REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Green light, move forward

Green thumbs UP for Sandusky moving forward on getting wind turbines at the water and wastewater plants. In additio
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Green thumbs UP for Sandusky moving forward on getting wind turbines at the water and wastewater plants. In addition to putting a dent in the electric bills of two of the city's more energy-intensive functions, they'll be one more demonstration Sandusky's serious about embracing future technology. Plus, they'll be an interesting part of the skyline.

Green thumbs UP again for Sandusky and Clydebeing named Tree City USA, again. Green areas in the middle of town are as much a part of this city's lifeblood as the jobs we're trying to attract.

Speaking of clean air, though, thumbs DOWN to raiding the cash cow. The state wants to divert money from a multi-state settlement against tobacco companies -- money that was meant to be used to fund stop-smoking programs and other smoking-related health initiatives -- into a jobs creation program. We've come out in favor of Ohio doing what it can to attract jobs and keep skilled Ohio workers, but that's no excuse to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Thumbs UP to some teens at the detention center who are not all thumbs -- they've taken up crocheting blankets for charity. It's good for two reasons; young people who've taken up crocheting report it works as a stress-buster and, as Ben Yourkvitch, the director, said, it gives them a sense of self-worth and accomplishment, especially with the thought they're doing good for others.

And speaking of doing good and building -- thumbs UP for the Hoty Enterprises folks. Yes, they're doing it in hopes of profit and yes, people decry the sameness of the strip malls, but the fact is, they're building and hoping and building some more, at a time when everyone else around here wants to give up and move out. Sure, it'd be nice if someone started stacking bricks for one of those famed factories of yore, into which you moved straight from high school into a comfortable, one-job-per-household lifestyle, but the fact is, someone's building and others are trying to make a go of it in those buildings. If the complainers have anything better they're prepared to do, let's hear about it.