborhoods battle blight Andy Ouriel 05:00 AM
Jul 01
the office cat

MIKEL:  "maybe ... can stay here."

Do you get special pleasure from showing your willingness to ignore things?

The headline says 'state helps'....  that would be John Kasich and Josh Mandell and Mary Taylor et al.  It's another example of "state's wrongs"

Try to be informed, please??


just when you think things cant get much worse in sandusky..


Some of the posters here are a little too pleased with themselves name calling and trying to be cute, all of which can be seen on a grade school playground!

The man, Barack Obama, President of the United States, will be coming through Sandusky and he IS one of the most powerful men in the world and was duly elected by a majority of the people of this country and it really doesn't matter if you like it or not!

November is coming soon and those who are so against what this man stands for, will have a chance to place their vote accordingly. Until then, he is YOUR President and things, like telling him to move on etc., are just a bit over the edge.

What ever happened to majority rules and democracy? What happened to respect? The comments in this section remind me that many of the commenters haven't become adults yet!


When a majority of people disagree with his major initiatives, what has happened to his Democracy?  Where is his respect?  He was not appointed King.

the office cat

MIDDLE RIGHT.  Please post figures for "a majority of people";

Who defines your 'majority'?

I, however, can define the word when I use it.


A majority of the Supreme Court (5-4) said Corporations are people..

A supermajority (11 of 13) of the Colonial legislatures said the CONSTITUTION - limitiing the rightrs of the states and establishing three elements of government with specific powers - was a really good thing - even though it took two years (although they had a 9-4 majority before that).

NOW, MIDDLE RIGHT... about your 'majority of people'.

Put your figures where your fingers are.


Its the president people. I personally do not agree with his agenda nor will i be attending the event. Respect the office even though the one sitting in the chair may not be who you voted for. If you do not agree with him do not attend. I have heard everything already so no sense for me to be there.


As a Republican (85% of the time) I hope to attend.  What a honor to have the POTUS visit our community. 




Good 2 B Me

Bottom line: The POTUS is going to be in SANDUSKY!

John McCain was here 4 years ago as a candidate! Both visits are historical regardless of your chosen party.

I was there for McCain, I will be there for Obama. He is the PRESIDENT! Being in his presence is a story to tell your Grandkids!


Brutus and Eriemom will have front row spaces for their hoverounds.  You will know who they are, because they will be the ones washing their messiahs feet. LOL


Yup having the Pres come to Sandusky is as about as exciting as my morning constitutional.  YAWWWNNNN!!!

my oh my

The President will be attending the ice cream social Thursday afternoon downtown....

the office cat

I guess BytheBy, Donegan and Mikel are speechless or can't put up the prooof requested.



Office cat

The scotus said "Obamacare was constitutional as a tax". A simple majority can get rid of it.

The constitution set limits on the federal government by the states 10th amendment. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people"

The voter ID laws are less stringent than what it takes to get close to the president in the US was the point.



the office cat


SCOTUS said the individual mandate is constitutional under the governments authority to tax.

It's the only tax you never have to pay as long as you have insurance..

SCOTUS said the rest of the document is entirely constitutional as written.

IF YOU LIVE IN OHIO, and drive without liability insurance, you DO NOT have to pay a tax or buy insurance.  If you're in an accident - or stopped for a traffic ticket - you can be PENALIZED by having your car impounded on the spot, being arrested and forced to appear in court, be required to show that you have now purchased insurance - AND pay a hefty fine.  It's called an INDIVIDUAL  MANDATE.


the office cat- you are NOT required to OWN a car.  There for you are not required to HAVE car insurance.  NO car, NO insurance, NO fine, NO MANDATE.  The healthcare law YOU are REQUIRED to buy insurance and if you dont you are TAXED.  You canNOT compare apples to oranges.  Same with homeowners insurance, do NOT own a home, do NOT need to buy insurance!

the office cat


IF YOU DRIVE, you must have liability insurance or be penalilzed - especially if you harm someone else..

IF YOU GO TO THE ER WITHOUT MEANS TO PAY, you must have insurance, qualify for government assistance, or get insurance OR choose to pay the tax. 

In both cases, if you cause injury or get sick YOU have to pay for YOUR care if you can afford it.

In either instance, THE REST OF US no longer have to 'foot the bill' because you are perfectly capable of providing protection for yourself and others.

In EITHER instance you do NOT have to buy insurance... but there will be consequences.

There are all kinds of mandates out there, dependiing on choices:  if you own a dog, you have to license it once a year; if you ride on the highways,; someone has to pay taxes to maintain those highways; if you send children to school, someone has to pay for it; if you CHOOSE to own property, you have to pay taxes and your mortgager will require you to maintain insurance on it.



Google's great,

Google's good,

and we thank Google,

for this mental wood!



If you chose not to own a car, you won't crash the car you don't own and cause an accident.

If you do not chose to buy a house and have a mortgage, then you don't have to buy home owner's insurance.  But if you are living in someone else's property and paying to live there, you are most likely helping to pay the insurance on that property.

You own your body and if it gets sick or injured, you will need health care, and hospitals can't refuse to treat you.  So, if you can't pay for it, you get it free...that's free to you.  It isn't free to others who have taken the responsibility to pay for insurance and/or pay for our health care.  Shouldn't you have to make some contribution, if you are able, to your own health care?

Apples or oranges, somebody's paying for them.


@ Reese; You "get it!!!". thanks. (I only wish Barack and the Dems had stayed with the "public option". That would have added a balancing affect against the insurance companies and that would then have added pressure to the sky-high rates hospitals, docotrs, etc charge (which is the the real root cause of our escalating health costs.) Oh's a decent start. (I figure Barack will "tiddy up" things during his second term and then it will all be highly polishied by Hilary during her two terms. (How wonderful it will be to have a woman's point of view and firm but gentel hand at the helm of our great American Family.)


Thanks pntbutter and j,

I wish more people could just see a little farther than their own noses and take a longer view on this.  I can only hope that we will get there!  Keep doing what you can.  I enjoy your blogs!

Woody Hayes

 Taxpayer, the Presidant is comming to Sandumpy to kick your Republican butt.


officecat says - "

the office cat says

DONEGAN.  time to stop spreading untruths.

Voters still must have ID to vote."       how uninformed you are!!!  the state of south carolina tried passing legislation this year that specifically stated anyone who was to cast a vote must show an id.  guess what?  your boy, obumbles, doj said that it was unconstituional and would cause a hardship on those without an id!!  say what???  the law was shot down.  i guess you can buy a vote!


"REALLY!!!  You know the history.  Who was the first president of the United States, oh most informed one?"    it wasn't george washington!

Do you get special pleasure from showing your willingness to ignore things?        learn to comprehend what was typed.  no where did i say he was to fix it i just maybe he could stay there!! 


  "maybe ... can stay here."


the office cat

MIKEL....  South Carolina was demanding a PHOTO ID to vote... in fact, a state-issued expensive PHOTO ID. 

DOJ acted because South Caroliina is under a specific provision that requires federal approval because they enacted so many laws designed to keep Blacks  and the poor from voting after the Civil War.

And we were discussing Ohio law.

The INDIVIDUAL MANDATE is Constitutional under the Federal authority to tax - but not as a penalty (unlike Ohio's INDIVIDUAL MANDATE to carry liability insurance to drive - violation of which can result in impoundment of your vehicle and jailtime.

All FIVE in the majority agreed the remainder of 'Obamacare' is Constitutional.

Who was the first president of the United States.  Don't tell me who WASN'T, tell me who was.

I guess you DO enjoy ignoring things.



O cat .. there were actually seven presidents prior to W. John Hanson was the first. They are all unrecognized because they were elected by Congress and pre-Constitution. George W. was the first elected following the adoption of the Constitution and remains known as our "first" President, although he really wasn't.

Actually he was so damn ugly that his face would have ruined our dollar bill, so they chose George!

the office cat

Just so you know...

This type of forum would not have been allowed under the Articles of Confederation.


oh my gosh!!!  a photo id??  how else would you know that you have the right person?  so, when you buy your booze you don't need a photo id?

prez before washington: john hanson, elias boudinot, thomas mifflin, richard henry lee, nathan gorman, arthur st clair & cyrus giffin.  all were prez under the articles of confederation.  washington was 1st prez under constitution.  none the less america's 1st prez was not washington.

the office cat

MIKEL... did you know that BEFORE you looked it up? Of course not.  So I helped you learn something today.

Do you know which one of those seven was the FIRST president with African heritage?

As for photo ID... 

Buying booze and cigarettes is NOT a 'right'.  VOTING is.

When you register to vote, you provide non-photo ID in the form of SS or Drivers LIcense numbers - and you have to register far enough in advance to be eligible.  When you VOTE, you have to provide proof of residence - which for many is NOT a driver's license because many people move but don't obey the law and change the address on the driver's license (did you know that's a law in Ohio?)

Have you ever voted? You know, you have to sign the poll book, right? 

Do you look like your driver's license photo?

TRust me...I don't need an ID of any sort if I ever buy booze.


I am happy President Obama is coming here.  For all of you who thinks Romney will do so much better didn't live in Massachusetts during his sorry stint as governor.  I did. As bad as he did in Massachusetts he will do worse if elected President.  I will vote to have the President relected and so will billions just like me.  If Romney wins it will not be easy.  I hope we are allowed to go down and see the President.  I would like to shake his hand.  And for all you loud mouth Tea Partiers and Republicans, save your comments for someone who cares about what insults you have to share with world because I couldn't care less.  Biden/Obama 2012!


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

the office cat


The budget is the responsibility of THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES with concurrence of the Senate.  ONLY the House has the power to TAX AND SPEND.


The tt's picture
The tt

Still no word on whether or not Andy will continue with his unnecessary and uninteresting updates about trying to get the nation's first AA president to come to Sandusky. I, for one, have my doubts that Andy will stop.


What has he done for this country?  Hmmmmm....As CIC he had the military capture and kill Bin Laden, he repealed Don't ask, don't tell, he supports gay marriage, he has created jobs for the middle class, and he passed Healthcare reform.  "So if the President gets relected you are going to move to Canada?   Where they have socialized healthcare, legalized gay marriages, a 45% atheist population, and where abortion has no time limit.  I am sure you will fit right in (from We survived Bush, you will survive Obama)."


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

the office cat

@Donegan and @Knuckledragger.

Wikipedia is just quicker...  I didn't want to embarrass you with comments from James Madison (Father of the Constitution); or Jefferson - who was in Paris when the document was written and didn't participate until he returned home and insisted on amendments - which was a provision in the Constitution; or Adams who chose to remain basically silent during the convention, allowing others to make his points.

In preparing a week-by-week series (ultimately 37 articles) on the Convention in 1987, I read contemprary letters home, letters to the editor, editorials, books, drafts, letters from women involved. I could go on, but won't.  I also read pre-presidency and post-presidency articles by Jefferson - who became an unwilling advocate of strong federal powers.

You, knuckleunder, have no credibility.  You have not cited even ONE source for all your statements.


@office cat says, "You have not cited even ONE source for all your statements." Neither have you, until of course I called you out on it.  Nice try though.  You made it too easy.  I have a more difficult time detecting plagiarism from my students than I did calling you out on the laziness of your research.  Keep going though, the more you write the more your lack of intelligence shows.  LOL. Have to go now, some of us work for a living.

the office cat


You actually get PAID to impart misinformation to students? And you are working today?

Actually, I cited several sources - letters, articles, editorials, speeches, Just because you haven't read them doesn't mean they don't exist.  Ordinances of 1784, 1787, 1789.  The Articles (yes, I resorted to Wikipedia because it was available and supported by all the other documents I have read and studied - and taught - over a quarter century. There is not room here to list all.  However, anyone truly educated in history and government know why the Articles were scrapped and why the Convention was held in such secrecy.

Emphasis: anyone truly educated in history and government.

So, namecall and disparage all you will - it's the always the last gasp of one who has no ground from which to argue.


visiting sandusky  is a clear indicater of just how things are really going for the preezy of the united steezy



President Obama is coming to Sandusky.....Oh Yay.....How much is the City spending to have him grace us with his presence and if its not the city how much is the govenment spending?

I have been in a town when Mr. President graced us before & between the prior to visit cleaning, road closures, bomb sniffing dogs, secret service inspections/security, snipers & other generally high priced requirments for a presidential visit the city will probably be broke & what will have it done for Sandusky.....NADA.....either way we get to pay to have him come here whether we go see him or not & whether we want him here or NOT!


Thank God, I am on vacation. 


A chance to see an actual sitting President in our town?  This is great.   The citizens of this town should forget about the political side of things for just a second and THINK of the history of this.  How long has it been since a SITING PRESIDENT vistied this city? This is historic. 

We are going to try and be down there for this Thursday afternoon to see him.  I don't care about the political rhetoric of it, I am just proud to see a sitting President visit the City of Sandusky. 


What lie?   Please elaborate!


wiredmama shouldnt be allowed on here anymore, shes one of them now!


wiredmama shouldnt be allowed on here anymore, shes one of them now!

wiredmama222 of WHAT?  a report???? ha ha....or the infamous?  HAHA.  yes, i want you to ask me for may autograph when you see me the next time.  LOLOLOL.  That will be the day.  But why don't YOU go on there and ask some questions next time????  I did and he said he was open to you all doing it? so why not?  It isn't that difficult. He does love to TALK though.. even more than ME.... LOL


officecat - yes i did know that so sorry you didn't teach me a thing!

yes i do vote, i served this country to protect that right.  every time i vote the poll workers ask me for my photo id, every time, and a couple of people are my neighbors who i went to school with.  the one time i went to vote and did not have my id they refused me until i came back with it so shove that in your cat litter.

again, we can vote for the prez without a photo id in some sates but we need one for cigs and beer!  whats wrong with that picture?

the office cat


Thank you for your service.

Now.... I've worked the polls.  If you have a utility bill, anything with your name and address on it that coincides with the address in the pollbook, you must be allowed to vote.  You do not have to show a photo ID.  Check the OHIO law.

There's nothing wrong with that picture...except that I don't think government has an obligation to protect us from ourselves. I think if you walk in to buy beer or cigarettes you should be allowed without ID.

But then, remember, I'm from the generation who had to be 21 to vote but only 17 to fight for my country.

  I think if you're old enough to die for your country, enter into binding contracts, get married (and I'm not sure why you're more legal to get married on your 18th birthday than the day before), OBVIOUSLY have babies, you should have to show ID to get cigarettes or booze.  HOWEVER, if you get into an accident and don't have insurance on yourself and others, I don't think I SHOULD HAVE TO PAY for your care.  Or if you develop lung cancer directly related to your smoking, I think WE should not have to support your care.

I also don't think the state should require a helmet if you ride a motorcycle.  HOWEVER, if you wreck and have a head injury that a helmet would have prevented, I don't think the state should have to care for you for years.

If you want to gamble away your money at an internet cafe, that's your right - HOWEVER  the state should regulate the agency to be sure you aren't being cheated.

With CHOICES come CONSEQUENCES... and I shouldn't have to pay for your bad choices.

With RIGHTS come RESPONSIBILITY - something too many right-leaning 'patriots' want to ignore.



Re:i would call up my EX she lies too but doesnt need a teleprompter to get her lies straight.

Given what you post, I think she did the right thing,




HA! Good one.

Hope you enjoy paying for her then. Work harder she needs a new car.

Rich Close

It would be nice if Obama protected the citizens of Arizona and didn't allow anyone to travel through their State without a valid Id.

He's a real looser, this illegal who acts like hes a president.

The Big Dog's back

 It took a lot of hard work for me to get Barack here, so let's have a good showing.

Cracked Cherry

 I want to smoke a kool cig with Barack and tell him we must use the same health insurance when we get cancer.



okay so  are all the welfare birthers gonna line up for  Obama bucks like they did in Detroit?     Happy   in another county.  


For all you "Anti-Obama" folks....If you don't like Barack...just think about a President by the name of Rommney. Yeah, the Rommney who has secret Swiss bank accounts, secret Bahama Trusts and secret Panamanian Corporations. The Romney who has gotten far more campaign money from his secret friends via the "Citiznes United" Supreme Court decision and therefore Pac dollars. Yeah the Rommney who won't give a full disclosure of his income or his income tax returns. Mitt whose Bain days creted wealth for the already welathy at the cost of America jobs (he elminated more jobs than he ever created. The only jobs he created were ones that made him and his company-busting freinds more money. The very same Rommney whose father was the very first presidential candidate who did, on his own volition, disclose EVERYTHING he made and that over an 11 year period! first and fostered the need for all candidates to fully disclose their incomes and ALL sources. Yeah...Rommney (Mitt the Etch-a-Sketch King) sounds like somebody to trust (not).

{Don't you people get it??? Mitt ,ie. Willard, is so tied to the Banking giants, Corporate Elite, Mega-wealthy and others who are robbing we working-class Americans blind. If you read my first paragraph....evrything else readily falls into place. Mitt is for the top 1, 2 percent and them alone. Wake up people.} 

Ps. Barack has already done more to stop illegal immigration than George Bush did in 8 years AND has already sent back more illegals than George Bush did in 8 years. (Get your facts and figures correct before you point fingers.)  *{A fully and factually informed citizenry is our best weapon for Democracy's continuance and betterment.} {The radical elements of the Republican Party have embarked on a full scale dis-information and smear campaign with their own announced singularly-targeted goal of defeating Barack the cost of American's livelehood's, health, truth, future and Democracy as we have known it.


re. Rich Close; Barack "illegal"? You gotta be a birther. A Birther Babbler. A Bellevue Birther Babbler. (Don't ya even know you shouldn't use your nreal name R.C. ???) (If it's not "you"...I apologise but not for the "Birther babbler" statement. That remains.)




FYI:   Not everyone chooses to rent...  It's called  NOT having a choice.    Sometimes in life things just  don't work out  like you   had planned and worked for.  I  know many people in that situation,  and no,  they're not welfare bums or druggies. 


Okay Starryeyes,

"FYI:   Not everyone chooses to rent...  It's called  NOT having a choice.    Sometimes in life things just  don't work out  like you   had planned and worked for.  I  know many people in that situation,  and no,  they're not welfare bums or druggies."

I wasn't saying that there is anything wrong with renting.  I was just saying that whether you own your home and have a mortgage and pay insurance or you are paying to live in someone else's property, you are still, most likely, indirectly, paying for insurance.

If you go back and read Ladydye's blog, it will make more sense.  Sorry if it sounded like I was putting down renters...that was certainly not my intent. 

Ladydye says...

the office cat- you are NOT required to OWN a car.  There for you are not required to HAVE car insurance.  NO car, NO insurance, NO fine, NO MANDATE.  The healthcare law YOU are REQUIRED to buy insurance and if you dont you are TAXED.  You canNOT compare apples to oranges.  Same with homeowners insurance, do NOT own a home, do NOT need to buy insurance!


They said on the news that it's going to be an ice cream social. I think he's just coming here for some Toft's.


Darwin's choice

Mime Bloggling

The only reason this "sitting President" is coming to this county is that it's a sure always votes Democratic. He'll avoid any tough questions like the plague... if he's even asked....he may even go teleprompter free, it will be that easy for him. This President wraps himself in Democratic rhetoric but "rules" like a Socialist. We are being sucked down a black hole (no racist pun intended) from which there will be little chance of return. When a government has the ability to TAX you in order to buy a product, then what's next? Maybe we should force (tax) people to buy GM cars? God knows GM is tanking and needs the money. See what happens when the 'government' takes over an entity? Shades of what is to come with the passage of Federally run healthcare. I'm glad a bit of history is coming to town..I encourage people to does have educational and entertainment value but I'm hoping this bit of history will be history come November.



Will Ted Nugent be in Sindumpsky?


If Mr. Obummer would spend more time trying to fix the countries ills and less time campaining maybe

we would be much better off.

Thomas Paine

If you start a conversation off being disrespectful of OUR President, the civil conversation we should be having about what is good or bad for this country ends. You can agree or disagree with who the people elected and with the President's beliefs and policy ideas and vote for someone else; that is your right, but this is THE PRESIDENT of our country. Please have the decency to respect the office and what it stands for. And if you can't come up with a better idea or solutions to issues you feel strongly about and all you can do is post nonsense you looked up on Wikipedia this morning, please take the time to understand the source of where the information came from or better yet take the time to verify there IS a source.  Even though I disagree with his view of where we should be heading, I am honored a sitting President of this great country of ours is stopping here and I will be there to see him. I believe this is an opportunity not many people have in their lifetime.

Free Man


Whaaa.. maybe he is going to hand the welfare checks out in person..


@ Reese; Ahhhh make me blush (smile). "Thank you for your kind words."

I realise some lesser-income people are also taking advantage of our system and therefore the chaff needs to be winnowed from the wheat in that sector as well however....the degree and quantity that the Monetary Elite are taking advantage (and control) of our so--called democratic sysytem far out weighs those lesser-income folks could ever imagine  and....the full-blown goal they (Monetary Elite) have is diabolical at the least, insane at best. Goldman Sachs and other mega-banks are at the top of this plot and have the Corporate Society in their back pockets (Citizens United is evidence of that) and they in turn to their henchmen, a.k.a. "lobbyists" to do their bidding (it's more money laundering) by which newly created (and the abolishment of others; Glass-Stengal for an prime example), (that's the one our formerly sane government installed AFTER the Great Depression because of the world-wide havoc the BANKS had initiated) laws governing how our nation, it's people and the future is to unfold. {F.Y.I. The single largest (by FAR) lobbying group is the good ol' Chamber of Commerce which, if you think about the "grand scheme" of the Monetary Elite, is a natual body by which to convey propaganda, money and influence at the local level and then upstream to themselves. The novice and/or un-suspecting business person(s) feel they are joining a nice little and local business community by which they may be able to help themselves by learning and while simultaneously..."doing the right thing for the right reasons". The sad truth is...there is typically (and I speak from personal expericence)  very little offered to them in return and actually AND....they then have inadvertently contrubuted to the # 1 lobbying committee the U.S. has ever seen (power in numbers). I am ALL for free enterprise and our foremerly controlled via common- sense-for-good-of-the-whole regulations for EVERYONE but...the the Almighty/Uber-wealthy/Monetary Elite have now been able to prosititute every level of government and now have their focus on the total self-submission of the "people" through dis-information, out right lies, propaganda, innuendos (and, for now, only stop short of hit squads) and then are able to garner the utilmate self-submissive, condensending and self-humliating submission with the gullible, innocent, ill-informed, biased and/or prejudiced vote they can. 

OF COURSE we have free-loaders at all income stratifications. OF COURSE we need to crack the whip on a goodly number of lazy people. OF COURSE they is ample blame to spread around to our elected officials. HOWEVER....the Military-Industrial Complex ol" Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican) foretold and forewarned us about is HERE at your doorstep. Hint: It's the BIG BOYS causing the entire mess.

If you are brave enough and hungry enough to see what they (the Monetary Elite, both major American political parties, the British, the German Industrialists and the Sweedish BANKERS) have done in historical past terms , have been doing of late and...have been plotting with YOU in mind and world domination (remember the words, "New World Order"??)....merely type in your favorite searchbox window, "Goldman Sachs Bubbles". It's scary, maddening and will probably make you wish you hadn't read it! The trail of total, unabashed, unbrideled greed at (ALL) and everyone's costs is sheer _______________.

Good luck!    

Ps. You may also want to read of book that was printed 20-30 years ago. It's called, "Brave New World".

If you meld the concepts of it along with "Goldman-Sachs Bubbles" WILL get the big picture and know...

it ain't the "little" people creating all the problems we good, hard-working, honest Americans are facing.

{Barack tried to give us "Little People" something before the foreseen and dreaded T-bagger mentality swept our country and semi-collective metalities. That "something" was what he thought we may need the most considering the true sancticty of "rule of law", Human dignity, fairness/equity and to help supress (for a time) the outlandish medical cost abbhorrent escalation.He gave us the A.H.A.. Mr. Roberts...I thaank you as an Idenpendent, free-thinking American who cringes at the direction the Rads have convinced so many for their own self-enslavement. Salute..





Thanks for sharing your insight and suggested readings. I am curious and  I am on it, but probably over the next couple of days.  I will find you in the blogs online when I have completed this self-imposed assignment. 

I have come to the same conclusions as you have regarding the status of our democracy without the benefit of the information that you have shared and suggested that I expose myself to.  I recently did some online research and (to my surprise) discovered the role that the Chamber of Commerce has been playing as a pro-business lobbyist. This role, I found, goes back at least as far as World War II, when it played a large role, in partnership with the AMA and the American Hospital Association, in stopping the efforts of President Truman in the 1940's to pass a law to provide Health Care to all citizens. That was at a point in time that employer sponsored health care insurance for employees really expanded. It was a disappointing discovery.   I am not totally sure I want to dig deeper into the black hole,

But, I am curious, and think that I need to be as well-informed as I can be, in order to be well-prepared to do what I can to help overcome what I think is happening. 

OhioFreebyrd's picture

I sure as hell don't need to see the lying corrupt so called President myself.. Why doesn't he just go back to Kenya and be with "his" people. We don't need him here. He has been the worst president we've ever had.



Re:They said on the news that it's going to be an ice cream social. I think he's just coming here for some Toft's.


He likes "Five Guys" but it's not open yet.




Super Judge

 Cheryl F is a joke and has never amounted to anyting but a welfare slob!  Go Team Romney!


We give Obozo as much respect as you'uns gave Dubya!!!!!

Super Judge

 The truth is that most of the Republicans I know cant stand Romney. They will admit to you in private that we could run a dead squirl against Obama and we would vote for it. For most of us Republicans its not about Mitt being the best we have to offer its the fact that he dosent look like Obama.  We will never admitt it but deep down we are scared of anything that dosent look, act , or sound like us. We are terrified of change and wish that things would go back to the way they were in the 1950's. We will do anything, stoop to any level, and tell any lie just for a momemnt to live our dream of being the masters of America! GO ROMNEY!


And it's Thomas Paine for the win!

I completely agree with everything you have said, Thomas. The reason this country's such a mess is because people can't see past their partisanship. It's too bad more Americans don't have your outlook. 

My husband and I are happy to be Independents. We haven't made up our mind on who we're voting for this November, but we will be proud to take our children to see the President and are thrilled that he's stopping in Sandusky, if just for historical significance. 


(By the way, love Kelly's comment about Toft's!) 

God Of Thunder

This is the problem with this country  I am by no means involved in politics, in fact I hate politics.  I think everyone in office now should be voted out.  No one is in it for us.  It's all about Democrats want this, Republicans want that, so no one agrees with anyone.  Everyone has their own agenda. No agenda for the people they represent, unless they have money.

This country should be run like a business, which is why I voted for Ross Perot years ago.  No business owner would spend money like our government does.  They would not let their subsidiaries run business like all corporations do in this ountry, like ship jobs out of this country, which brings me to my next point.. NAFTA

I used to think NAFTA was a Democratic thing, since Clinton signed it, but it was Bush who initiated the agreement and left office before it was signed, so it's a 2 way street.  Our representatives need to work for the people, not for the party.

We are the United States of America, and I wish I could underline the word United.

Get my point??


Take the Pres to Hancock street to meet the fine residents there. You may have to change his schedule to 3:30 AM to get a real feel for the neighborHOOD. He'll be able to buy anything illegal he wants, but I doubt if he will find health care. Probably get a lot of votes  there too. You think he can teach them how to register to vote?


@ Proline20; If you really want to change things...(???)...stop thinking in prejudicial terms. Don't you know any White Boy Scumbags? Don't you know some "Christians" who ain't so CHRISTIAN after church is over? Don't you know some old lady to bark at? Total blind and all-encompassing prejudice can only help the tyrants at the top by division. If you REALLY want to change things...get involved. Be pro-active. Are ou a member of any organizations that HELP people? Are you and active member of either major politcal party? Ya really can't gripe if you don't vote or ONLY vote! It ain't enough. That, in part, is why our nation is so messed up..."petty-minded biogtry", lack of knowledge and activism.




Why didn't he make it to the barge party to see Americas finest CG and LE in action. They were on full alert.

Saturday they arrested the NOTORIUS BINKLEY GANG. He probably is here to give all the CG & LE personel a Bronze Battle Star or Congressional Medal Of Honor for Valor and Heroism beyond the call of duty.

It was the most comprehensive and well thought out Battle plans in Modern Day Warfare.. One of America's finest days in history.

God Of Thunder




 LOL!  He better get some Toft's now and teach someone how to hand out the welfare checks  and fast because if ROMNEY gets in Toft's will be downsized and there will be no more jobs left except to keep scrubbing the boats and cleaning the hotels for all the tourists that comes to Sandumpsky because those jobs don't pay a living wage.  Haha, you can take take a Republican to a voting booth but you can't get him to vote for his own interests only their top 1% who own the world!!  hahahaha

The Big Dog's back

 They vote for the top 1% because they all believe they are millionaires in waiting. I'm serious.

Free Man long as he stays on his side of town..

The New World Czar

How many supporters will get bussed in from out of town to make this look like an attended rally? Let the collective no-more-mortgage and free-fueled leg tingle begin. But hey, it helps sell papers.


Super Judge,

             You are 100% correct. To prove your point, that's just how O'bama was elected.  Most of us thought that it couldn't be any worse than Bush.

  To those of you who think more or in My personal opinion,which is none, Respect should be given if not to the President but to the office.  This DA DA has given no respect to the American people, Our Flag, and especially our Military.  Respect is earned not just given.



EZOB said "Respect is earned not just given."

I've heard that argument before EZOB but it isn't what my Mom taught me. Do you disrespect a police officer becaue he hasn't earned your respect? What if you are stopped for speeding? I am sure that that particular officer has not done anything to "earn" your respect. Yet you call him Sir and you thank him after he hands you your ticket, that is unless you are a creaton!

When a man is elected to the nations highest office, he doesn't need to earn your respect. That doesn't mean that you have to agree with him! Under your theory, if your disagree with him, go ahead and disrespect him, but in doing so you show disrespect for him, his office, democracy itself, the Constitution, and all of your fellow countrymen who chose him to occupy that office.

If you disagree or even hate the President for any of a hundred thousand reasons that you might, wait until the next election and don't vote for him! That's respect. That's what is deserved. Calling him names and otherwise disrespecting the President shows flaws in YOUR character, not his!

Captain Gutz


So, you have respect for Richard Nixon?



Look back on the last 12 years and if this was Bush or Cheney could the same be said? There will always be those who dislike those in power. Me being one of them. The difference is how you show your dislike. Do you change the channel or scream at the TV set? Look at the different ideologys and you will see the answer pretty quick. The further we drift apart as a nation the easier it is for those in power to steal and manipulate. Its done by design. United we stand, Divided we fall. Guess who wants the people divided so they cannot stand up to policy or thier rulers?

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...



 so you'll have to show ID to get home if you live downtown.  but not to vote in november...