Choir comforts hospice patients; seeks volunteers

Like a choir of angels, four women surrounded Stein hospice patient Deedy Johnsen with song.
Tom Jackson
Jun 5, 2012


Like a choir of angels, four women surrounded Stein hospice patient Deedy Johnsen with song.

“I thought the music was wonderful,” Johnsen said afterward. “It’s very, very soothing.”

Johnsen is one a many patients at Stein Hospice who enjoys the dulcet tones of the Stein Hospice Threshold Choir. The muscial group is a local chapter of a larger organization ( that comforts seriously ill and dying patients with small bed-side concerts.

Stein Hospice Threshold Choir is holding an open house to seek volunteers and to provide samples of the choir’s music. It’s from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. June 7 in the Community Room on the first floor of Firelands Regional Medical Center’s South Campus, 1912 Hayes Ave.

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May God bless these ladies. When my father in law was in Stein Hospice a couple of years ago they came by his room and sang to him. It was one of the only times he smiled. He wasn't conscious much because of the pain meds, but when they would sing, you could see his face light up and he would smile right through the pain. It brought tears to the whole room. Thank you, ladies.


How wonderful. 

Westend Homeown

how wonderful

Carol i used to take care of both your mother and aunt elna at the lutheran home and used to love to watch you and you mother at the piano as did your aunt they would both be so completly proud of you


I cannot say enough good things about Stein Hospice they were like angels sent from above when my Uncle Bob passed 5 years ago and just this past month when Grandma Helen passed. What a wonderful thing these ladies are doing for those in need, may God bless you all. Thank You again Stein Hospice for all you have done for my family.


 I HAVE to agree with you, even though you are a steelers But seriously, they are an absolutely God sent organization to our community and I recommend them to anyone who is in need of their services for a loved one.  I can speak about them from experience.  They catered to my family and I while 18 of us were there for 3 day during my grandmothers journey morning, noon and night.  For that, I will always be greatful.


God bless this tiny choir!  I have nothing but positive comments for Stein Hospice!  They cared for my dying aunt three years ago.  She was comfortable  and at ease.  The comfort they provided us with is beyond belief!  I would highly recommend them if you have a terminally ill family member or friend!