Bellevue man pleads guilty to molestation

A Bellevue man pleaded guilty to an amended charge for molesting four young girls last spring.
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 22, 2012


A Bellevue man pleaded guilty to an amended charge for molesting four young girls last spring.

Lawrence Hoffman, 18, was found guilty of attempted gross sexual imposition after entering the plea in Huron County Common Pleas Court Wednesday, according to court records.

The fourth-degree felony is punishable by up to 18 months in prison.

Bellevue police arrested Hoffman in January after one girl’s mother reported the abuse.

Hoffman told the girls they were playing a game when he exposed himself to them and touched their genitals.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in August.



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18 months in Gen Pop is a life time. There should be no "Segregation" of "Protective custody" for these sick people. Let the other criminals earn their food and beat this peice of human garbage to death.

Erie County Resident

@ deertracker ... Nice racist remark!

Nothing to do with your skewed rant, it's about a powder puff judge that won't give a harsh sentence.

18 months is nowhere near being long enough.

This POS should be buried under the jail but that isn't an option.


Had he been in Texas he could have been beat to death and at least some justice would be served.


grannie G


he said she said


I don't know what deertracker said, so I can't agree or not.

The other comments:

@ bigdad  I totally agree, but if it was my kids, it would be here in Ohio.

@ G_Richardson  more than likely they will put him in but not tell what he is in there for.  I do pity him when the other inmates find out though

@ grannie G  I agree!!  These kids will have to live with what happened to them for the rest of their lives.  This scum only has to worry about it for 18 months which gives him more time to think about other victims.

@Eriecountyresident  I agree!  He should be put under the jail and forgotten.


This is justice served on a silver platter... NOT! I wonder, maybe if this POS had a substantial amount of drugs he'd easliy get the jail time he rightfully deserves, because then he's not JUST a pedophile, but now he's hindering our "beloved war on drugs"! Does anyone see the bass-ackwardsness of this situation!?! We are soo busy shelling out our money to and concentrating so many efforts toward drugs and the idiots that use them, that FILTH like this are slapped on the wrist and free to walk amongst our children after a few months!!!

Cracked Cherry

 Looks like he is daydreaming of his next victims in 18 months. The judge must not have children to worry about like we do. 


You know I am right Mr. Moderator!

Lisa Rogers

Where were the parents in all this. Watch your kids closely. With barb as a mom & Kevin as step-dad, NO WONDER THIS BOY TURNED OUT THIE WAY


Drugs are taking over peoples lives. This dude looks high as a kite or man on stilts. Where his mama at ? geez!