Erie County offers mug shots online

The Erie County Sheriff's Office is expanding its offering of public records available online.
Andy Ouriel
Jul 3, 2012


The Erie County Sheriff’s Office is expanding its offering of public records available online.  

The sheriff’s website — accessible from the county’s website at — now features mug shots of Erie County jail inmates.      

The sheriff’s employees launched the new feature Monday. A quick scroll through the page displayed names of more than 100 inmates, with pictures available for nearly every one.

The information posted alongside each mug shot includes the inmate’s full name; birth date; last known address; the arresting agency; booking number; and the alleged crime.

“This is public information,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. “There is a lot of interest in that information.

“Some people are repeat offenders,” he said. “People have a right to know who has been arrested and for what charge.”

The new online service is one of several technological upgrades the sheriff’s office is planning.

The Erie County clerk of courts’ office, meanwhile, is still working to get court records posted online.   

Clerk of courts Luvada Wilson has said it’s one of her top priorities.  

Where can I view the mug shots of Erie County jail inmates?
1. Go to
2. Hover your cursor on the “Departments & Agency” tab 
3. Click the “Health and Public Safety” tab
4. Click “Erie County Sheriff”
5. In the left column, click “Jail Statistics New Online”


Super Judge

 Thank you!


Now, this is a great website tool!  Thank you Sandusky Register for the links.  I am sure the bloggers will be able to post pics of the pillars of Erie County when the Register forgets.  I wonder if the "blown up" version of these photos will be available like the ones featured by the Register?  I am all for public SHAME for being a two-bit, liberal thug.  The liberal society has turned to REWARDING these ingrates with all kinds of perks and programs for them to abuse.  Why not?  After all, it is FREE!  Like I have posted before, the people who PAY taxes are now PAYING for those who do NOT.  Sounds EXACTLY like socialism!  Don't believe me?  I WONDER who pays for their FREE legal counsel?  How about FREE clothing, food, A/C, three hots and a cot, recreation, FREE health care, FREE cable and TV, FREE transportation to and from the court, and all the EXPENSE to place them on trial.  After all, it is FREE!  I can hear you "bleeding heart" liberals.  "Oh, we must be understanding.  We must open our arms in friendship.  We must spend MORE to give them all several chances to rehabilitate themselves for the goodness of the people.  We must learn to care more!"  Of course!  Ha! Ha! 


Many of the same old names over the years. Lessons never learned.

Julie R.

I said it before and I'll say it again ----- the biggest crooks in corrupt Erie County don't have any records at all. Most of them are sitting at your Erie County courthouse!


Oh, Julie, I couldn't agree more if my life depended on it.....and it probably will


And what about those for whom charges are later dropped, or who are found innocent of any wrongdoing after the legal process is concluded? Will they forever be shamed by a humiliating photo on the Internet? What about cases of wrongful arrests and/or mistaken identity?

I don't argue that we all deserve to know who the bad guys are. I don't doubt that the vast majority of those whose mugshots appear ARE those bad guys. But what, if any, mechanism is in place to protect the reputation and the privacy of the innocent, hmmm? There certainly needs to be one if there isn't! (It should also be noted that such broad public disbursement of names, addresses, and BIRTHDATES represents a real threat to identity theft...)



Re: (It should also be noted that such broad public disbursement of names, addresses, and BIRTHDATES represents a real threat to identity theft...)

You must lead a sheltered life.......

There are many websites where you can type your name, and your name, address, phone number, and age pops up.  FM... It's all there.

I had an interesting incident about a month ago. I had posted a comment on the web over a year ago using a screen name. I did a search using part of the post. Not only did the post magically appear but so did my real name as the poster.  Someone was using some high dollar software to tie it all together.

And then,,,,, there is Facebook........ LOL



Facebook is a bad word at our house.  Someone cracked into our computer through that and we haven't used it since.  They also managed to use it to hack into our granddaughter's account....and she was 12 at the time.  That thing is ridiculous.  So many crooks, too much time on their hands, don't want to work



No "sheltered life" here. I'm just not stupid enough to use my real name on facebook, myspace, twitter...



Re:I'm just not stupid enough

Keep working at it, you will get there.....



Lovely, we have two apposing view points if you read taxpayer and Sam Adams.  No who do we believe?  Are we to side with Taxpayer who would have us hang them upon arrest without the trial or Sam who believes that you may have a few innocent person's in there that don't deserve the embarassment and shame? 

Badboy swings in with a good point though....."many of the same old names over the years.Lessons never learned."   That kind of did it for me.  I have to agree with him on that one.  You pick up the paper and there they are.  Same name:  different day over and over again.  They DON"T learn, they never will.  But the crime seems to get worse with each passing year. 

So this time, I have to go with taxpayer.  Oh, I feel a headache coming on fast.  I think its a migraine where's MY pills?