REPORTERS' NOTEBOOK: Tacos, trespassers and proud papas

A group of volunteers from the First Congregational Church of Christ in Berlin Heights recently shared their experience of a mission
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


A group of volunteers from the First Congregational Church of Christ in Berlin Heights recently shared their experience of a mission trip to Mexico to help build houses for people near Tijuana.

Working all day building houses, the group often built up quite an appetite. One of their favorite places to visit was a nearby taco stand.

The Rev. Joyce Schroer recalled one trip to the taco stand in which the volunteers piled into four passenger vans. As they approached, the man who operated the stand made the sign of the cross.

He was either saying "Thank you, Lord" or "Help me, Jesus," Schroer said with a laugh.


No, really, I have an invitation

The director-secretary of Erie MetroParks, Stephen Dice, said he went to Milan as an invited guest, not a trespasser.

The phone call log at the Erie County Sheriff's office says that on March 25, Milan Mayor Robert Bickley, a longtime foe of the Huron River Greenway, phoned the office to complain that Dice was on the greenway, trespassing on Bickley's property.

Bickley was told his complaint would be logged.

Dice said he tried to park on the Edison's Birthplace property and adds that Bickley's complaint left out why Dice was there.

The village administrator invited Dice to come out and make suggestions about how to use a piece of vacant village property.


Bixler staying up late these days

Known to fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates as "Brian Bixler's father," Erie County Administrator Michael Bixler has been trying hard to follow his son's career in the major leagues.

Brian, a shortstop, was called up to Pittsburgh after the regular shortstop went on the disabled list. His father has traveled to Pittsburgh as much as possible to watch Brian play.

Last week, Pittsburgh went on a road trip. His father spent Wednesday night at a local sports restaurant that showed the game, leaving at 11 p.m. when Brian was taken out for a pinch-hitter.

Bixler also listens to the games on Internet radio, but hasn't paid for a video package that will let him watch them, too. His son is expected to return to the minor leagues when the starter heals, and the county administrator doesn't want to pay for a bunch of games he won't watch.

"He's fiscally conservative," explained Carolyn Hauenstein, clerk for the commissioners.


Hey, you could get hurt doing that

Three candidates for superintendent of Danbury Schools District were introduced at a meeting Wednesday night.

All of the candidates had an extensive background in education. In particular, James Peterson, principal of Hayes High School in Delaware, talked about his 34 years in education.

Peterson told a story about a conversation he had with one of his three boys.

All of his sons went into criminology, and Peterson asked one of them why they hadn't gone into education.

"Dad, I would rather be shot at than go into education," his son replied.