MetroParks considers disc golf course

Narrow fairways and winding greens provide problems when people play at the inclusive Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters Tournament.
Andy Ouriel
Jun 15, 2012


Narrow fairways and winding greens provide problems when people play at the inclusive Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters Tournament.

But a newly proposed golfing layout in Erie County offers even trickier hazards, including soccer goal posts and playground equipment players must avoid to strike the green.

Erie MetroParks officials want to install a nine-hole disc golf course on the Osborn MetroPark premises, off Perkins Avenue near Cleveland Road.

The Professional Disc Golf Association equates the recreational sport to traditional golf, except players use a flying disc or Frisbee instead of balls, and fling the objects rather than swing clubs.

Disc golfers do start from teeing areas and eventually wind up on putting greens.

Players strive to complete each hole in the fewest number of strokes, or throws, possible into an elevated metal basket substituting for a hole.

Park officials recently reassessed what community members want from the district.

The answer: More free activities showcasing the park’s outdoor venues.

The sport is popular. There are 2,500 organized leagues across the U.S. with 10 million people playing at least once, according to the Disc Golf Association.

“We think of it as responding to the community’s desire to have more programs and more recreational activities across the park district,” Erie MetroParks commissioner Kurt Landefeld said.

MetroParks officials expect to spend roughly $5,000 to install a disc golf setup.

The 10-acre course should open sometime in late 2012.

The park district, however, plans to offset any disc golf-related expanses by soliciting sponsors for the holes.

Also, the course requires little maintenance, with mowing and trimming, as opposed to daily upkeep on a traditional golf course.

“With disc golf being a growing sport and becoming very popular for all age groups, it would be a fun, recreational activity to add to our park system,” Erie MetroParks employee Adam Saylor wrote in a report submitted to park commissioners.

Saylor brainstormed the idea and executed the details, including the course layout.

“With everything costing money in society these days, a free, recreational activity that can be played year-round will be a big draw to Osborn MetroPark,” Saylor wrote in his report.

For more local recreation news, including a story on improvements to Mills Creek Golf Course, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.





Sell the parks a put the money to good use OR charge for admission

I'm tired of the freebees and gimmie gimmie

wonder why people leave schools town and county

open your eyes wages are not the same

auto workers force retire

city county salary want more money

have you ever asked why their income stays the same

do you really think the city manager is worth something like $137,000

It time for less wages for salary people in our town and county

what are they going to do get another job not for the current wage





Great idea.  I can personally say growing up in sandusky I had never heard of frisbee golf before leaving this area.  Once I played I loved it.  I've asked many locals if they even know what it was and every answer is "frisbee golf what?"  I know it is a game that many in this area will enjoy once they realize it's out there.


Yea PIB has had frisbee golf for years. Also a couple of places in Tiffin offer it as well. Good ol fashioned fun.

Jane Goodall

how do i contribute ? or will they just tax me for this nonsense


What a waste of money.  Just another obstacle the maintenance people have to trim around adding cost to the maintenance of the grounds.  We have them where I live and they are hardly ever used.  In fact, most people don't even know what they are.  Why not have the Whammo Company, who invented the frisbee, fund this foolhardy nonsense?


I would have rather seen this money used to repair and keep the swimming pool in operation.


This course will eclipse anything the park system has done.The popularity if this game is immense.Now here is how you pay for it.At the first tee have a pipe safe that will hold the dollar that everone wants to contribute.Get more of these going around the county and family fun will finally be seen as something the county has provided.What about inter-schoolastic competion?What about father - son or mother daughter teams.Just get the sports stores to carry the various disks add a water cooler.


Great idea,get it started?

the lizzzard


 the norwalk area disc golf association is partially self funded. they hold a league of sorts on monday nights where admission is $5 a head. $1 from each person is put into a funnd to help either impprove the discgolf course and held fund for repairs. also any tournament thrown by that disc golf club takes a portion of each entry free for the same reasons.

they've also taken donation from area businesses for their signage at each hole. when an area business donated the money for a single sign, their store logo was put on it. cheep advertising for local business.

personally i've been playing discgolf in norwalk for over adecade now and the number of people playing now as opposed to back then is astounding. as a club we've held expo's for the senior citizens at the hospital as well as the local schools. i've seen kids play our course as well as a regular group of localdoctors. we even have a senior citizen show up every monday, so there really is no age restriction to this game.


 9 holes is a start, but an 18+ hole course wil bring more people in. actually, every place that started out with a 9 hole course has expanded within 5 years to an 18 hole course because of the growth in popularity. theres a 24 holecourse in norwalk, and it gets used daily, and even very frequently throughout the winter.

the bigger the course the better. in norwalk they throws a winter discgolf tournament that acts as a local fundraiser for the area salvation army by making canned foods as part of each players tournament fees.

and im struggling to see how 9 metal posts is going to be more work for the maintenance department... if they cant manage 9 posts, then there are greater issues at hand.

norwalk throws a few tournaments each year and other communities come down and throw their tournaments. peope from michigan, toledo, penn, columbus and everywhere in between come for these tournaments, which means outside money being spent in the area. there's a giant 2 day tournnament in colummbus that draws in hundredsof poeple... so how anyone could see this as being bad for the community is just insanity.


Veteran's Memorial Park on Old State Rd. in Norwalk has had this for years.  @mrlizzard, why would someone pay to play at the Erie Co metroparks when they can play for free in Norwalk?  @Jerryinsandtucky, what is that useless rant all about?  $137,000/yr?  A CEO for a comparable size company in the private sector would pay that person millions.  We know where you stand though.  The taxpayers should foot the bill for a $100K/yr union street department worker with no skills but pay half that for a well educated/experienced city manager.  Only in America do people believe we should pay an imbecile with no real skill/responsibility, with the hardest decision they will have to make at work being where to eat on their lunch break, more than someone someone who is a skilled manager, responsible for hundreds of workers and millions of dollars in taxpayer money.


 OK, let me get this correct.

There is no cost to play this frisbee golf but it cost $15.00 to take your dog to the dog park.  

What's up with that?

Captain Gutz



If you are stupid enough to own a dog you deserve to be charged. That's why you have to buy a mutt license every year, and you do it willingly.





your behind time the people that have this so called education are dumber than a box of rocks look at the city we pay big money for people to come here a tell them what to do and they don't listen, but they will get their raises anyhow .........................

and you holler about union worker.





 HAving played both Ball Golf and Disc, I can tell you this is a great thing for Sandusky. This sport is awesome and the fact that it is free makes it even better. I live in AZ and will certainly come and play this course when I come home, I would rather it be an 18 hole course. If done properly this course will cost the city close to nothing! You sell tee sponsorships for each hole, $500 is a fair price, this covers the cost of the basket and some of the tee pad and signage expense. I laid out a course design for this park about a year ago. I hope that whoever is designing this one knows what they are doing. A poorly designed course or one that causes issues can be more of a burden than an asset. I would suggest getting the Norwalk Club involved with the design..Looking forward to tossing plastic at metal in the near future!


 In the second paragraph it says tricky hazards like soccer goal and playground equpment?? This indicates to me that the design could be bad...Hell what do I know I'm just a guy sitting in AZ, but I can tell you if the course is anyway near other activities you are going to have big trouble and a lawsuit on your hands in no time! We have partnered with the City of Phoenix and set a standard set of rules as they relate to Disc Golf Course Design, I would be happy to speak with the city of the course designer. Please feel free to message me here, with your email or number and I will contact you


just had my second hip transplant --- the same hip.

So, will this new complex have also golf carts?