REPORTERS' NOTEBOOK: No gay rodeo at fair

Looks like the Erie County Fair won't feature a gay rodeo, after all. Last week, when I wrote a story about the Erie
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Looks like the Erie County Fair won't feature a gay rodeo, after all.

Last week, when I wrote a story about the Erie County Fair Board's decision to not sell beer in 2007, the board's president, Bob McDowell, mentioned the fair would have its first rodeo event in several years. It's a prominent touring rodeo, McDowell told me -- the Big Horn Rodeo.

When I googled "Big Horn Rodeo," I discovered that the Big Horn Rodeo is hosted annually in Las Vegas, sponsored by the National Gay Rodeo Association and is "one of the largest rodeos on the gay circuit." But it's a local event in Las Vegas, not a touring rodeo.

I left the name of the rodeo out of my story and called McDowell back to clarify. After checking his paperwork, McDowell clarified the fair is bringing in the Broken Horn Rodeo, which hails from the Broken Horn Ranch in Ripley, Ohio. The family-owned business, experienced in the rodeo trade, promises "good family entertainment."

-- Tom Jackson

Concrete + goat = not good

After a meeting last week, Ottawa County commissioner Carl Koebel relayed a story about a nun and her goat.

The woman told him that her goat had eaten powdered concrete and then drank some water. Apparently the two mixed together and created solid concrete in the goat's stomach, killing the animal.

"I wasn't sure whether to believe it," Koebel said. "She said, 'I'm a nun.'"

"Again, I'm not sure I can believe it."

-- Jacob Lammers

McKeen not becoming a Sanduskian

Commissioner Nancy McKeen recently bought a condo in Sandusky, prompting speculation that the longtime Perkins Township resident is moving to the city.

There's even been talk that McKeen, a county commissioner retiring at the end of the year, will add Sandusky to her political resume by running for city commission.

McKeen, though, says she's staying put. She bought the condo "as an investment" and her sister lives there now.

-- Tom Jackson

Technical difficulties at city hall

City hall experienced some technical difficulties last week with the toner cartridge in the fax machine at the city manager's office.

The fax machine was out of order for several days, causing the city to find a public records request from the Register and an application for the open commission seat a few days late. Apparently city officials hadn't noticed the lack of faxes.

They said the fax machine has since been fixed.

-- Jennifer Grathwol

Cement block mystery solved downtown

Suspicions about random cement blocks appearing indowntown Sandusky were solved Friday when a lighthouse statue appeared on top of one located in front of the Register building.

Until the statue appeared, which is one of 25 placed downtown as part of the Light in the Harbor community art project, I and other co-workers were curious about the platforms.

When I first saw one outside the Erie County Courthouse earlier in the week, I kicked the square, thinking it was a piece of trash. Real smart, I know.

Although the cement was hard, my toe, fortunately, was not injured.

-- Holly Abrams