'Kitchen Nightmares' to be filmed in Norwalk

A man as famous for his temper as he is for his cooking will descend on a Norwalk restaurant next week to kick it into shape.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 5, 2012


A man as famous for his temper as he is for his cooking will descend on a Norwalk restaurant next week to kick it into shape.

Gordon Ramsay and his FOX television crew will be filming 'Kitchen Nightmares' at the Mill Street Bistro in Norwalk from June 9-12.

'Kitchen Nightmares' is a reality show in which Ramsay visits a failing restaurant and helps to turn around the business with improved food and service. The show is currently filming its sixth season.

Area residents who'd like to dine at Mill Street Bistro during filming can make reservations through norwalkrest@gmail.com. This email is the only way to get a reservation during filming — the restaurant will not be answering phones during the shoot.

Dinner reservations are available for every night June 9-12. Tables are expected to fill up quick so those who want reservations should provide more than one date they'd like to attend for a greater chance of getting a spot.

All dinner patrons will be responsible for their own meals and drinks, as money goes directly to the restaurant, according to a statement from a 'Kitchen Nightmares' producer.



I want to make a reservation just to tell this moron that it will not matter how great the food is because no one goes out to eat to listen to his obnoxious mouth spouting off profanity while humiliating the workers and owners.  I do not watch his show and I don't care how great a chef he is because he has no respect for people so I have no use for him.

Eph 2 8-10

Yeah, Gordon needs to get over himself. I don't watch the show either.

Taxed Enough Already

 I saw it once and decided that was enough for me.  He is a jerk.


He's only mean in the American versions of the show. I've watched both Kitchen Nightmares and Hells Kitchen UK and he very nice in those.

The Bizness

 I have also watched the UK versions. He is far from nice in those.

6079 Smith W

@SR: Any idea on the date and time of the showing of the segment?

We've only had occasion to visit MSB a couple of times. But the staff, food and atmosphere were always pleasant and enjoyable.

IMO, Norwalk is a gourmand kinda town, not a gourmet one.

Prior to the OH Turnpike when Rt. 20 was a main thoroughfare, Norwalk had a number of "better" restaurants - long gone.


Clark W

 6079---Not until sometime next season, whenever that starts.


If you watched his shows, including "Hells Kitchen" which is awesome by the way, you would realize he is hard on the people because being a chef is demanding and he is trying to weed out the ones who can't cut it.  He is demanding the best from everyone and he may be hard on them, but he ends up getting good results from those who make the cut and that is the whole purpose.  Well that and the ratings.  But also, when he takes them out for rewards you can see he is a nice, down to earth, funny guy.  Very nice.  So if you don't watch the show and you are judging him based on the previews you see on tv, then you are being very ignorant to say the least.  At least watch it for a season before you form an opinion, sheesh.  The guy is brilliant!


See......Starr hates the show too!



Where would Chef Ramsey take them out for rewards in Norwalk? The Star Diner, Big Lots or Vargo's.


He's not so bad in MasterChef.  My husband went to cooking school.  He said his instructors there would make Gorden Ramsey blush, they were that brutal and hard on them.  He also worked at a few high profile restaurants in Columbus, where he was also yelled and cussed at on a regular basis.  And this was 10+ years ago, before Ramsey became a sensation in the US.


 Ate at one of his signature restaurants in Ireland.  

Overrated and overpriced.


Everyone of these comments are of Gordan, How about supporting your local buisness instead of being star struck!!!!!!


Ramsay mean? Maybe. But while I'm not a regular watcher, those episodes I've seen have invariably shown him to be right. Besides, he tends to be mean to the jerks and the stupid. I've also seen him exhibit a great deal of compassion for people who are genuinely struggling as they work their butts off.

I guess I like Ramsay for the same reason I always liked Simon Cowell on American Idol: He's honest. Sometimes brutally so, but why would you consult with someone who only lied to you even if just to soften the blow?

I hope the restaurant in Norwalk gets some o the same benefits some of Ramsay's other projects have gleaned. It'd sure be a nice feather in the cap of the City, and certainly a testament to restaurant owners who actually CARE about the quality of their service and their offerings!


Okay, when people make excuses to explain his rude and obnoxious behavior it tells me that our society really is going to heck in a hand basket.  There is NO excuse to treat people that way, NONE.  You catch more flies with honey that you do with vinager.  I just don't condone anyone treating anyone the way he does.  No one has that right.  He is rude and his behavior does not a good chef make.  Being a great chef and creating other great chefs does not come from how obnoxious and mean you can be, it comes from how well you teach and the talent of the student.  Neither of which comes from the way he behaves.  If that was true anyone trying to teach anyone (kids and adults) would be taught to teach in that manner.  Crazy.  He acts that way because he is rude and because (and this is the really sad part) rudeness and profanity sells.  It is sad that no one would watch the show if he acted like a person who had respect and morals and someone who could control his temper. 


I had a boss one time that tried to "teach" me in a similar manner as this chef.  I looked at him and calmly said "I will not be spoken to in that manner.  I am willing to listen to everything you have to say as long you can say them without yelling or using profanity.  When you are ready to be respectful and civil come get me."  I then walked out of his office.  The next day he apologized, we talked, and he never treated me that way again.  If I need reprimanded or if someone is upset with me, fine, but I will not be treated how Ramsey treats people.  I will not treat others that way either.  How about everyone remembering the Golden Rule?  How can our children grow up learning how to respect others when we as a society start condoning and glamorizing behavior such as Gordon's?


 His UK version is much calmer. FOX producers definitely make it more dramatic than it needs to be. People on his shows know what they are getting themselves into but choose to do so anyway because he is one of the best in his field. His Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen shows are purely for enterainment. If you do background searches on the past restaurants or contestants, almost all of the restaurants have failed still and the Hell's Kitchen contestants don't really end up doing much. However, there are exceptions. Oh well, I like him and his shows and wish I still lived in the area.


Some may not care for Ramsey's personality, but the bottom line is that this restaurant called him in because it needs help. The man who owns it is himself a narcissist who thinks he is doing the show for nothing more than publicity--and he is in for a surprise. Ramsey is coming in to save The Mill St. Bistro, which he will if the owner listens to him. If you've seen the show, Ramsely takes over every aspect of the restaurant for a specific amount of time. I don't think the owner the TMSB is going to like that, nor is he going to like being told what to do, even if it's from a man like Ramsey who is wildly successful at what he does. Ultimately, how it turns out rests with the owner (better treatment of the staff, better food coming out of the kitchen, better marketing, etc.). I hope he ends up being able to put his ego aside for the sake of the restaurant. Btw, I head that September is the month this ep will air, but that was not a definitive date.

6079 Smith W

@ happycamper01:

Bravo! You learned what many fail to; one teaches people how one wants to be treated.

Unfortunately, most only know co-dependency in which our society fosters and is deeply steeped.


Marcus M

"Prior to the OH Turnpike when Rt. 20 was a main thoroughfare, Norwalk had a number of "better" restaurants - long gone. "   What "better" restaurants, just wondering.

6079 Smith W

@ Marcus M:

Norwalk once had several hotels like the Avalon, each had restaurants.  There was a nice one next to the old Huron Co. Bank (PNC) that had linen table cloths and napkins that I ate at once but I don't recall the name.

Also, "Joseppi's," Joe Borgia's restaurant had fantastic Italian!

Better go ask an old-timer, maybe Henry Timmin or the historical society, they might shed more light on the topic for ya.



I remember "Joseppi's" in norwalk in the 1970's, great food! I wish there was a place to get a great steak in Norwalk. The best steak now is from Fisher's Meat Market, a T-bone or Porterhouse, one and a half inch thick, cooked at home on my grill to a nice medium rare.Yum!


The Pizza Post still has Joseppi's items on their menu...in case you wanted to have some.

6079 Smith W

@ Betherella:

Understood. But IMO, they are no where near his standards as I remember.

They could also claim that they cook Emeril Lagasse dishes, but that don't make 'em authentic. 

IMO, outside of Chicago, pizza is just ketchup on a cracker.



I'm 35, so I don't remember Joseppi's.  I just remember seeing it on the menu.  True though about the authentic recipes.  Even using my grandma's exact recipes for things, they're never as good as when she made them for some reason.


People that put up with this guy's rude and disrespectful treatment must have very low self esteem  Respect is earned but not by degrading others.


What I have found in life is that there are just some times when people NEED to hear the cold, hard truth, no frills attached. Often those people won't thank you at the time you're giving them truth, because it's not what they "wanted" to hear.  I tell those around me... don't ask for my opinion if you don't want to hear it, in clear, certain terms.

This restaurant owner asked for the chef's assistance and I'm certain he's witnessed Ramsay's method of delivering his "assistance" in watching his television shows.


Clancy's.  lol.


 Really? Make reservations at a failing restaurant?

sheldog 44

It will be most interesting to see how the owner of the resturant and Gordon will get along...Two very strong willed people should make for an entertaining show....

Lake Erie Food ...

 Shame those who were curious to see the turnout good and bad were not responded back to after emailing AND filling out their surveys. Least they could let you know they were all booked up. 

I do like Gordon and his shows, albeit his mouth is a trip. But that's how they are over there. All my European friends have mouths to make sailers blush. We'll just chalk this up to no follow up review and move on. 

Maybe Gordon will knock some sense in the owner, that man needs some attitude adjustments. 



I must really be old because I remember Seven Seas restaurant in Norwalk.  I think it was the corner of Hester and Main streets.  not sure what's there now, but it used to be a pretty good restaurant when I was a lot younger.


 Don't know if you are from Huron County or not, but no one else in the area we know was invited. After filling out the survey and wasting our time. Not to include the people that are most likely to be supporting that restaurant in the renovation of the place is just snobbish! IMO!  Apparently we are not sophisticated or worldly enough to judge the food/service. Some of us have traveled out of the state, you know.  I will NOT spend our hard earned $ in that place again. I know of quite a few that feel the same.