WESTERHOLD: Why can't I just be nice?

My life would be so much easier if I would just shut up. Some readers have asked me to do just that in blog comments at
Matt Westerhold
May 24, 2010


My life would be so much easier if I would just shut up. Some readers have asked me to do just that in blog comments at sanduskyregister.com. But many more have encouraged me to keep right on blathering. Those positive comments usually get delivered in person with a handshake. The irony there is puzzling.

Most readers, however, take a very strident stand -- they don't care -- one way or the other. Can't blame them for that.

Believe me, I get tired of my own nasty whine here and at the blog I post online, and I know not everything wrong with public services in Erie County is Tom Ferrell's fault.

Not everything.

The "integrity probe" of Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse can be laid at the feet of city commissioners Dennis Murray Jr., Craig Stahl and Brian Crandall. And that one will cost taxpayers a lot more than the nearly $100,000 that appears to already have been spent or should likely be set aside for spending. The bogus probe by a Lakewood law firm that somehow transformed into a criminal probe will result in expenditures that will boggle the mind before it's all over, but maybe the tyrannical trio of Murray, Stahl and Crandall with an assist from Mr. Integrity himself, Matt Kline, will be able to keep those wasted expenditures a secret. If their past success at hiding information from the public is any indication, Lord knows they will try.

It might in the end be money well spent if the goal is to oust Nuesse and get back to efficiency in the police department. Surely the city is better served when a well-oiled department includes a cop who repeatedly rapes a child in a police station, and the city cops who investigate the crime beg a judge to show mercy on the rapist.

Kline: "We never investigate ourselves."

Yeah, right.

And Sheriff Terry Lyons has his own child rapist issues, among other shortcomings. Nary a peep has been heard from Lyons about anything despite the huge challenges his office faces with jail overcrowding, understaffing and emergency dispatch issues. Besides, Lyons has the all-time spin king in sheriff's Captain Paul Sigsworth, who doesn't think it much of a problem when a man suspected of raping a 6-year-old child from Huron roams free for six weeks or more because sheriff's deputies never had the time to even look at the warrant for his arrest.

That child rape suspect will go on trial later this year because federal marshals apprehended him, not because the sheriff's office followed up on its responsibilities.

Oh God, I'm in so much trouble. Today would have been a great day to just shut up.

I should just write about all the happy community things going on in Sandusky, and across the region. That would be so much easier. I could ignore all the mishaps, misdeeds and misfortunes and wait for the sweet happy news releases from public officials. Then I could praise our great leaders, and they would like me a whole lot more than they do right now.

My life would be so much easier if I chose to do my job differently from what I understand it to be. I could re-interpret everything and start writing like my friend Craig Stahl talks.

"Attorneys from the Murman law firm in Lakewood had a cordial visit with police Chief Kim Nuesse on Saturday. Everybody is working hard together to make sure the citizens of Sandusky get the kind of government they deserve."

The kind of government they deserve.