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MILAN Sue Reer was chosen out of more than 60 nominations as "Simply the Best Mother,' but she has been much more
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Sue Reer was chosen out of more than 60 nominations as “Simply the Best Mother,” but she has been much more to many others.

The nomination letter, sent in by her daughter Sherry MacKay, tells of a woman who has been the epitome of selflessness her entire life. As one of 13 children, Sue left school early and began working full time to help support her family. After getting married, she helped her husband on the farm and became his accountant and bookkeeper once he started his own business. She also finished her education.

As a mother of eight, Sue instilled life-long attributes in her children encouraging them to be honest, loving, God-fearing people.

Sherry said she remembers several specific times when her mother’s compassion  abounded.

“It was the blizzard of ’77 and an older couple, their car was stuck in a snow bank. My dad brought them to our house and he was so shocked, but glad, when mom had offered them their bed,” Sherry said. “They were an older couple, and she would always put other people before herself.”

Opening her home to others wasn’t unusual for Sue. She often invited people over for Thanksgiving who didn’t have family, or who had to be away from their families for the holiday.

“It’s an old-fashioned way, but sometimes a forgotten way, and she’s showed us that through the years,” Sherry said.

In addition to her kindness, Sherry said she her mother has been so many things to her over the years.

“She’s my private confidant. A lot of people pay for counselors, and I don’t have to pay for one. She gives good advice and is a great financial advisor,” she said. “One thing I learned from my mom is always to look to God. She lives that every day of her life and it passed on to our children and their children.”

Through tears, Sherry explained why she nominated her mother for “Simply the Best.”

“My mom is always an inspiration. I wanted her to feel special, that I would care enough to do that for her and share that with other people,” Sherry said.

After finding out she was nominated and then chosen as the winner, Sue was modest and humble.

“I’ll tell you, I never expected to be. I haven’t done anything to deserve it. There’s a lot of women out there that deserves it more than me,” she said.

She said the most important lesson a mother can teach her children is the importance of family.

“To teach your children to love each other and that family is the most important thing in the world,” she said.

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By Sherry MacKay (Featured Essay)

My Mom is the best!  My Mom has always put others before herself.  As a young adult she took on responsiblities to help support the needs in her home.  Being 1 of 13 children, she dropped out of school so she could work a full time job.  She was a great worker and had a great reputation.  She met our dad while working and married at a young age.  She never once thought only of herself.  She helped our dad with farming and continued to help with her mother & father's needs.  She partnered with our father (who started his own business) and worked as his bookkeeper and accountant.  My Mother figured out how to save money and feed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and then 8, children of her own.  Each part of her life gave a new display of her selflessness.  There was continued sacrifies made as she helped each one of us grow to recieve Christ and love one anther.  She never gave up.  She did receive her GED during a busy part of her life.   She was and still is a great financial advisor to each of her children, 27 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. 

Over the years I believe we all have learned so much from our Mother.  We watched her take people in during a blizzard, giving up her own bed so they could rest for the night.  She gave food to homeless individuals who passed by our home.  She would invite different folks to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us because they had no family to be with.  She has been there for each one of her children to walk them throught happy times and to help hold our hands during our sad times.  She has shown us how to be strong, truthful, courageous, caring and Godly.  Her love for us will always be a part of who we are.  She is a Great Mom, I believe that is because she had a Great Mother to model after.

By Brenda Baum

Why my mom, Karen S. Canter, is the Best Mom in the World!

    I find myself often saying “The older I get, the smarter my mom gets!” At 12 my family escaped an alcoholic, abusive man that was her husband and our father. Life would be a struggle as we strived to find our footing in this big world. But through it all Mom was my Rock: loving, supportive, and consistent. As a teen, I chose drugs, promiscuity, and defiance. Even though she should’ve been ashamed of me, Mom stood by me. At 19 I became pregnant. Who did I turn too? My rock! She helped me realize that it was time for me to grow up and be his mom. I stopped partying, went to college, and met the man of my dreams, my husband. We had another beautiful son. Now, I’m busy being someone’s mom and making every effort to lead by example for my boys. I pray, everyday that I’ve given my children the love and support that they’ve needed. At 19, I thought I had the world all figured out. How wrong I was! I’ve learned that you’re always learning. No matter what regretful decisions my mother thought she made in raising us, she gave us 150% of herself. I’ve learned that we can’t rewind time and do it over. I know that through it all, she only thought of my happiness and often sacrificed her own. She is now that same rock for her grandchildren. No one in this world can love them, flaws and all, like Nanny can! I realize now, how hard it is to be Mom. I realize that I do make mistakes with my children, but I pray that when they are old enough to reflect back on their life, they know that I gave 150% of myself, like Mom did for me.

By  Sherry Querin and Sandy Taylor

    My name is Sherry Querin and I wrote the poem for my mom.  I wanted to elaborate a little more on why my mom is the best because she did not have an easy life.  My father left and she could have very easily given us up but she said that it never crossed her mind.  She moved us to the country not knowing anyone to start a new life.  She made the hard times as easy on us as possible and we never wanted for anything we even had a christmas one year that she did on $68.00 because that was all she got on unemployment after she got layed off from her job.  My mother did amazing things and that is why I wrote the poem for her and that is why she gets a gift on Father's Day because she is not only our mother but our father as well and she will always be our best friend.  Love You Mom, Sherry Querin and Sandy Taylor

I wrote a poem for my mom that explains our whole  life and this is why my mom is an angel here on earth.  This poem is for every mom that had it rough raising children but managed to overcome the obsticles in life.  The poem is titled "A Mothers Love" My mother had us out of love.  A gift from God the man above.  My father left us at a very young age.  My mother went out to try and earn a decent wage.  She took care of us when we were hurt or sick.  Her love for her children runs so thick.  I can never repay the kindness and the love.  She was the gift sent from above.  She sacrificed her life for what we are today.  For that we love our mom in every way.  Happy Mothers Day Mom from Sherry Querin and Sandy Taylor.

“Simply the Best” Mother

By EL Da’ Sheon Nix

    When I was a baby she fed me, bathed me, and sang me to sleep…My Mother is a nurturer

    When I was young and got hurt while playing in the neighborhood she dried my eyes, cleaned my cuts, and applied band aids before sending me back out there...My Mother is a nurse

    When I came home from school with homework and tests to study for she assisted me with homework and perfected my study habits…My Mother is a teacher

    When I was hungry, needed money and the bills needed to paid, and my father was not there she cooked, she worked overtime, and she taught me how to be tough…My Mother is a cook, a provider, and a ‘father figure’

    When my friends were having problems in their own homes and began making negative decisions my mother took them in, listened to their problems, and treated them like her own…My Mother is a Mother to others

    When I played sports she came to every game, cheered, pointed out what I did well, but also pointed out what I could have done better…My Mother is fan and coach

    When I was told that I had a career ending injury and my dreams of becoming a professional athlete would probably never come true she channeled my anger, kept me focus on life’s big picture, and reminded me that God has other plans for me…My Mother is a motivator and a ROCK of faith.

    Now that I am a man who strives to better the lives of others she smiles and pushes me...My Mother is a proud Mother

    Why is My Mother “Simply the Best?” Catherine Nix is SIMPLY the BEST because she is so much more than a Mother!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

By Tammy Lee

Sometimes the most extraordinary things are found in the ordinary. My mom, Betty Rowles, is the best simply because she was a normal everyday mom. She was always there when my brother and I came home from school. We never came home to an empty house. My Mother never worked outside the home. Not because we couldn't have used some extra dollars, but because she and my dad decided we needed her more. My mom played games with us, read to us, laughed with us and cried with us. My mom turned difficult times into adventures.

     My mom has been through a lot. She grew up without a mother since the age of 5. She was married to my Father at the age of 16 and is still married to him after 47 years.

7 1/2 years ago she was diagnosed with Lymphoma, but with treatment and her strong faith in God she made it through. Through recent testing it was discovered that her cancer has come back. She had two surgeries and spent 10 days in the hospital in March. Though her future is rather uncertain right now, my mom handles life's problems with grace and dignity. She is a wonderful example to her children and grandchildren.That is why my mom is the simply the best.

By Haley Loughton 

       Sometimes, when someone I know sees a picture of me,

they tell me that for a minute they thought it was my mom. 

Likewise, there have been times when my mom’s friends have told

her she looks just like me in pictures.  The 30 year age

difference doesn’t seem to matter.  I am my mother’s daughter.

        But what makes my mother so great is not the fact that

she looks so much like me.  She is the best mother because of

who she is; the person she has become and the person she will

always be to me. 

        A best friend is usually thought to be the one friend a

person has that is above all the others; the one that person

feels the strongest connection towards, or the one that person

would go to if faced with a problem.  I have a best friend, and

I feel so lucky to say that my best friend is my mom.  We are so

alike in so many ways that 99% of things I talk to her about,

she relates to and understands.  I always tell her that if I had

been alive when she was my age, we would have been best

friends.  In reality, we would’ve almost been twins. 

        My mother is great because she has raised me and my

brother, she’s caring and loving, and she’s got a great soul. 

But she is the best for so many more reasons.  She is great

because she has taught me to be a moral person, to stand up for

what I believe in, to do what I want to do because I want it,

not because other people want it.  She is great because she is

my best friend. 

By P. Castello   

    My mom, Margaret Castello is simply the best. The important job of motherhood never ends, and my 84 year old mother is evidence of that. She raised eight children and gave endlessly of herself in the process. Mom had supper on the table every night, clean clothes for all eight, always time to listen, and most importantly a loving and safe place for us to call home.

     We, (eight kids, Mom and Dad), lived in a small house with three bedrooms and one bathroom. Such cramped quarters would be unthinkable with all the amenities today, but we thought we had the world. Mom believed the kids always came first, sometimes to the dismay of my equally loving father. She was never a person who focused on material things and asks nothing for herself. Of course needs were much simpler then, but multiply anything times eight! Looking back it seems my mother accomplished an impossible task.

    Perhaps the most important thing Mom taught us was to always be truthful. We felt we could get through anything as long as we were honest with ourselves and others. Mom continues to influence her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren with her humor, love, and strength of character.

     Time passes, roles change, and once again I get to hold my mother's hand. Although as we walk she may lean on me, I will continue to lean on her forever. I speak for all my brothers and sisters when I say: We love you Mom, you are the best. Happy Mother's Day.

By Mikayla, Cole, Jilienne, and Mikayla Hundley

Our Mom, Vicki is the best Mom in the world because she teaches us how to be better at school, sports, and basically everything. And we love her so much because we do lots of fun things with her. Often we have mom and kids time that means we would all go out to see a movie, shopping then go out to eat. The other reason we love her to death is because she is an active parent who is willing to play games, go outside, go for bike rides or just run around. She always signs my brother, sister and me up for sports.  She wants us to be active and not get into bad habits such as sitting in front of the tv all day. She makes sure that we get lots of out door activities such as camping, swimming, and going to Cedar Point. The most amazing thing is she is a single mom who works very hard to take care of three kids and is doing an amazing job at it.


By Susan Dolan

My mom is THE BEST because, at 85 years young, she still considers family her #1 priority and remains extremely active throughout the community. This spunky gal, also known as “Grandma HO”, has endeared herself; not only to her family, but also to those she helps.

She has often been seen on Kelley’s Island, enjoying her son and his family and mingling with most of the locals. Her three great-grandchildren have been fortunate enough to enjoy her visits to their homes in Westerville and Cincinnati, and her time with them on Kelley’s Island.

Her six “grown” grandchildren grew up knowing “Grandma Ho” would be at their functions. She has joined them at their demolition derbies, sporting events, band concerts, college graduations, fair exhibits, and even a trip to Europe with 2 of her grandkids.

She can be found volunteering at State Theatre, baking for Amvets Auxiliary sales for community/hospital projects, helping with the monthly birthday party for the Alzheimer's unit at OVH with Elks members, sewing school kits at Zion Church, or calling bingo for Amvets Auxiliary at the Vets Home. Talk about a mom that “gives,” and you’re talking about my mom!

Words can’t express how proud I am, to have had her as a role model and best friend. Her quiet strength and support helped my brother and I to survive our cancer battles and focus on the future. I don’t believe I have ever heard her speak ill of another person, as she always seems to see the best in everyone. Her positive, happy attitude makes her a joy to be around.

I have been blessed to have “the best mom EVER” and hope she knows how precious she is to her “HO FAMILY.”

By Mickey Holzhauser

Best “Mom” Ever

I would like to write about my Mother-in Law, Gloria Holzhauser, and the best Mother-in Law, bar none.   She has been my Mother-in Law for 36 years.  No One could be more supportive and caring than she has been.  She also saw me through a bout of cancer.  Then had to do the same with her daughter and son, my husband.  She was there (at 3 a.m.) for the birth of her first grandchild, our son, John and had been a constant in the lives of all her grandchildren and now three great-grandchildren who refer to affectionately as “Grandma Ho”.  We have a home on Kelleys Island which we built in 1991.  At the age of 70, Gloria was tying on a carpenter’s apron and going up on the roof to help shingle when her son decided that probably wasn’t a great idea.  She has been there for every celebration and milestone in her children’s and grandchildren’s lives, from school activities to 21st birthday parties.  She even went to our “adopted” son’s bachelor party on Put in Bay.  A whole generation of our son and daughter’s college friends also claims her as “Grandma Ho”.  She will leave a great legacy of good works and good times.  I have said this many times, “I wouldn’t trade my Mother-in Law for anyone else in the world.

By Barbara Hargreaves

Attributes that make a person “simply the best” might include great listening skills, being non-judgmental, and encouraging others to be accountable for their actions. It would also include teaching that everyone loves to win, but being a gracious loser is equally important.

Wait a Minute………..I’ve just described our MOM!

She deserves every honor ever bestowed upon a hero. She’s the person who puts everyone before herself. She instilled a good work ethic in all her kids and taught us that if we want something, we CAN make it happen by listening to our hearts.

Mom has 9 “children” now ages 45-63.  Can you imagine years of juggling that many schedules? We were all involved in 4-H, Band, Drama Club, FFA, Church youth groups, Choir and working at our numerous jobs and she could literally be at 2 opposite ends of the county at the same time…our Mom could do anything!  She’s still doing it, but at a slower pace.

Mom just received her 50 year award as an Erie Co. 4-H Advisor. She’s involved in Grange, Church, senior activities and taking care of an ill spouse.  Her crochet hook always has a project attached to it as does her sewing machine, and on her “slow” days, she’s only got 2 crossword puzzles in the making!

If there is anyone deserving of an award, it would be Ethel Lois Smith, our Mom. If there is anyone who could endure what she has and come out with a smile on her face, it’s our Mom. She’s lived her life setting a fine example to so many along the way, and we’re so happy she chose each of us to be her kids.

You always have and always will be the best Mom!

By Kaitlyn Stanley

My Mom is the best mom ever!

She likes to take me shopping. It is important to me because I get a

chance to spend time with my mom! We love each other very much! She

takes care of me and she is really nice.

Mom works really hard and sometimes she spends long hours at the florist

shop. She likes to support me! I am lucky to have her as a mom.

By Annee Smith

My mom Linda Smith is the best. We like to go shopping together. We are

best friends and love each other very much. My mom is a fun person. We

love to tease each other. I go to my mom for advice. She helps me with

hard things and is very supportive of whatever I do. I rely on my mom

for guidance. My mom is a wonderful parent. She wants me to be healthy.

My mom is teaching me to eat healthier foods and encourages me to

exercise. Mom and I have a special song and it is called “You’ll be in

my Heart” from the Disney movie, “Tarzan” by Phil Collins.

By Amy Edwards

Mindy Edwards is the greatest mom in Perkins Township.  My Mom is very

special to me.  She is beautiful inside her heart.

My mom takes good care of me.  She cooks very good meals and encourages

me to eat healthy and exercise.  Mom and I like to play games.  She is a

good Uno player.

Mom, Dad, and I like to go bowling.

It is fun.  Mom and I like to go shopping together. She buys me pretty

clothes and nice earrings.  It is a special treat for us to go out to

eat. Mom and I get our favorite foods.  We love to spend time together.

By Cody Grizzell

To me, my mom is the best. She does so many things. Mom plays PS3 with

me. She watches football with me. Mom bakes chocolate cake for me

because it’s my favorite. She encourages me to stay in Boy Socuts and be-

come an Eagle Scout. Mom tells me she loves me. She wants me to succeed

in life. She takes care of our family, but she really likes it when I

help clean the house. Mom is a cool Mom.

By George Costello

My mom, Mary Ann Costello, is a special Mom and I like to play games

together with her. She bought me an X-box and games. We like to watch

T.V. and DVD’s on the big screen T.V.

Mom and I go to the library to look for books, movies and DVD’s. Mom

takes me bowling and cheers me on while I bowl.

Mom cooks my favorite meals. Our favorite restaurant is Casa Fiesta. We

like to go out to eat. Mom and I have a good time together.

Love, George Costello

By Chelsey Tegnell

My Mom’s name is Melody Sullivan.

My mom is a loving and caring mom. I know my mom takes care of my needs

and I know she loves me. She enjoys playing games with me. She

especially likes Uno, Life, Yahtzee, Clue, and the card game Rummy. She

is good at making homemade Sloppy Joes.  She likes to walk the track

during my track practice. My mom also volunteers to help the track coach

with the softball throw. She is good at taking me places I have to go.

My mom is grumpy sometimes especially when she wakes up.



Love, Chelsey Tegnell

By Samantha Beverick

My Mom’s name is Julia Beverick. She is a very nice person. Mom is very

trustworthy. I can talk to her about anything. My mom and I like to go

shopping together. We like to go to different malls. She is a very good

cook. My mom bakes the best desserts. She likes to golf with her

friends. My mom is a very good golfer. She likes to tell jokes and play

games as a family. My mom is a very special person to me and likes to

help other people. She is the greatest mom ever!

By Dylan L Sams

My mom’s name is Diane Chevalier.  She is very nice and kind. She makes

me laugh, she is so funny! She likes to imitate different things and

people.  Mom always drives the speed limit.

Mom plays games with my sister Tess and me.

My mom is always happy when I help her around the house by vacuuming and

cleaning.  Also, Mom makes good food.

My mom and I have a business together. I create pottery and mom creates

jewelry.  I always help her set-up our tables at all of our shows.  I

enjoy the long bike rides my sister and I go on with our mom. We enjoy

riding around Huron.  Mom is really cool!

I love my old lady!


By Antonio Alexander

My mom is so awesome! I love to draw and mom encourages me to keep doing

art. We play cards together. Mom laughs and has fun with me. She gives

me good advice. Mom takes really good care of me. Sometimes Mom makes my

favorite food. Mom loves me. She is my friend. Mom is the best.

                            I L U,



By Nicole Bays

My mom's name is Maggie Bays.  My mom is naturally crazy but she is always nice.  She loves to do things with me.  We always have a great time together.  Mom loves to play the game, Trouble.  She always wins when I play with her!  Mom also loves to read mystery novels and watch T.V.  We love to watch comedy shows like Reba (together). Mom certainly spoils me.  She buys me gifts often.  I love that!  Mom also goes on school field trips with me.  I love that, too!  Mom loves teasing my dad, like I do.  I love my mom.  She is the best!

By Emily Leber  

Why My Mother is the Greatest Essay (280 words)    

My mother does not wear a “super” cape, nor does she spend her evenings eliminating villainous fiends.  Instead, she works for a greater cause: raising three teenagers to be strong-minded, sincere individuals. Her eldest son, a sophomore in college, often visits late at night- difficult homework in hand. Despite her peaceful refuge awaiting her (also known as her bed), she chooses to spend her night exploring the marvelous world of business with her firstborn.  The following night, she witnesses her eldest daughter’s heart break as our family watches the evening news and hears about the malicious murders that are continuing in Sudan. She knows her middle child’s longing to become a medical missionary to aid these oppressedpeople; therefore, she encourages her daughter to fulfill her dreams, even when everyone else says that it is impossible. Later that week, my mother notices her youngest child’s discouragement after a painful loss in that evening’s track meet.  Mom embraces her baby and reminds her daughter that there is always tomorrow to try again. > The fact is, being agreat mom does not necessarily require an enchanting lifestyle.  In truth, the times mothers spend with their children, providing continuous support and unconditional love, makes an unimaginable impact on their children’slives.  My mother has reminded me, on countless occasions, that I am the only person capable of making my dreams become reality.  Yet, she has also done everything in her power to grant me every resource (and fond words) I could ever need. Although I could never accurately express my gratitude for my mother, I want to say thank you for every sacrifice she has made for me and my siblings. Happy Mother’s Day!

By: Dustin Auble-16


Mother, the person who gives so much and yet, recieves so little.

Mother, the person who makes sacrifices,  to reassure that her children are clothed and fed.

Mother, the loving and tender being who's touch can fill ones heart with nothing other than joy, and comfort.

    The previous "definitions" are examples of aspects that my own mother has portrayed, characterizing her as only the best. Julie Sosa, the woman I am honored to call my mother, has done so much, and has recieved so little in return for everything she does.  This is the woman who donates her time and dedication into making her children's lives worth while. This is the woman who loves unconditionally, my mother.

    My mother, Julie Renee Sosa, is truly the most prodigious person that I could have ever recieved to influence my life. I consider myself to be the luckiest individual in the world to have ever recieved a person with these very desirable traits. This woman exemplifies the ideal mother in variation, beginning with her positive outlook on life, finishing with her caring, forgiving, and understanding disposition.

    Barely 16 years ago, this astounding woman took on the challenge of single-handedly raising myself, her only son, trying to give me everything she never had. My mother's nurturning nature has helped me become who I am today, and will shape who I will become tomorrow. Without this woman, I would be nothing. Her understanding personality has carried me when I was down. Anytime I ever needed her, she was there, and if I know my mother, she will always be.

     This amazingly remarkable woman deserves so much more than I am able to give. All I ask, is that this amazing woman, whom is the best mother, and my mother, to realize how much she is loved and appreciated by everything she does. This is why my mother is the best. Happy Mother' Day Mom!!!


By Kim Steible

Why My Mom is the Best in the World

    My Mom is the best in the world because she spent a lifetime putting up with me.   She is there when I need her still and these days she’s a Grama Great.  My Mom has had a long and difficult road, but she has walked it with dignity and pride.  Pride in herself and in her children.

    My Mom raised four children who are strong and independent.  One of us works for the government, one is an Administrative Secretary, one a would-be writer and the youngest is in college studying to become a Special Needs Therapist.

    My mother accomplished this future for her children as a beautician.  She worked 10 hour days 5 days a week and while we were young, we seldom said thank-you.  Sure, there were times, but more often than not it was a thankless task raising us.  While I don’t remember her complaining, I am certain as I look back that there were times she surely should have.

    Our home was always clean.  We never missed a single meal.  We had vacations, family outings and picnic afternoons.  We were amused and coddled and clothed and spoiled.  We were disciplined when we deserved it and rewarded when we earned it.  We learned about God and the importance of family.  We learned that family was the basis of good strong ethics and that we would never be without ours. We learned to never say things we weren’t willing to repeat.  We learned to respect others and treat them as we would expect to be treated. We became who we are because of her.

    Hey, Peggy King, thanks for being our Mom.

By Jackie McIlrath

 Ask me who’s the best mom I know. I'll answer with mine, Kim McIlrath. Not because she’s mine, but because she is. No words strung together in a sentence could come close to how awesome she is. Her love for her 4 kids is deeper and stronger then any love I've ever known.

    My moms one of the most caring women I know. Everyday she goes to work not because she wants to but because she loves her family just that much. Whenever something happens to her kids she’s always the first one there, even if it’s a scrap on the knee.

    My moms not only the best mom I know but also the best friend I have. She can tell just by looking at me if something’s wrong and right away knows the right thing to say to make me feel better. She always comforts me and just listens to me when I need to talk. She’s also very supportive and motivates me to do better with everything I do. She’s always pushing me to my limit, and supporting me with every move I make, even if it’s the wrong one and I fall down. She’s always picking me back up and pushes me to do more and better.

    So not only is Kim McIlrath the best mom. She’s the best friend, The best sister, and the best wife out there.

By Logan James

I think that Tyra James, my mother, is the best mother. Tyra is loving, honest, respectful, nice and very caring. The reason Tyra is the best mom ever is because she helps people lose weight. My mom has been a very inspiring person, changing people’s lives making them healthier and fit. My mom is so awesome! She has really inspired me to do sports. She was a very good volleyball player and was in magazines and in the paper! Then when I was born she had to quit volleyball for awhile to stay home with me and take care of me the whole time. But I know my mom enjoyed it. Everyone would say I looked just like her and my dad split in half. I think I take after her!

As I got older, my mom decided to open a Christian book store. It was like a little store, nothing too big. It was a good store, selling a lot of books. Then after that my mother wanted to have her own fitness studio. She said “The Lord told me that this is my job. This is what I’m supposed to do for a living.” So, then her first studio was by a balloon place. She stayed there for quite a while. It was nice, but too small for her machines. After that, she wanted a bigger place and found one down town next to the Lunch Box. She is still there. But now she is opening an even bigger place next to the Revol store. It is going great so far. They really just have to put the machines inside of it. My mom is the best mom ever. When she says that she loves me, I know she means it. That’s why my mom is the best mom ever!

By Jennifer (Ott) Galloway

I can be totally honest when I say you don’t realize how great your Mom is, until you become a Mom yourself! Being the Mom of two teenagers now, I realize the impact my Mom had on my life and   I realize how much My Mom sacrificed and gave me so much growing up!  Let’s face it…teenagers don’t like their Mothers very well!  I find myself saying too many times….”Wow, I sound just like MY Mom!”   I never knew how “right” she really was until I had to start disciplining my own children!

My Mom is the best because she worked full time so that we could have pizza on Friday nights.  My Mom is the best because she took us on trips every year without fail!  My Mom is the best because she always supported my decisions (even when she knew they may not be the right ones).  My Mom is the best because she raised FOUR teenagers under one roof and survived it!! How’d ya do it, Mom????   My Mom is the best because even though I was the 3rd girl and I was supposed to be a BOY – she still loved me unconditionally!!!

My Mom has always been there for me.  She is a wonderful Grandmother to her grandchildren and does just as much for them as she did for us as a  Mom.  She is asking constantly if she can help out with the kids, and comes to every one of their sporting functions.   She has not only been a Wonderful Mother, Role Model,  and friend she is now an awesome Grandma!

My Mom’s name is Barb Ott and many people know her from Kroger.  She is the talkative smiling one behind the deli counter!  Stop by and tell her she is Great!

Submitted by her youngest daughter,

Michelle Klepper

My mother is Patricia Leavelle, a.k.a. best mother of all time to myself, Michael and Joshua Fields.  She was raised by loving parents, oldest of five children, and really didn’t have much growing up.  My mother was taught respect, kindness to all, never judging and fearing God.  She has carried these things still today.  My mother went to school and working in nursing for the last 30 years plus all while raising her children, which sometimes was not easy!  She gave tough love when needed and words of encouragement and understanding always!  My mother has been through many challenging times and her own struggles but she has a love for her children, grandchildren, and family like no one else.  She continues to work while taking care of her parents needs even though I know she is tired.

When I look at my mother I see an incredible woman who is intelligent, strong and loving.  I can’t imagine my life without her support and mostly her love!  My mother is truly appreciated and the best friend that I will ever have!

By Tira Smith

She reminds me of a super hero,

you know the kind we all want to be.

With her strength she endures any obstacles

for her and for me. Fighting battles

with courage and no fear it seems

Faith so strong, cause she knows her King.

Speaking words to encourage me,

prayers to strengthen and guide me.

With arms that give hugs, comfort, and

safety for me. These are all the

things a mom should be.

Some of these things she was taught

by an even great woman you can see,

others she learned on her own life’s journey.

Cause she is the best mother and

super hero we all want to be,

so has given all these things to

me to pass down our family tree.

By Chris Dudenhoefer

My mom is the best. She helps me when I’m having a hard time with my homework or when I’m fighting with my brothers. When my mom has things to do like pay bills she still fits in time to make dinner. If I were her I would have a really hard time to fit all the things she does in. Another reason why she is the best is because when she has time she plays with me. She is an awesome cook. When ever she makes dinner it’s usually the best meal of the day, especially when she makes linguini and clam sauce. She is also very loving because every night when it’s time for bed she comes up hugs and kisses us goodnight and says prayers. Most of all my mom is the best because she helps me to grow up to be the best I can be. My mom is the best in the world.

By Alexandria Gennaro

My mom is the best because she is very caring and nice. She helps me with growing up. She will always be there for me. When I’m sad she will come and cheer me up by doing funny things. I do nice things for her she rewards me with love. Most of the time she is patient and listens to me. She is very supportive and encourages me. My mom is the greatest in the world!

By Anthony Visci

My mom is the best mom in the world. She is a good cook and she makes me my favorite meals. She is nice and signs me up for many activities. She also protects me so I don’t get hurt. When I am sad, she makes me happy, and she is fun. My mom is the best mom a boy can ever have.

By Kylene Whaley

My mom is the best. She spoils me and gives me almost everything I want. My mom cares about me all the time. Someday I want to follow in her wonderful footsteps. My nice mom loves because I’m special. That’s why my mom is truly the greatest.

By Dominique Pelz

I think that my mom is the best because she helps me with my homework. My mom drives me to my softball practices and cheers me on at my games. She is also patient. If I don’t get something, my mom will help me. She will talk to me and make me understand what I have done wrong. She entertains me and makes me laugh. My mom is special and I think she is the best in the world.

By Danny Covol

My mom is the best. I love when she entertains me. We have so much fun together. She is a good listener. She listens to my problems and tries to fix them. She helped me in the beginning of the school year. I did not know as much as these kids because my old school did not give me the best education so she helped me with my homework. I got a lot smarter. My mom is loving and caring and I want to be like her.

By Erica Henning

My mom is the best because she is a great teacher. I think she’s a great teacher because she taught me a lot that I know, for example she taught me to read when I was two. She is great because she is responsible because she buys when I need like food, water, and clothing. I think she’s the best because she listens to my problems and helps me (she gives great advice!) She is definitely the best because she is an amazing cook! My mom is an amazing cook because she makes great food (she makes all my favorites!) That is why my mom truly is the greatest.

By Alexis Gabel

My mom is the best. Every once and a while we make some of my favorite recipes like Idiot Chicken and Chicken Paprikash. Idiot Chicken is chicken with light gravy and rice over it. Chicken paprikash is red-looking broth and dumplings. And when I’m stuck with problems on my math homework she always helps me with it. When ever I am sad my mom always tries to calm me down and talks to me to see what is wrong with me. I love my mom because she is loving and caring.

By Mary Fanning

My mom is the best because she takes me swimming and sometimes she takes me to school. My mom (Alice) when I need help she reaches out to my hand and helps me with my troubles I can never fix. She cares for me as much as I care for her. My mother always gets the best out of me. My mom Rocks!!

By Tyler Barnard

My mom is the best. She is understanding because she listens to me. My mom is caring because she takes care of me. She is loving because she gives me what I want and gives me hugs and kisses.

By Madeline Armstrong

My mom is the best! She helps me with my homework all the time. My mom is kind because she takes me to my friends’ houses. She is a fantastic cook. My favorite food she cooks is lasagna. My mom is such a good mom and she is so nice.

By Rebecca Baker

My mom is the best. My mom is the best because she plays board games with me. She is so silly because she tells me jokes. My mom is thoughtful because she helps me with my homework. My mom rocks!!:)

By Evan Budd

My mom is the best. She never yells at me. When I need help with homework, she tells me tricks to use in math problems. She makes me laugh and tells me funny jokes. Mom always treats me with respect. When I grow up I wish I could be like you.

By Cole Sabolsky

My mom is the best in the world. She is the best because she listens to me. She’s also the best because she can cook and make me my favorite foods. But the best is she takes me places like Cedar Point, the park, the zoo, the fair, bowling, sporting events, and Chuckie Cheese. My mom is the best in the universe!

By Matt Lamb

My mom is the best. She is also nice because she helps me with my homework. She is also fun because she plays board games with me. My mom is also full of surprises because she always changes her looks.

By Kristen Wehner

My mom is the best. She is very patient. If I am late for dinner she won’t get mad. She makes outstanding sugary chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup on the top. My mom is also very generous. She allowed me to join Girl Scouts. This is why I think my mom is the best mom anyone could ever have!

By Charley Nuesse

Her civilized world I don’t understand,

her ways her moves are strange to me,

I won’t ever see why she picked me,

I’ll never be the woman she is, marrying a man like he,

With my head in the clouds, and her feet on the ground

she keeps me standing still,

with her I feel everything is going to be all right.

The bright stars above she shows them the way,

she tells my day to be kind to me,

and when I bind myself in fears,

she’s there to untie me and wipe away my tears,

and when the day ends silence fills the world

as she tucks me in and kisses me good night,

and leans beside my bed then prays for safety in my life.

The she walks quietly away

wishing joyful dreams upon my mind,

in the morning an affectionate face wakes to her voice,

and the same wonderful day starts with

the same wonderful mother.

By Cassie Yoakum

My mom is the best mom ever! She is the best mom ever because she lets me go to parties and have fun with my friends. She lets me go to sleepovers and have pizza and cake and ice cream. Another reason why my mom is the best mom ever is she buys me items when I don’t have any money, like clothes, food, toys and shoes. The last think that my mom does is she doesn’t yell at me. My mom is the best mom ever because she does a lot of things for me!

By Trenton Majoy

My mom, Diane Majoy, is the best mom ever! My mom works hard to keep me safe and healthy like buying food for me. My mother has to pay to take care of me, to play sports: baseball, basketball, football and golf. She pays for birthday presents and Christmas presents. My mother has to watch me when my dad is gone. She hires my aunt and grandma to watch me when my parents are gone. My mother helps me study for tests, such as reading tests, math tests and the O.A.T. tests. Since we study I have good grades. My mom works hard so I have good grades. In the future I hope my wife works as hard as my mother!

By Sterling Sharp

My mom, Cheryl Talley-Sharp, is the best mom. She is the best mom because she is great at parenting. She always stays home with me so something bad doesn’t happen. She makes food and she tucks me in and we cuddle. I think my mom is the best because she is a good teacher. She teaches me lessons for when I’m older. My mom teaches me manners and how to fight. My mom is also funny and fun. She takes my sister and me to movies and Skate World. She plays games with us like Toss Up, Hoppin Poppin Space Balls, and Snardvarks. My mom is very fun! Some day I hope you met my mom.

By Alexis Johnson

Beautiful times at the park

Eager to help me with school work

Someone who is never too busy

Takes me to many places.

Makes me smile

Observes me many times at home

Takes me through stages of my life

Happy mood all the time

Every weekend mom helps me with softball


By Zoe Knoll

My mom, Kary Millis, is the best mom ever! She always puts my brother, sisters and me first. My mom helps us with the sports we play, such as softball and dance. She will stay up and study with me for spelling and math tests. My mom takes the place of my dad when he’s at work. My mom works hard both at home and work. My mother takes us places like the Castaway Bay arcade to play games. She takes us to whatever store she grocery shops at and lets us buy things on sale. My mom is so nice when it comes to shopping for us! My mother always takes us to Ryan’s if we are good. My mommy helps me understand my homework better. My mother always lets me try out for school plays. My mother loves and cares for us so much. If she knows we’ll get hurt she does not let us do it. For example at the fair there are dangerous rides we can’t ride. My mom always reminds us to take our pills if we are sick. My mom lets us have fun with our friends and her. My mommy is always in a happy mood. I hope my mom stays with me for ever.

By Dominic Rosin

My mom is the best. She is entertaining because she takes me to gigantic parks like Osborn Park, when we were done she takes me to get ice cream from Golly Gee. My mom loves me by feeding me her cookies. There the best. The cookies she makes are chocolate chip, snicker doodle, and peanut butter with snickers. I think my has a cool job. Her job is cutting hair. She is really good at it to because she had somebody come all the way from Toledo to get their hair cut. My mom is definitely the greatest mom in the whole wide world.

By Amanda Haer

Dear Mom, You are the best!

Even when I’m a little down you find a way to cheer me up. When your around my insides light up! You make me much livelier and cheerful, I always think where I might be in life if you weren’t around. Trust me not far. You are more than a mom to me you are my teacher, my sister, my friend, and on top of all that you fought cancer! I’m so lucky you’re still around! I love you!  With love, Amanda

By DeLisa L. Davis

My mother, Barbara J. Davis is “Simply the Best” mother to me in 300 words or less only be cause that is the reaquest, because I can think of a zillion reasons in my heart, why she deserves to know! Unselfishness, is a quality that comes to my mind, when I think of my mother; she gives of herself to anyone in need. Not just to her immediate family; being father, 2 brothers (1 deceased), 1 sister, and myself. Loving is another quality she taught in everything I remember encountering growing up! Oh sure, there were many times, growing up, where I maybe felt like “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about!” Boy was I wrong! And I’m glad that she took the time, which is priceless to teach me and my siblings, things about everyday life! There are not enough words to describe a “Mother’s Love,” I know for sure, but Barbara J. Davis, you are “Simply the Best Mother” in the world to me! May God continue to bless you.

By Emily Peiffer

My Mommy is the best because she is so kind. She plays games with you. She buys you stuff when you really really want it. She reads to you. She lets you eat whatever you want for breakfast Lunch and dinner. The best thing that she does is that she helps you. I really want my mom to win.

By Jarrett Andecover

Dear Sandusky Register,

My mom is the best mom because she puts up with me and my two hectic brothers! She wants us to behave but we don’t. My littlest brother screams when he has to do his homework and me my little brother fight over the videogame controller, which is quite dumb because we have two controllers but one won’t move the cursor or character when you hit the analog stick, but she puts up with it all! Sincerely, Jarrett A.

By Karlee Conley

My Mother!

My mother is the best because she helps me with my homework. She cooks for me and she makes the best food in the whole wide world. She takes me places and brings me stuff. She lets me go places with my friends. She takes little adventures and turnes it in to an enormous adventure. Even though my mom is pretty old she still can do a lot of things. She is the best mom in the world and I’m glad I got her to keep forever.

By Daylin Gough

My mom is the best. My mom is so gorgeous. She has 3 children. She is also hilarious. She is the best mom to me because she never yells at me. She answers me when I ask her questions. My mom helps me with my homework. She is so intelligent if I ask her a question she probably already knows it in her head. I hope you like it.

By Jarrod Smith

Why is my mom the best?  Is that a trick question?  I’ll tell you why my mom is the best.  She’s a first-class kinda gal, she’s almost always jolly.  She wouldn’t hurt a fly.  she lets me eat when I want to besides right before dinner.  she maintains me from getting hurt.  When my sister goes to her dads my mom and I go out and do all kinds of fun stuff like go to the movies, go fishing and make ice cream sundeas.  Thats why my mom is the  best.

By Alicen Poe

This is about my mom!  My mom is the best because she makes the best pasta, and man it is yummy as my grandma’s cooking.  She is divine as a flower.  She loves to read books about love.  She loves red roses and scary movies.  We love to pick on one another.  She sometimes helps me with my homework.  She loves to go fishing.  She takes us to the park.  She likes to go shopping.  She is goth like me.  She also love jewelry.

By Lauren Ashley Noftz

The mother that is clearly the best is mine.  Although my mother hasn’t had the best life she has never given up hope.  She has always kept trying, most of the time with a smile on her face.  My mother had me at a very young age and did not finish her schooling.  Where other mothers would have given up and would not have steped up to the responsibility of being a mother, she raised me.  She always pushed me to be the best person I could be and always made me keep my head up. Here I am now, in June I’m going to be a proud graduate of Sandusky High and in the fall a freshman at Kent State University.  I just want to say thanks mom for being strong and being so supportive.  You are the best mother (of 5) that anyone could ask for.  I love you!.

By Sarah Jolliff

My mom is the best because she has stuck with me through the good times and the bad throughout my life.  I love her with all my heart.  Her soul is kind and passionate, and although I may be wrong, I think I can hear the birds sing louder and everything always seems livelier when she’s around.  She’s so kind to us, and especially to my friends.  I feel I am so lucky to have her as a mom.  She’s as nice as mom get.  And I want the world to know it.  P.S. My mom wouldn’t let me take her picture.  She said she didn’t like how she looks. (I think she’s pretty)

By Dawn Hendrixson, Jamie Ritchey, and Penny Erckman

Our mother is simply the Best, because through life’s struggles and hard times, she always made sure we were taken care of.  Our mother was a divorced single parent raising 3 daughters on her own.  There were times she would work 2 to 3 jobs at once just to make ends meet.  She made sure we had a place to live, food to eat, and had clothing on our back.  She always did without just so we’d have things.  When situations became difficult and put alot of stress on her, she never gave up.  Now that we are all adults and on out own, we never forget all that our mother has done for us, so now we are there for her as she was with us.

By Edward Kellem

My mother never says I’m tired, although I can see it on her face.  No matter what kind of day she’s been through, when my brother, sister, or I walk in the house, her face just glows with happiness.  She makes me feel  good inside and wanted.  No matter what kind of trouble I’ve had, she has always said, nothing is so bad that we can’t work it out together.  She has never said anything that would hurt my self-esteem, but only to encourage myself to go on.  She pushes me to do well in school, to be the best at what I can do and never let people tell me otherwise.  She works two jobs.  Running our home and being a nurse, giving her patients the feeling of comfort and home.  My mother has gone through awful times in her life.  One of the things she has taught me is compassion and strength.  These are the good things that come out and gain form hardships.  I can only hope, when I have my own family, I can give my children the same love, respect and compassion that was given to me by my mother.  To sum it up, my mom could make any cold, hard heart melt into a million pieces.  I love you mom and thanks.