Families that breathe together behave together

Breathe. The most important thing you do in your life and probably the action you give the least thought to. People b
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Breathe. The most important thing you do in your life and probably the action you give the least thought to.

People breathe just enough to continue to function, but not enough to fuel the body.

Your body needs oxygen, the same as your car needs gasoline, only breathing is free.

In hypnotherapy, breathing is used for pain management.

The more pain a person experiences, the tighter the body becomes and the less a person breathes.

The less they breathe, the tighter the body becomes, the more pain they experience, creating a vicious cycle.

Breathing is the trigger torelaxation, yoga, meditation,visualization, anger management and guided imagery.

All use breathing as a way to relax the body and mind.

Think about the breathingtechniques that are used in child birth.

There's an old clich: "A family that prays together stays together." It could be said that "A family that breathes together behaves together."

Teaching children to breathe properly helps them think with their intellect instead of their emotion.

The same can be said of parents. As a parent begins to feel that stress build, they need to concisely begin to breathe; as they relax, they can address any situation in a calm intelligent way.

By teaching our small children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to use breathing to relax we are giving them a tool to use the rest of their lives.

Sometimes just saying the word "breathe" to a stressed person helps. When we teach we are reminding ourselves of the value of breathing.

Do you breathe?

And you say, "Duh, I wouldn't be alive if I didn't."

Most of our society needs to take fuller breaths, deeper breaths, to hold our inhales, to exhale longer.

Try breathing in slow and easyto the count of four, push the tummy out as you inhale, imagine pulling the air all the way down to about2 inches below the navel, now hold that breath for the count of four, then slowly exhale to the count of four and rest for the count of four.

Take the time to watch a new born baby breathe, as it breathes in its tummy expands and rises, as it exhales the tummy goes down.

Most of our society breathes no lower than their upper chest.

Remind yourself to breathe, you will have more energy.

You will think sharper and faster. Your memory will improve. You'll feel less tense, less angry and less fearful.

Weight reduction groups have sprung up across the country that use breathing to reduce extra pounds.

The more oxygen you pull in the more the body works speeding up the metabolism.

Are you going back to school and finding it hard to retain information or your recall isn't as good as you want it to be?

Do you have test anxiety? Breathe, breathe and breathe!

The more nervous you are, the tighter you become, the less you breathe, allowing less oxygen to the brain, creating test anxiety.

That panic feeling, at that point you probably wouldn't remember you kids name.

Do you have problems getting to sleep?

Do your breathing exercise, allow the breathing to relax your body and mind just easing you into a natural deep sleep.

Maybe you have a fear of public speaking.

The whole time you're waiting to be introduced, breathe in, hold, exhale and relax.

You are getting oxygen to the brain, you can think and speak, and even walk up to the podium.

Use a tablet of sticky notes and write breathe on each page and stick them everywhere.

Put them on the refrigerator, television, remote, bathroom mirror, computer and doors, reminding the whole family to breathe.

If Johnny's trying for a free throw in basketball, his breathing will help him. Dad's golf shot will be on if he's breathing.

Sis will get further at the swim meet, and Mom will do better at the board meeting if she's been doing conscious breathing.

We all make conscious choices; encourage your family to choose to consciously breathe.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves and teach others to do is breathe, breathe, breathe -- and it's free.